Where’s Waldo? Here!! / A Halloween Walkthrough


Waldo! I found Waldo! Do you see? Right there, behind the Garfield pillows!!

..oh wait, that’s just me.

I love love love Halloween! When I was younger, I didn’t really do much as a costume. I stuck a crown on my head one year and er, I think that was the entire costume. But really, was there a point when you were just going to wear a giant coat over everything? All we really wanted was the candy anyway. But Halloween has gotten more interesting the last few years. I’ve had a few different costumes over the more recent years that I actually put some effort into..

One year I dressed up as the Assassin from Ragnarok Online. I only came out with one photograph of the costume and can’t for the life of me find it. But I made a just about the entire costume myself. Here’s a link to the bat wings headband I made.. which took me about 2-3 days of straight hand sewing and ended up being too heavy to stay on my head for long. But you know, for someone that had no idea what the heck they were doing, it was a nifty experience.. even if all the “bandages” of the costume unravelled a couple hours in. (Whoops!)

One year I was the devil as the other half to my friend’s angel. I kind of failed with photos as well, but here’s a nice messy photo of when I was trying to create a make-shift coffin-shaped purse to carry around.. okay, I didn’t actually finish that bag in time, but I tried. I also spent a huge amount of time trying to make these kind of black/red devil wings.. never did manage to finish those either. (Over the years of celebrating Halloween, I’ve definitely learned that things never go as planned!)

Two years ago I decided that I would really put in some effort into my costume. I wanted to be a white rabbit, but not just any white rabbit, an awesomely awesome white rabbit! My sewing machine was still fairly new at this point and I was still learning how to use it; so this was a huge learning experience. I created almost the entire costume from scratch.. the ears, the choker, arm warmers, leg warmers, a fluffy purse, skirt (it had a big poofy tail at the back), corset (I had used chopped up pieces from a 7-eleven plastic cup for the boning, even) I think the only things I didn’t make were the pink top (thanks La Senza) and the fluffy white slippers (thanks to Claire’s) It was a ton of work but I was so proud of the result. I remember we were on the subway and this random lady dressed as Alice caught up with me and we took a photo together: she was ecstatic because she found the white rabbit (:

Funny enough, one of my friends for years wanted us to all dress up as characters from Alice in Wonderland, and the year following, we decided to finally take the plunge and go for it. Originally I was planning to be Alice, but then we decided another friend would be Alice and I would take on the actual White Rabbit. My friend thought that maybe I should try a different character at first since I was basically a white rabbit the previous year, albeit a generic white rabbit. But I just knew that I could take the wonderland white rabbit and take it to a place that was completely different from the first rabbit costume. (Can you tell I love rabbits?)

This was by far the most extensive costume I ever tried to make. And here I thought the previous rabbit was a ton of work. Oh no. No no no. This one trampled the old costume by miles!  I think I was quite literally insane.

The to-do list of this costume was insanely long.. just about everything except for say, the black hat, was made from scratch: the ears (which used completely different fur from the previous rabbit costume) attached to the band that went around the black hat; the skirt, which took a few tutorials, had drawstrings on the panels that could be adjustable (hence the ruching on the front); a corset-style choker, the top was two pieces combined.. the furry fuzzy bra, which was an old bra that was completely covered (I gotta say it.. fuzzy boobs FTW) and the funky panel corset, which could clip to the bra so nothing would shift around weird; little arm warmer/gloves, and then the funky boot covers. Oh, and then there was the big clock purse, which hung from a chain around my waist, and my giant wrap that kept me quite warm that night.

…I think I really was mad that year.

After making that costume, I KNEW that I would not go through the same insanity that I went through with the previous year. This year I would either wear an old costume again, or I would make a crazy simple costume that wouldn’t require a month+ of plowing away at the sewing machine again. I needed a break!

So I decided that I would finally be Waldo.

Now I was hoping that Waldo would be a walk in the park, but it did have a few challenges. For one, it was a challenge finding the iconic red and white striped shirt! Black and white striped shirt? Easy peasy! Pink and white? Stacks of them! Red and white shirt with teeny little skinny useless stripes? Sure, here’s 10 different kinds! I knew I wasn’t going to actually sew up the shirt; so it took a whole lot of digging around till I found one with the ‘right’ stripes that worked for me. (And yeah, this shirt actually made an appearance when I met Nick Carter, lol, but can you blame me? Would I wear anything other than a fun Where’s Waldo shirt to meet a Backstreet Boy? Naw.)

The skirt was a cute little blue skirt I found that was completely covered in shiny sequins. I wasn’t completely satisfied with just wearing white tights and sewed up some quick-ish leg warmers at the last minute. Okay they weren’t exactly super quick to make.. I did end up cutting out every single one of those stripes, and sewed each strip of fabric together, which was pretty time consuming.. I broke one sewing machine needle in the process and the actual sewing machine fizzled out at one point.. but it was worth it, goshdarnit, even though anal me, I wanted leg warmers with stripes that would EXACTLY match the stripes on the shirt.

The classic hat was actually quite fun to make. I’ve never really made hats before, but it just took some red and white fabric and red yarn for a cute pompom. My head stayed super warm that weekend!

Granted I wanted to wear some brown boots with my costume but I went with comfort over fashion and those boots didn’t quite make itinto these photos.

I found this super cute red/white necklace and knew I had to have it for this costume. I also found this cute little heart necklace, and ended up printing out a little picture of Waldo to fit the necklace and simply taped him in. (:

This was a super fun costume to make, and though we didn’t do a whole lot for Halloween this year, I already decided that I’m going to wear this costume again next year.. and possibly the year after that.. and the year after that.. just because I love Waldo so much.


About Jo @ Rainbow of Crazy

My username came from that very random day several years ago when I was told that I was a "walking rainbow of crazy... twinkling with the spectrum of a thousand different colours." That name makes me smile to this day and will always remain with me! http://www.rainbowofcrazy.com https://rainbowofcrazy.wordpress.com

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