Project 365: Day 97-99: Tarot Sketches and Easter Dinner

Day 97 - Tarot Cards in progress

Creating tarot cards has been such a challenge that I’ve been going at a real snail’s pace. Sometimes I’ll hit that wall with a card and can’t quite figure out what direction to go in with it; it can be very frustrating! So now I’m trying to do more prep work to make it this process a little less stressful. Here’s a couple of cards I sketched all together so I can just go straight into painting from here. (Rather than working through just one card at a time and getting stuck on the one.)  Once in a while I’ll get questions about whether I have a full deck available and I’m always sad to say that I don’t. I’m VERY far away from being able to have a full tarot card deck (as of right now, I’m maybe like.. 1/6 of the way there so far.)

Day 98 - Easter noms

Day 99 - Sold!

We don’t celebrate Easter but when my friend invited me over for a tasty ham dinner that weekend, I was there in an instant! I brought some fluffy homemade rolls and we all settled in for some tasty ham, chicken and lots of veggies (and the cutest dyed Easter eggs!) It was a good night!

On day 99 I took a quick last picture of a pendant of mine that had sold before shipping it off. It was definitely one I always loved and the little details in the trees down to the striped socks were always something that I hoped wouldn’t go unnoticed (: I have another idea or two to have this little Striped Sock Girl back in future paintings so hopefully she’ll make a reappearance.

My hands are still pretty crappy today, but there are still tarot cards begging to be painted. Gonna see what I can do.


About Jo @ Rainbow of Crazy

My username came from that very random day several years ago when I was told that I was a "walking rainbow of crazy... twinkling with the spectrum of a thousand different colours." That name makes me smile to this day and will always remain with me!

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  1. Good luck with the tarot card designing! I created a deck so I can understand the challenge that comes with it, took me almost two years to complete mine.

    It’s worth it once your done =) thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you so much! It means a lot to me (: It was a HUGE challenge when I first started and though it’s *slightly* easier now, every card is still pretty challenging.. I still have a long way to go (I only have about 15 tarot cards painted right now) but I can’t wait until it’s complete.

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