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Do To-Do Lists Help? Lets Publish It And See.


I feel like I really need to get into gear. There are soo many things I want to work on, things I want to look into, new ideas I want to start on.  I figure that maybe if I list some things here, it’ll make me work faster!

–  I’ve painted three different tarot cards so far, but it feels like I’ve practically abandoned series already! But really, coming up with ideas for them so far has been pretty exhausting. So I’ve been taking a break from it. I would like to start a new card soon.. just waiting for the right inspiration to hit.

–  I’ve painted two constellations; the next one will probably be Cetus the sea monster. I don’t think I’ve drawn up a sea monster before so even I’m curious as to what the heck will happen with this one!

– The next nerdy animal by request is the Yorkshire Terrier, which is already so insanely cute that putting a pair of glasses on its tiny little face will probably cause my brain to not only explode, but implode… all at once… somehow.


– I remember getting a suggestion to turn the “O Canada” print into a series featuring different countries. I’ve put this idea on the backburner so far but would like to start it up soon! Painting an ode to Canada was easy when you’re Canadian, but other countries sound like a fun challenge to me. (*cough-help!!-cough*)

Here are a few awesome animals that might be painted in the near future..

The Humboldt Penguin

The Little Egret

The Black Bear

The Pygmy Owl 

– There are other mediums I want to try, but that will probably take some time to look into. The weekend looks like it might be a busier one but I hope to get at least a little painting done.

Anyone else have a to-do list? Mine should probably be a LOT longer than this.. this is just an art list. My actual shop to-do list is probably miles long! But here’s hoping a published to-do list helps me stay on track. (And not fall into the “Oh well, one more Supernatural episode can’t hurt” trap…)

.. I also just found a ‘forgotten’ folder with even more animals to paint. EEK. Where the heck did that come from? >_>

On another note, I think I slept too long and now my neck hurts a lot more than usual. *weep*

What Can I Say? Nerds Are Cute!

To make up for a slow week of blogging, here’s a fluffy cute, nerdy – but cute – owl.




I went to choose a new pair of glasses today and it was actually really exciting! Having a rainbow of potential accessories to choose from is a ball. It’s funny because when I was a kid, I refused to wear my first pair of glasses. I HATED them. Who wants to look different from all the other kids? I sure didn’t.

Of course, now it’s funny because present me doesn’t like blending into the crowd at all. Who wants to look like everyone else? I sure don’t. Now I embrace my glasses. They’re fun. They’re functional. And they up your cute factor tenfold!

I decided on a cute pair of purple frames, and will go for a second pair when the store has some new stock in. Multiple colours? Heck yes!

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Why I’m A New Etsy Treasury Fan – or – Where Did My Afternoon Just Go?!

I never really ‘got’ Etsy treasuries. There are endless amounts of teams on etsy dedicated to them; people talk about how important treasuries can be for connecting with other sellers, getting more exposure, and maybe even get some sales. (Well, maybe if you cross all your fingers and toes and pray to the Etsy gods!) Now I have nothing against treasuries, but I’ve already felt pretty overwhelmed with all the aspects of having an Etsy shop. With painting, scanning items, prepping listings, taking photos, editing photos, keeping a page on twitter, facebook, a blog, tumblr, etc, etc, well now geez, now treasuries? After having a to-do list a mile long, I should also sift through hundreds of thousands of items on the site and make this treasury thing? Regularly? Are you SERIOUS??


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Hydra: The Constellation Painting – Progress Shots

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8x10s Prints? Sure! :)




My first 8×10 print and it worked out nicely!

I feel so fortunate to get any kind of special request, especially for a new shop. Since opening, I’ve only handled 5×7 and ACEO sized prints. Making 8x10s available has been on my to-do list for a while but I think having a request for one really gave me that push to go, hey, lets get this 8×10 print business figured out. Lets make sure the original  can be played with properly and formatted into a larger sized print. Lets make sure we have the supplies for larger items and get the pricing for the item and shipping just right.

Fortunately the work put in is actually what makes this job fun.

Now to work on offering everything in all these sizes. Whew!!

Friday Night with Taylor Swift in Toronto @ The ACC

Took a ‘day off’ from the shop to see Taylor Swift at the Air Canada Centre Friday night and it was fantastic! I saw her last year in Toronto as well and this is the second time she’s blown me away with a fun, beautiful and intimate performance.

Oh, and I took a ton of videos.

.. like.. I mean.. a lot ❤

.. for all the fans out there ❤

The end!
Now, back to work.

No snow, but who cares? It’s Christmas in July!

It’s that wonderful time of the year!

No, not summer.

Well, yeah okay, it IS summer. But that’s not what I meant!

It’s Christmas in July!

[insert crazy crowd cheering and hoohas]

Well okay, I admit that being a fairly new seller, the concept of Christmas in July is a new one for me. I’ve heard how sales are generally really slow during the summer (and boy, since opening in June, I have learned how true that is first hand.) So this event is a neat opportunity for shops to offer some great sales and wake things up during the slow months. And who doesn’t love a sale?!

