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Three of Wands Tarot: The Cougar & The Journey

Whew. I’m off on my trip at the end of the week and I’m starting my packing early. Thankfully after so many years of being in a LDR, packing almost becomes second nature (almost). Start early, take your time, put stuff in, take stuff out. So it feels like a very fitting day to write about the Three of Wands. Maybe it can offer me a little strength to finish the job!


Through this journey of creating tarot cards, I didn’t want to focus too much on one type of animal. So not too many canines, not too many birds (though that was a challenge since birds have already become such powerful symbolic animals in this tarot deck!) but I’ve been trying to space them all out and I hope I’ve been doing okay with that. I felt like this was the right time since the Six of Wands to paint another cat.

I felt that the cougar was the right choice because its quiet power matched that of the Three of Wands and I really, really enjoyed painting this card. I wanted to keep the iconic image of this tarot: being at the edge of a cliff and looking over everything that’s about to come your way.


This tarot represents the coming of a journey. While the Six of Wands is taken as the sun is setting, the Three of Wands represents the dawn. The world is now shifting; a new sun is rising up and you are now ready and willing to take on what may be in store for you. The Three of Wands is a time of strength, having already taken great steps but being ready for the next.

Now to see how many pieces of clothing I can stuff into this giant suitcase so I can be ready for my journey!

No more birds! Maybe. Plus Project 365: Day 129-130: Odell Lake, and Oregon Trail. Mm, classics.

Finally decided on the owl!

Trudging along today on the next tarot painting.. I’ve learned that I have this habit of always choosing a bird to paint, because then I paint it and get reminded of how much work goes in to painting all those feathers, and then when I finally finish the painting, I tell myself to take a break from painting birds…. only to start painting yet another bird. I don’t know why I keep punishing myself like this! Why do birds have to be so pretty?!?

That was an early photo though and at this point, I’m actually so close to finishing this one; so I’m so determined to finish it before I go to bed. I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.. if I finish this tonight, ideally I would like to finish one more painting before the week is over and before I take off on my trip. I’m very excited though because I’m determined to bring my paints with me so I’ll be working on this deck no matter where I am.

I also spent a couple of days obsessed with old school games.. anyone remember these?

Day 129 – Odell Lake!

Day 130 – I fail at Oregon Trail ):

Project 365: Day 128: Almost Strawberry Season

Day 128 – +1 for Giant Strawberries!

Project 365: Day123-127: Art and Arrested Development

Day 123 – Six of Cups WIP

Day 124 – Six of Cups WIP

Day 125 – Three of Wands WIP

Day 126 – Ace of Pentacles Sketches

I just realized that I painted the Three of Wands before the Ace of Pentacles but I forgot to write about this painting. Time to get to work! There’s a few tarot cards to write about still, but for now I have them uploaded on my DeviantART gallery to share.

Day 127 – Arrested Development love

I’m pretty late to the game, but I more recently got into Arrested Development and I’m on the second season now. I’m really enjoying this series! This is just one bizarre, psychotic family and the the episodes are clever and entertaining. I’m definitely looking forward to finishing the three seasons and of course the movie in the works. Are there any shows that you’ve more recently gotten into? I’m definitely on the look out for more shows to watch.

The Fool Tarot – Finally

The beginning of the Fool tarot. It wasn’t actually on my to-do list yet but it’s something I wanted to start planning out. The first card of the deck has to be fabulous, right?

Project 365: Day 117-122. But really, goodbye House!

Omg. I finally caught up with the House series finale and ALL OF THESE FEELINGS. I can not handle it. I don’t think I’ve cried that much watching like.. anything, ever. Oh man. Oh man. Seriously. It will take a long time for me to recover. At least I should be all cried out before the last episode of Awake later this week. Oh man. Everything I like is ending. It’s so sad. I’ll have to watch it again later and sob some more. (Also, this is pretty spiffy.)

I don’t think these series of photos need much explaining.. it’s been a lot of painting, pendant making, cooking, and picture taking. My shop’ll be going into vacation mode soon too. I hope to feel a lot more refreshed and inspired when it opens up again (:

BRB gonna mourn House ending some more. Sobsob.

