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Project 365: Day 18 and 19 – Poutine and Firefly

Day 18 - Sexy Poutine

Day 18: I promised my boyfriend some tasty poutine; so we went to Smoke’s Poutinerie for some artery-clogging goodness. He ordered the Philly cheese steak poutine (a large just to see how big it really was) and I had the beef peppercorn. Much noms were had.. and when we finished, the poutines.. still pretty much looked untouched. *pats belleh* I think I’m still recovering from that meal.

Day 19 - Firefly Marathon!

We spent a few days watching the Firefly series since I never watched the show. (I watched the movie once but it kinda got lost on me) I’m actually not a big sci-fi kind of person but I got hooked really quick and was super sad when we finished the last episode and the movie. Why do they always cancel good shows? So sad.

Project 365: Day 16 and 17 – Snow and Beauty

Day 16 - Snow! Sort of.

More snow! Sort of. This has not been a very wintery winter. This particular day was a nice lazy day for us. We went on a short walk to pick up some much desired snacks. (Chips and dip, yum!)

Day 17 - Tale As Old As Time~

Beauty and the Beast was released in 3-D recently so we saw it on the 16th. I was pretty excited to see it because it’s been one of my favourite Disney movies.

I actually really am not a fan of 3-D movies. Personally I think that out of all the 3-D movies out there, only a few actually look good in 3-D. But I wanted to have the chance to see Beauty and the Beast on the big screen more than anything else and it was worth it just for that. I have to say though that I thought the 3-D was just plain weird at times. Flat 2-D artwork molded out into 3-D just didn’t work for me and looked really really off at times. For me, CG movies tend to work much, much better with 3-D, and the ballroom scene in B&tB definitely worked for me (and oh yes, I revelled in every moment of it!) But all in all, it was definitely worth seeing just to have it on a huge screen once again.. even though I had “Be Our Guest” in my head for days afterwards.

I actually snapped the above photo off a picture on my computer screen. Kind of a cheat, but to make up for it, here’s a bonus pic of a bottle of tasty apricot beer we had later that day (:

Day 17 - Wheat Ale. Yum!

Project 365: Day 14 and 15 – Nintendo Me~

Day 14 - Snazzy Case

Day 15 - Gotta catch'em all~

Slowly catching up with the Project 365! Sorry the blog won’t be updated with much art over the next few weeks as my boyfriend is in town (I’d like to work on some sketches and ideas though!) but I’m going to try to keep Project 365 going. On Day 14  I saw a fantastically nerdy Game Boy iphone case in a shop, while Day 15 the two of us were at the mall and picked up Pokemon White for me to play. Can NOT wait to get my bulbasaur from him!

Project 365: Day 13 – SNOW!

Day 13 - Snow!

Dear Snow,

what took you so long?!

Love, me.

P.S…. I’m staying in today! Mmm blankets and hot chocolate..

Project 365: Day 11 and 12: Dinner and Dessert

Day 11 - Pocky!

It’s a food post tonight. My little midnight snack on Day 11 (: I loove Pocky. One day I plan to buy the giant Pocky. One day, one day.. for now, I’m good with the regular sized Pocky. Plus I think we have the almond ones floating around somewhere..


Day 12 - Quiche!

Day 12 – Pie crusts were on sale the other day so I made a quiche tonight for dinner. I think I have to make them more often! Maybe tweak the amounts a bit and add in an extra egg too. (And I seriously can not wait for winter to end so I can get lots of natural light for photos again!)

I really really wanted to work on my Etsy shop more over the last few weeks, prep as many listings as possible and create more art, but the fibro pain in my fingers has really hated me (not to mention the fibro fog! It’s been really hard to concentrate, ugh) and well, yeah, typing more is prooobably not helping any; so lets end it here and maybe do some stretching instead (:

Project 365 – Day 10: Sugarpill – or – Warning, Girly Entry

Day 10 - Sugarpill!

