Do To-Do Lists Help? Lets Publish It And See.


I feel like I really need to get into gear. There are soo many things I want to work on, things I want to look into, new ideas I want to start on.  I figure that maybe if I list some things here, it’ll make me work faster!

–  I’ve painted three different tarot cards so far, but it feels like I’ve practically abandoned series already! But really, coming up with ideas for them so far has been pretty exhausting. So I’ve been taking a break from it. I would like to start a new card soon.. just waiting for the right inspiration to hit.

–  I’ve painted two constellations; the next one will probably be Cetus the sea monster. I don’t think I’ve drawn up a sea monster before so even I’m curious as to what the heck will happen with this one!

– The next nerdy animal by request is the Yorkshire Terrier, which is already so insanely cute that putting a pair of glasses on its tiny little face will probably cause my brain to not only explode, but implode… all at once… somehow.


– I remember getting a suggestion to turn the “O Canada” print into a series featuring different countries. I’ve put this idea on the backburner so far but would like to start it up soon! Painting an ode to Canada was easy when you’re Canadian, but other countries sound like a fun challenge to me. (*cough-help!!-cough*)

Here are a few awesome animals that might be painted in the near future..

The Humboldt Penguin

The Little Egret

The Black Bear

The Pygmy Owl 

– There are other mediums I want to try, but that will probably take some time to look into. The weekend looks like it might be a busier one but I hope to get at least a little painting done.

Anyone else have a to-do list? Mine should probably be a LOT longer than this.. this is just an art list. My actual shop to-do list is probably miles long! But here’s hoping a published to-do list helps me stay on track. (And not fall into the “Oh well, one more Supernatural episode can’t hurt” trap…)

.. I also just found a ‘forgotten’ folder with even more animals to paint. EEK. Where the heck did that come from? >_>

On another note, I think I slept too long and now my neck hurts a lot more than usual. *weep*


About Jo @ Rainbow of Crazy

My username came from that very random day several years ago when I was told that I was a "walking rainbow of crazy... twinkling with the spectrum of a thousand different colours." That name makes me smile to this day and will always remain with me!

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  1. I think to do lists help. They do not necessarily get me on track but they ensure i don’t forget something I really wanted to do…hope they have proved useful to you…

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