I decided to join in this event and this is also my first shop sale. Granted my shop is still in its baby stages so I’ll be ecstatic to just make a sale or two.  Heck, I’ll be happy to even just get a little exposure =)


From July 14 to July 31, everything at Rainbow of Crazy is 15% off with coupon code CIJ15

Here are some really neat shops that are also offering Christmas in July sales!




Dar Msallema is offering 20% off with coupon code DMCIJ20 till July 24th.




The Golden Trees is offering 15% off with coupon code CIJMIIT till July 31.




Southern Seams Boutique is offering 20% off with coupon code CIJ20





gadgetarms is offering 20% off all prints with coupon code CIJ2011





flirtygirljewelry is offering 15% off – everything is already priced down.




pddesigns Images is offering 15% off. Free shipping in the U.S. and free gift with every purchase.


INK ! STOMP is offering free shipping with coupon code CIJSHIP




Happy Christmas in July =)

The Magician Tarot Art Card Kicked My Butt


The Magician is the third and the most  challenging of the tarot cards I’ve painted, but also the most rewarding.

I decided my Magician would not have physical objects but the actual elements instead: the earth (pentacles) beneath his feet with fire (wands), water (cups) and the wind (swords) surrounding him.

I think even I was surprised at how much planning needs to be done before I could even touch a paintbrush.  Finding the right creature for this card was tough. I went through literally dozens of animals before deciding that the coyote was the one for me. The coyote is often used to represent the trickster in mythology, but the Magician card is not just about sleight of hand; I also wanted an animal that was powerful, fearless and intuitive. After going through so many animals, I went back to one of the first I had on my list all along.. things always seem to work out that way!

The Magician tarot is available as a 5×7 print in my shop at

Animals in Trees. It makes sense.

I’ve talked about before how I work, but here’s another example of how I work on new items..

Once upon a very random time, my brain decided that hey, I really want to paint a beaver.  (Being Canadian and all, it just made sense.) But my beaver couldn’t just be a regular old beaver.  My painting just couldn’t have a beaver sitting there all by his lonesome. It had to be an Awesome Beaver. So I asked my brain, how should I paint this Beaver of Awesomeness?

My brain immediately replied with “in a tree, of course.”

Hm. That’s.. kind of random. “Any other ideas?” I asked my brain.

“No. Listen to your brain. Put your beaver in a tree. But not just one; put several beavers in a tree. It makes sense. They’ll be much happier there.”

So I listened to my brain and painted some beavers in a tree.

Beaver Tree


I mean, I had already painted a whole bunch of animals wearing a whole bunch of silly hats. So this next step naturally made the most sense to me…

“It’s logical,” said my brain..

“Animals = Awesome

Trees = Awesome

Animals in Trees = Even more Awesome”

So my Beaver Tree was painted, and my brain was right: they looked very content in their tree. They looked pleased. I was pleased! I was glad I listened to my brain.

True story.

.. no, really, that is actually exactly how it happened.



Red Panda Tree

Wild Dog Tree

Soon red pandas found their willow tree, and a pack of wild dogs nested in their baobab tree. I haven’t painted any trees in a while; but today I dug up one that I was working on that was put on hold for a while. I’m excited to see how this one will turn out.. it’s already looking strange with the bizarre looking tree. I kind of want to call it a fiddlehead tree.

New Tree, Yay!

Don’t just sit there. Do something!

Sad Wombat

Starting up a new shop is rough, really rough. You’re a new seller; you’ve listed a couple of great items.. then you sit at the computer and wonder why no one is looking at your shiny new shop. Back before I even opened, I had spent months and months preparing, getting the right equipment, working on paintings, learning as much as I could about the ins and outs of having a shop on Etsy. I knew as a beginner shop, it could very well take a long time to get a sale, let alone regular sales.

I’m not here to sit about and whine about the slow start of having a new shop or wanting to quit or any of that. I’ve already seen so much of that on the Etsy forums. At this point, I feel like it should be quite the opposite. Having a slow few weeks has made me even more determined to keep going. There’s always something to do, always, always, always. Here’s just part of my to-do list right now..

– prep all of my ACEOs to list as 5×7 prints.

– turning that around – prep all of my 5x7s to list as ACEO prints.

– prep listings for all of my original ACEO paintings.

– start planning on how I’m going to sell all of my other canvas paintings.

– planning different ways to display my artwork so I can take new photographs.

– rework all of my item descriptions, varying wording, titles, and brushing up tags.

– create new artwork, come up with new ideas.

– promoting on twitter, facebook, tumblr, etsy teams, etc, etc.

The last goes on, and on.

So don’t just sit there wondering why views or sales may be low. Don’t just sit there and whine. Sit, whine, then do something about it! There should ALWAYS be something on that to-do list, stuff to work on, things to improve.

And don’t forget to update that blog.

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