Project 365: Day 37- 44, Food, Drink, Television.. Gluttony at its Finest?

Day 37 - Still alive!




(Editing and reposting this entry because some of the photos were flubbed around.)

Project 365 still chugging along.. the weather in Toronto’s been beyond strange. One day, tons of snow. The next day.. all the snow melts. Rinse and repeat. Our snowbunny was STILL chugging along on Day 37. I could not believe it. Plus it was the only spot of snow left in the entire backyard. I feel like such a proud snowbunny mom :’)




Day 38 - Puzzles!

Day 39 - Duff's









We went to see Chronicle in the theatre on Day 38. We both actually really enjoyed the film. It was entertaining, funny, and dark at the same time. But man, those boys were excellent at wasting such awesome powers! Before the flick, I picked up this super cute puzzle at Wallymart because 1, it looks just like my boyfriend’s cat Boo, and 2, it was only $5.. score!

Day 39 was dinner at Duff’s. It was my boyfriend’s first time there and he had to try their Armageddon sauce.. now my boyfriend LOVES spicy food, even more than me and he said it was the spiciest thing he ever had. So if you’ve got a Duff’s around you, you definitely need to try it!)

Day 40 - Wine @ Jam Cafe

Day 41 - Sushi!










We went to Jam Cafe for Winterlicious on Day 40 and had this lovely wine. Some of the courses were kinda less than stellar but it was still an enjoyable evening. Day 41 was my mom’s birthday and we had an relaxing night in, picked up lots of sushi, some roasted chicken (Costco love here) and garlic bread. The sushi was delicious (: I am a sucker for sushi.

Day 42 - Just another Wine & Cheese



Day 42 was another Wine & Cheese get-together. My boyfriend and I were surrounded by everyone’s baby girls; it was fantastic! We tried to get a little drawing going with one of the girls but it ended up with just me and him drawing instead. This is what came out from that night. I would tell you what we tried to draw during this strange drawing session but I can’t remember for the life of me. Looks like we kept writing out who sucked more but I don’t know who won that one.

Day 43 - Sanctuary!

I’m a Sanctuary noob; so my boyfriend got me started on it and I gotta admit it’s pretty cool – AND Canadian. Bonus. I’m not far into this series but it’s been pretty interesting so far. I really enjoy that it’s almost entirely filmed in front of a green screen and that sets are created in CG instead of being built. When you get involved in the story, you almost forget that everything you see is CG anyway.

Day 44 - Bunny!

Day 44 was a day we went out for Chinese high tea: a late afternoon meal where certain Chinese restaurants list a special menu at great prices. The dishes usually include free drinks and/or soup. I tend to take a lot of food photographs – it probably seems like I eat out all the time! But I really don’t; I swear! But this day, I decided to take a shot of our little bobbley head rabbit at the front of the car. We got her because she reminded me of my old bunny Lucy and the head sways back and forth to munch on the giant carrot.. I love it (:


About Jo @ Rainbow of Crazy

My username came from that very random day several years ago when I was told that I was a "walking rainbow of crazy... twinkling with the spectrum of a thousand different colours." That name makes me smile to this day and will always remain with me!

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