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An Old Woman That Lived in a Shoe – Had a Great Complexion

I think I need to get a magnifying glass for these things soon.. ay yi yi~

I’ve still been chugging away at pendants.. the latest ones are getting a lot more intricate than the ones I painted when I first started. (Like the Reboot one.) Figures! My brain can’t leave things well enough alone. A random thought like, “hey I wonder if I could paint actual scenes on these little circles..” and bam, I’m painting things like the little old woman that lives in a shoe. (My old woman has some great genes though – and a good brand of hair dye!)

Ah well. Here’s some more fairy tale pendants (:

Sun.. y u no like me? Also.. Halloween, hi!


Dear Sun,

where have you been over the last week? I really miss you.

I remember those days when you used to come out and say hi. We’d hang out for a bit; you’d shine bright and I’d take nice, bright photos with your help..

But you’ve been missing a while, and I miss you.

Also, all of my photographs this week suck.

Thanks a lot ):


Okay okay, I really do need to get some daylight bulbs and a makeshift light box, but this dreary dark week is such a downer!

On the plus side, I cleaned up a bit and managed to dust off the sewing machine to make a hat for my Halloween costume (: Just a few days left till the weekend!

Hide and Seek, anyone?

Pendants Taking Over My Life!

I need to get to work! I have a bunch of fun children’s story themed pendants that are all at different stages right now. Some pendants need to be painted, some are all painted and pretty and need another day or two for the resin to set. These pendant paintings have been taking over my life! But it is still fun creating something that takes several different stages to complete, not like a regular painting where I just paint and I’m basically done. But I do have lots of regular paintings on my to-do list too.. can’t go abandoning that now (:

Mermaid Pendant Painting WIP

Reboot! *BOOPBOOP*

Reboot was a Canadian show in the 90s and the first completely computer generated show at the time. Oh, it was also my crack. It was fun. It was silly and witty and these dudes had weird blue and green skin. And man did the story get intense as the characters developed. I really should rewatch the show in its entirety again.. I bet I would understand all the lingo a heck of a lot more now than I did 10 years ago!

But yes, this pendant. I think this was actually the very first pendant I painted. I’ve wanted a Reboot button for as long as I can remember; so this was the next best thing. It’s not for sale right now.. it’s all mine (: But here’s my plea for the show to come back soon.. there were talks about bringing it back for at least a movie, but I haven’t heard anything about it for ages. Please don’t keep me in the dark! I miss Bob and Dot and Enzo/Matrix, AndrAIa and I can go on and on.

This little Easter egg makes my life (: YTV love.

Creepy Art – A Break From The Rainbow.

It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada.. hooray! But my family really doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving – way too much work – so really, it’s just another nice, relaxing long weekend for us.

I’m hoping to get more pendants painted this weekend instead. I painted this pendant quite a while ago; it was one of the first hand painted one I tried to make. I was definitely in a Halloween mood when the idea of a split image popped in my head.. and well, it also appeals to the short attention side of me.. you know, that side that likes to work on different things at the same time. Work on two images at once? While browsing 20 different windows at the same time? Sold!

The one above isn’t ready to be listed yet though because some of the edges need to be sanded down from the resin not wanting to stay level. But I actually really enjoyed making that pendant; so that led to more split images:

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Beavers, Pendants and Owls



My beaver painting is finally finished (: This was my latest tarot card: The Eight of Pentacles. I think this was my first pentacles card; so it was a little challenging planning out exactly how to include a pentacle, let alone eight of them. But I decided to just have a little fun with it and this is what I ended up with. Choosing the right animal was a little tricky too.. this card is all about working hard and commitment so I chose the beaver since it’s such a crazy hard worker and really, can you imagine all the dedication and attention to detail that’s needed to build an entire dam? Yikes.






I finally was able to work more on my pendants over the weekend too. Here are some painted pieces with freshly poured resin. It’s actually a lot of fun to do and I think I’m definitely starting to get the hang of making them. I’m still pretty new to this but problem is I’m already starting to get addicted to making them! I can’t wait to finish them up so they’ll be ready to be worn (:






^ my next ACEO painting (:

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