Project 365: Day 24-27 – Niagara Falls Wine Tour

Day 24 - Our hotel room at Niagara (:



A little while back, I found an awesome deal on one of the Niagara Falls wine tours. I had never been on a wine tour and couldn’t pass up the opportunity; so near the end of January, with my boyfriend visiting, the two of us went on a trip to Niagara Falls.

Day 25 - Our view of the falls




We had been there a few years ago on another little trip together and had a lot of fun; so this was a great second time for us. Though we were not feeling great and got more sick during the trip (figures!), we ended up spending a lot of time inside, lazing around in our hotel. But hey, nothing wrong with a little room service, jacuzzi and the hotel’s pool/sauna, right? (:

Day 26 - Wine tour haul

The wine tour was fantastic, by the way. No surprise that we were the youngest couple there, but everyone was nice and our driver/tour guide was so incredibly entertaining, charming and fun. We visited 4 different wineries as well as a chocolate factory.. and I can’t help it but I have to write about the chocolate factory first, because man, oh man, was that chocolate factory dangerous. I was.. finally.. that greedy fat kid let loose in a candy store. They had free samples. Let me say that again.. FREE. SAMPLES. What would you do if there were dozens of open containers of all kinds of chocolate covered goodies, and you were told that you can try as many different ones as you wanted? Any inclination to eat healthier or in moderation that I had.. FLEW out that chocolatey smelling window! I swear I ate the most chocolate out of ANYONE on that tour. (I guess older couples just aren’t that into chocolate??) The chocolate covered jujubes totally did me over near the end, ohmygosh. I swear I had sugar and chocolate in my veins for days afterwards.

No regrets!!

Oh, and yeah, those wineries. They were lovely too!

The two of us had a lot of fun on the tour, trying different wines and enjoying the experience. Though to be completely honest, I would not have gone on that tour had we paid the full price. It wouldn’t have felt like it was worth it. But if you can find any kind of deal on this sort of tour, you should definitely go for it because we had a lot of fun, and bought a lot of wine (and chocolate) as seen in that pic above.

It was still a great trip down. We spent more than we originally planned (whoops!) but it was worth it (:

And then of course, we come back home to be greeted by our little friend that was still trying to trudge along!

Day 27 - Snowbunny carnage.

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  1. Had a great day with friends tasting lots of nice wine!

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