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Project 365: Day 90 – 92: Etsy Symposium, Lights Out, and little Giant Pandas

Day 90 - Etsy Success Symposium

I spent most of Day 90 watching the entire Etsy Success Symposium, which was a live all day event featuring different speakers. I toughed it out and watched it all (had a lot of coffee and tea that day!) All in all, it was a great refresher course on selling on Etsy, plus a lot of things to add to that to-do list, such as the importance of really personalizing your listings (definitely a challenge for me.) Sadly it really made me miss the Etsy Chat. (RIP)

Day 91 - Earth Hour


Day 92 I got together with family and we had some fantastic food at WVRSTWe randomly happened to be there during Earth Hour and got to dine by candlelight which was pretty spiffy. Afterwards was a night of karaoke – my first time! That was a ton of fun. I think I lost track of how many Backstreet Boys songs were sung that night..

Day 92 - Business cards

More business cards! The bonus of printing business cards at home is that I can quickly edit them and remake them as often as I want.. well, that and I can fix typos that I somehow didn’t even see until recently (*palmface*) I thought I’d see how the cards would look with some of my illustrations and the giant panda looks just as cute in business card form (:

Project 365: Day 89 – Worst Game of Hide and Seek Ever

Day 89 - Initial sketch.. man, my sketches are no prize winers here!

Etsy: Where Resellers Thrive

I’ve been following Regretsy’s article on Etsy’s featured seller who just happens to be a reseller. Resellers seem to be rampant on Etsy and now they’ve even featured one in a slot that could have gone to someone who truly creates handmade items and actually deserves the recognition. I’ve lost some faith in Etsy’s lack of response or action on taking care of this now (pardon my French) shit storm. I’m still hoping something will actually come out of this, but it’s tiring to keep caring when nothing seems to be happening. As a seller on Etsy, I am very disappointed.

So instead I just wanted to have a nice collection of links regarding this debacle so far..

– Regretsy’s outing of said reseller

the original featured seller article

– the petition for a public apology from Etsy

now on Metafilter – Can you buy plausible deniability anywhere online now that Etsy’s run completely out of it?

now on Consumerist – Etsy Features Seller Who May Be Blatantly Violating Etsy Policy

– the Daily Dot – Etsy promotes alleged reseller

– WebProNews – Etsy’s Reseller Debacle: Handmade Site Features Questionable Goods

I wonder how far this has to go until something is finally done. For now, I’ll sit back, eat some imaginary popcorn (there’s none left in the house, sigh.) or maybe some soup.. I’ve been sick for a few days now ): and work on some more kitty pendants. And also get more excited about TheCraftStar, a new selling venue coming soon.

Edit: Looks like they’ve now edited the article.. the feature still stands. The shop still stands and will continue to keep going. I am speechless. Here is an admin started thread (finally) that’s going on strong.

Edit edit: Oh come on now. Second try, since admin keeps closing the damn things.

Edit: And it goes on!

DEATH: The Card of Change

“Of all the wonders that I yet have heard,
It seems to me most strange that men should fear;
Seeing that death, a necessary end,
Will come when it will come.”

– William Shakespeare

I really enjoyed Death. Is that a weird thing to say?  The original tarot is usually looking pretty eerie: you’ve got Death riding a horse, and dead people are scattered everywhere. Not exactly a pleasant image. My Death card would have none of that! .. okay, maybe a few skulls, but hey, those were already dead long ago, I swear.

With my tarot, I ended up going with my instincts again and decided to paint a raven, an animal that is often associated with death and rebirth. I definitely wanted some mirrors to the original Death tarot: from the rubble of raven skulls below, a living raven rises up into the sky, holding a white rose, a flower which is also seen in the traditional Death tarot. This card can certainly mean actual death, but it can also mean a closing of a chapter, a time of change, an event coming to an end to make way for something new. The sun peering out of the corner is like that new chapter that is about to begin. Death happens and things to come to an end, but “sometimes things have to fall apart to make way for better things.” (Yeah, I did it. I just threw in a How I Met Your Mother quote. Was that a little too nerdy? My bad.) I really liked learning more about this card and incorporating these different elements into my own illustration. This painting has easily become one of my favourite cards so far.

Project 365: Day 86-88: Daily Deviation and More Bunnies

Day 86 - Daily Deviation!

I noticed I was getting more views than normal coming in from deviantART and found out that one of my pendants had made it as a Daily Deviation! My autumn swing pendant got to be featured on their site, and the views on my DA gallery poured in all day. I was on Cloud 9! Bonus too was that the pendant finally sold earlier this month. (:

Day 87 - Moon Tarot work in progress

Day 88 - Let Go work in progress

Here are a few more work in progress shots of the Moon Tarot and the Dissociation painting. The Moon Tarot was pretty close to being done at this point, minus a few sparkly stars in the sky and a few other details. The “Let Go” painting was in the beginning stages. I don’t know why I choose to draw everything and then paint the background around the characters.. rather than the easier way of painting the entire background first, and then draw the characters on top. The brain works in weird ways.

Project 365: Day 84-85: Bringing Bunnies Back

Day 84 - Silly sketches

More bunnies and birds from my sketchbook. I realized that I have yet to paint a penguin! How sad is that? Plus below is the initial sketch of the Moon Tarot. I actually haven’t drawn bunnies in a while.. might have to bring them back (:

Day 85 - Moon tarot card WIP

Project 365: Day 81-83: The Hunger Games and the Puzzle of EVIL

Day 81b - Inspirations

Day 82 - A&W. Oh how I love giant ketchup packets.