Day 117 – Pendants-to-be filled with resin

Day 118 – Baked fish

Day 119 – The start of Shadows

Day 120 – Done and ready to ship!

Day 121 – Painting stars is fun!

Day 122 – Photo taking day. Zzz.

Ace of Pentacles Tarot – The Scarab Beetle

This tarot card kicked my butt for a really long time. When I first started to work on ideas for it, for some reason I was drawn to the idea of the scarab – or you know, to put it bluntly – the dung beetle. I really loved their role as being sacred to the Ancient Egyptians, and the idea that this critter can create this perfect sphere.. that was my metaphorical pentacle.

I loved beetles growing up; back in 6th grade, we did a project on mealworms. They were so cute! Smooth, not slimy with those cute little faces. My friend and I even named our little mealworms after McDonalds’ burgers. (Flash back to the rumours that mealworms were fillers in burger meat) We had Quarter Pounder, and my little Big Mac, among others. When our project was done, I decided to take a few of my now-beetles home, and man, those guys reproduced for years. All through high school, even. I was in beetle heaven! I don’t have them anymore but I have fond memories of those little guys.


I wasn’t really sure if a beetle would be fitting with the style of this deck, but eventually I went with my instincts and I think I’m pretty happy with this card. I decided to shape the painting in a way to create my round pentacle with the branches and leaves, with the sun in the background with the traditional five points of the pentacle. I don’t know if it was really necessary for the beetle to be rainbow coloured; but I suppose it works. This tarot is about abundance and wealth (hence the grapes as well) so I thought a joyful beetle with all the colours of the rainbow would be fitting. This is definitely a throw back to those little beetles way back when.

Project 365: Day 114-116: Cats and Cake

Dear Diablo 3,

I blame you for being totally awesome that my totally awesome week totally belonged to you.

Yeah, our first night together was kinda crappy. First, you were late for our date. And then you wouldn’t let me in. (Giggady.) What was up with that? We messed around for over an hour and it was just awkward and frustrating and so very unsatisfying. But.. finally we got along and things got a little crazy after that.  And then you kept me busy all night long till the sun came up. Those were some good times. Good times! So yeah.. I can forgive you for being a bit of a dick at the beginning. But it’s all cool now. Just like.. keep in touch, okay?

Oh.. right… blog writing.

Day 114b – Kitty pendants

Day 115- More!

Here are some shots of my black cat pendants post-painted. The moon one in the first photo sold soon after listing; I was so ecstatic! Never sold something that quick before.. it’s definitely motivation to keep going (:

We also recently celebrated a friend’s birthday at Cake Night Club. That was a fun night! They even provided some little goodies for the birthday girl. Needed more actual cake though!

Day 116 – Cake!

Project 365: Day 112-114: Food and Diablo 3 – Good mix!

Day 112 – Lamb Burger @ Unionville Pizza Co

Day 113 – Curried lentil soup

More delicious food stuffs. We went to Unionville Pizza Co to celebrate my friend’s birthday and it was a really nice night. I had the lamb burger which had spinach, roasted red peppers and – yum! – tzatziki. I ate about half of it and gave in to the doggy bag, lol. It made for tasty leftovers (: I was also on a bit of a soup kick for a while and made lots and lots of it. (I think I had soup cravings because I was also a bit sick at the time.) So some nice, spicy soup definitely helped. That, and I have a ginormous bag of lentils from Costco that’s constantly begging to be used!

Day 114 – Diablo 3 open beta!

My boyfriend and I are super excited for Diablo 3. During the open beta weekend, I spent a good chunk of time trying it out and it was really addicting. I’ve never played the previous games but I’m definitely looking forward to this one. (One more week, wee!)

Project 365: Day 110-111: Soup and Bunnies.. no, not Bunny Soup. That would be sad :(

Day 110 – I like soup!

Day 111 – Rough sketches for a custom painting (:

Finished! I had a lot of fun with this one. And it was super well received (: I really gotta create some listings for custom work. I’m so behind on the times.

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