I’m actually quite the girly girl. I love makeup and dressing up randomly and just being adorables. I’ve also been dying to get a hold of Sugarpill makeup since Amy first started the line. I finally placed my first order and it finally came in the mail today! I ordered 3 loose eyeshadows: Tiara, Goldilux, and Hysteric. The box is adorable. The packaging is adorable. The sticker and business card are adorable. I did a quick colour swatch  and my gosh if it isn’t the smoothest, finest loose eyeshadow I’ve ever tried. And holy cow, pigmented! Tiara is the perfect silver, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite as perfect of a gold as Goldilux. I am a purple girl; so Hysteric and I are like a match made in heaven.  Now to actually wear these colours (and to daydream of getting all the others..)

The colours are even nicer and brighter in person. I am one happy camper.



Project 365 – Day 9: Art Pendants

Day 9 - Pendants!

I’ve had these work-in-progress, printed pendants sitting around for a while that still need some resin poured over them. Today I thought I’d try adding some accents on the border before sealing it all. These aren’t finished yet, but more of a test with string/ribbons. Kinda neat? The rat/skull image I have yet to add to my Etsy shop but I plan to soon. I’d like to get these sealed and finished by the end of the week.

Project 365 – Day 7 and 8: Merry Christmas!.. in January

Day 7 - Gingerbread House of Horrors

Yesterday my friend happened to pick up one of those gingerbread house kits. I’m sure you know those kits.. the ones that seem overpriced around the holidays, but after Christmas, you want to stock up on those boxes because now they’re 98 cents – and really, who says no to a 98 cent gingerbread house???

I had originally spent so much time icing the little eyes and smiles of the gingerbread characters.. but I suddenly was having an insanely rough night emotionally, and it was really hard to get into the mood again to decorate this poor house and make it look pretty. So in the end, we kind of made a really half-assed attempt. My happy gingerbread man became a really evil gingerbread man, who just happened to go on a rampage, knocking the head off of the gingerbread snowman, and was now trying to kick down the door of the gingerbread house to light the place on fire.

Er, yeah. I wasn’t having the best night at the time, but it did make me feel better to break that head off the snowman..  Plus we also ended up with a strange blob-like creature on top of the gingerbread chimney.. I declared it Cthulhu and gave him two red candy eyes. 

It’s a shame the icing was annoying to deal with, and the candy as well as the icing tasted horrible. But for 98 cents? Lets do it again! And get the gingerbread train this time!

Day 8 - Ho ho ho!


Over the last few years, I made it a little personal tradition to add at least one new ornament to the tree each Christmas, and for whatever reason, I never got to getting a new one this time around.  But today after seeing Sherlock Holmes 2 (highly recommended!) I happened to be into Kitchen Stuff Plus and saw that all of their Christmas ornaments were around 50% off. Score! Our Christmas tree is still up (yes, I tend to leave it up as long as possible.. it’s soo much work to take it all down right away!) so it was the perfect opportunity to add on a new ornament.

I ended up getting a super cute Santa Claus ornament that was a grand total of $2. The tree looks extra snazzy now!

Project 365 – Day 6: Omnom Brunch

Day 6 - Feed me!

Quickie post. Here’s a sammich made with French toast, plus lots of fruit that I had when we went out for brunch at Cora’s. Usually I can never finish anything if I eat out, but the sandwich was actually manageable. Couldn’t eat all the fruit, but I tried my best. (I’m somewhat proud of myself for choosing something with lots of fruit, rather than something with lots of bacon!)

Happy weekend! I really need to work on some sketching.. lots to do, as well as the next tarot card, which is going to be The Moon card (:

Project 365 – Day 5: My Own Personal Masseuse

Day 5 - Nggmmmfffhmmmahhh~

This little guy is quite possibly one of my best friends. I could not function without it.

This is my little TENS unit.. or “Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation“… (that was a bit of a mouthful there.) It’s probably my most effective way of relieving at least some of the pain I get from fibromyalgia. I’ve no idea how I managed before getting this machine! Just peel off the patches, stick them where the pain is, turn this baby on, tweak those settings and man, oh man.

It’s definitely not a cure-all, but it helps those tensed up muscles and aches and pains. Definitely recommended for anyone with fibro, or any kind of numbing pain, back pain (works wonderfully on my lower back) or any kind of tense areas – but it’s best to do your research, talk to your doctor, etc, etc. Don’t go sticking these things anywhere and turning it up high (big no to using it on the spine, or the chest/neck) . Not safe and not pleasant!

But once you get a hang of it, oh gosh it’s sweet, sweet bliss.

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