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The Lovers Tarot WIP #2

Progress (:

Back to December.. The Lovers Tarot WIP

I did not want to make any new art. In fact, I’ve had a lot of other things on my mind and wasn’t feeling at all like I was in the right mindset to be working on new artwork this entire month.. or much else, for that matter. Relationships have been so rocky, my fibromyalgia/depression has hit strong the last few weeks and I’ve been pretty down over that and a lot of other things the past month or two. (I wonder if I have some SAD in there as well. The dark dreary winter months never do help.)

I spent the last few days working on some much needed cleaning. My original thought was to start some heavy duty cleaning in the new year, but a few days ago I found it really, really tough to find the right motivation to do much of anything; so I decided that well, if I’m not going to do anything, I might as well clean. (That and my fibro’s been brutal on my fingers and wrists as of late and really needed a break from the computer.)

And after a few days of just taking my time with cleaning, moving things around and organizing a bit, I actually kind of surprised myself and felt like doing a little painting tonight. I’ve had The Lovers tarot card on my list for the longest time, but hadn’t felt like I was feeling the love, I suppose, to be able to actually paint this one. But tonight, I managed to pull out the sketch and started working on it. And you know what? I kind of feel good about it.

Here’s hoping that the last few days of December are as enjoyable as starting this painting has been, and to a much brighter New Year.

Happy Holidays~

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, a safe holiday and a Happy New Year (:

Sad Pandas, Kitties, and Nerds


I made a new small batch of pendants not long ago that I plan to list in the new year.. some are actual prints (finally) while others are hand painted. I have a soft spot for the Sad Panda ones and plan to make more.. Sad Pandas are SAD!’s been a tough month.

I think the holiday sales have slowed down for me on Etsy; so my plan for this month has been to paint more and prep more listings so that the next month will be easier. It’s been a really hard month mentally for me so I really hope the new year will bring some promise.

It’s funny that painting Sad Pandas kinda helps.

I hope everyone’s having a nice safe December so far ❤

Elephant Tarot: Screw You, Circus!

The Nine of Wands was my next tarot card to create, and I’m pretty sure I cringed a touch when I came to this card… not because I didn’t like the meaning of the card or anything like that, but because it meant that this was another painting that I had to incorporate a large number of symbols into. (Like the Nine of Cups or the Eight of Pentacles) That’s tiring business! I bet I’ll be super happy when I come to an Ace of anything card.. one wand? One cup? Sure; no problem!

There is so much to go over when it comes to the Nine of Wands..overcoming challenges and hardships and persevering. When I thought of an animal that would really fit with this card, an elephant came to mind first. But then I naturally researched more and spent a good amount of time looking at a huge variety of animals.. and then – of course, I had to go back to the very first animal on my list, because really, I should know this by now: you should learn to trust your first instincts!

I kept the palette warm to go with the firey card of the Wands tarots.  (for example, the feather on the cap is more like a flame than a feathery showpiece)  I think the hardest part was to really capture the hardships of the card into my painting. A circus elephant was my choice because I’m sure we’ve all read or heard about circus animals being mistreated and abused and this kind of treatment should never be acceptable. The elephant in the painting is exhausted after a lifetime of struggling to survive in an unnatural environment and is ready to finally fight back. Its shackles have been broken and it makes its way to freedom. I decided to incorporate the nine wands as circus flags with the elephant creating a bit of destruction among the flags.. clearing a path to freedom and victory.

And WHEW. I think I squeezed out as much as I could about creating this card. I have 2 more tarot cards sketched out and ready to paint. No worries; the next is definitely going to be a lot more light hearted and inviting than this one (: .. though I definitely can’t say that for the one after that.. eeeeep.

Next Tarot Animal – The Elephant

Aaahhh there’s so much to paint!

I have had a bit of a rough time over the last week or so.. so picking up a paintbrush and getting inspired again has been a bit hard on me. But I feel like I’m slowly getting back into the groove of things and I managed to sketch out these paintings-to-be recently.

I’ll be honest: the tarot card prints have not been selling, but darnit I really want to keep going and refuse to give up on these. I still dream of painting the entire set and really hope to do so one day. That, and of course one day I’d love to have them published as a real tarot deck (:

Here’s a more recent progress pic of the next card.. there’s a lot of details that still need to be put in, but I think I’m liking where it’s headed so far (:

Dear elephants,

please be less wrinkly, because ohmygosh I’ve barely started on your wrinkles and I’m already feeling tired. But it’s okay. It’ll be worth it. Just.. you know, it’s still something to consider next time you have wrinkly baby elephants. Maybe iron them out a little???

Love, me.

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