My brother had chosen the darkest blue possible to paint this room with when he lived here, and it makes this room SO dark and dreary. Now that it’s mine, sometimes I’m tempted to just paint and doodle random things all over this room just to brighten it up. (Or maybe you know, just paint the walls something brighter.) But till then, I decided to put up little notes and images and start up an actual inspiration wall. There’s not much there now, just some doodles (and some rainbow origami cranes!) but I hope to build up my collection at at least cover some of that blue.

On Day 82 I ended up seeing the midnight showing of The Hunger Games. I’ve never been to a midnight showing before so it was a first for me. I didn’t even really know anything about The Hunger Games, never read the books, didn’t know it had such a following or anything like that; so it was funny since I was just there to be with my friends and to enjoy the experience. I’m glad I went too because I really enjoyed the movie! It had everything, a great story, interesting characters, fantastic acting, weepy moments, funny moments, and entertaining from beginning to end. I didn’t take photos of anything to do with the movie but instead took a picture of my burger from A&W.. gotta love my priorities.

Day 83 - This cat puzzle will be the death of me.

I swear, this puzzle will never be finished. My friend and I spent most of the day working on this puzzle, and we actually got quite a lot of it done, but MAN the rest of it is going to be the real killer. I really like puzzles but damn.. I always choose the ones that are so hard to do. WHY DO I ALWAYS DO THIS. WHYYYY!! Maybe I can blame this damn dark blue room for making me crazy..


Hermit Tarot Card – No Crabs Allowed!

I had hit the wall. The tarot card wall, that is.

I had no idea which animal would be my hermit in my hermit card. The most obvious choice was the hermit crab, but the most obvious choice is not necessarily the perfect choice, right? So I was stuck with this card and my mystery hermit for over a week or two. I even thought of maybe skipping this card and working on the next card on my list because it seemed to be that hard to decide on.


But then I started seeing this as a challenge that I couldn’t back down from. I decided to stop over thinking this card. Instead, I tried to relax and started sketching out the animals that would look and feel ‘right’.  I had a list of animals that were potential Hermits: the fox, cougar, mountain goat, even the Arctic Tern. I tried to pick out more solitary animals to suit this tarot, but the red panda ended up winning this one. I liked that instead of this dark kinda dreary coloured hermit card, I got to work on this card with a bright coloured animal. In the usual hermit card, he is standing and looking down, holding a staff in one hand and a lantern in the other. I tend to not make my illustrations look anything like the original cards, but to me, these elements were important; so I took the staff and it became a tree supporting my red panda, and the shining light from the lantern became a firefly.


The hermit has taken himself away from the company of others and is on this journey of discovery, without outside distractions. To me, the hermit speaks about introspection, finding solace in solitude, and the journey. Creating this card was definitely a journey and now I’m glad that it’s finally finished. Now I have the next couple of cards planned out and I’m hoping they’ll be a breeze compared to this one. The next card on the list? Death. (Dun dunnn.)


Project 365: Day 79-81: Eggplant, TV, and Bunnies. Random!

Day 79 - Eggplant~

Day 80 - TV Surgery

I’ve been bumping up my garlic intake lately – especially since garlic is always on sale in bundles and we gotta use that stuff up – so on Day 79 I took a shot of some sautéed eggplant with garlic and parsley. I hate raw onions but I love raw garlic, especially in this dish. Garlic and lemon and parsley sprinkled on top of eggplant.. omnomnom! I had Epic Garlic Breath the rest of the day but it was so worth it.

My sad old TV has been on the fritz lately. My dad is The Fixer of All Things and performed some surgery to fix it.. and it seemed to be doing well for a while, but now it’s dying again. Ugh. My current solution is to hit it really, really hard with a blunt object until the video shows up again. So frustrating. I have no luck with electronics. (Also, R.I.P. old iPod….)

Day 81 - Random sketches

Here’s a page out of my sketchbook on Day 81. I was working on ideas for my Moon Tarot as well as some other random ideas. (Do you see the random Nyan Cat in the middle?) On the very right were some ideas for the Hermit Tarot.. which could have been a bird or a cougar at the time. Gotta do a write up on that card still (:

Project 365: Day 76-78: Weeds and a Giant Giant Panda

Day 76 - Weeds

I am addicted to Weeds. I remember watching maybe 5 or so episodes years ago and loving the show, and then for whatever reason I never got back into it again. But now it’s back in my life, huzzah! I love the nutty characters, crazy situations and the laughs. Now to catch up with this show.. along with all the other shows I really need to catch up on. I don’t know how people cram so much tv in their life. It’s exhausting!

Day 77 - Giant Panda

Day 78 - Scanning


Here are some work in progress shots of a giant panda from a while back. I wanted this panda super giant and added a tiny girl perched on its giant ear. I thought I’d try painting on card stock (which I did before with the painting of a goat for a greeting card) but yeah, not so smart; the card stock wrinkled like crazy this time around. Thankfully it scanned perfectly fine and Photoshop fixes (just about) everything.

I wanted to do a series of giant animals but I’m not sure when I’ll do another.. that to-do list just keeps getting longer!

That’s it for me today. My hands have been really achy the last few days and are crying for some time away from the computer, urg.

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