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Project 365: Day 155-158: California has a lot of noms

Day 155 – Tommy’s

Day 156 – Domino’s

Every time I come here, half of the photographs I take includes food. No regrets! I don’t remember the name of the Greek restaurant we went to but I’ll ask my boyfriend when he’s back. Oh man, those burritos from Tommy’s last me all day. I swear I was slowly eating that one burrito over the span of 7 hours. I don’t know how Americans do it, but my hats off to you and all of your delicious foodstuffs. (And that sweet mango habanero sauce from Domino’s? Get that. So good.)

Also, I took Rainbow of Crazy off vacation mode so now we’re back and running! I’ll be back home over the weekend to start shipping (:

Day 157 – Greek Noms

Day 158 – Hi California!

Project 365: Day 154: Hello California!

Day 154..ish.

I missed taking a photograph on Day 154. But it was a busy day! I was getting last minute things together and headed for the airport that day. I also thought I had plenty of time to spare, but the line-ups were so long and so slow that I had to rush my ass over to my gate and got there 10 minutes after the boarding time. Arg. I was out of breath and tired.. and then I realized that they didn’t even start boarding yet. Whew! The actual flight was great. I managed to watch Underworld: Awakening (actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would), This Means War (a sprinkling of laughs but painfully predictable) and Mirror, Mirror (kinda cute but kinda awful. And those eyebrows were just way too distracting during the entire movie.) And after 5 hours, IĀ  finally reached beautiful California. I did miss taking a photo this day, but here’s an extra photo of one of my boyfriend’s cats that’s sleeping right now on my lap (:

Project 365: Day 152: Our flowers and money are adorables

Day 152 – Petunias

Here are a few more shots of my petunias that I took the day before I left for my trip. My mom says they’re kinda doing so-so now, which is a little sad. Maybe they miss me??! I’ll be home soon; so hopefully they can perk up a bit over the rest of the summer.

Day 152 – Dollar!

We have some of the cutest money; I swear. It makes me not want to spend these things. Yeesh.

Project 365: Day 150-151: Paints and Robin

Day 150 – Paints

Day 151 – Cobie Smulder’s autograph

For my trip, I was determined to bring my paints along with me; so I picked up these great paint pot containers at the art store and they’re perfect! The screw lids keep everything seal proof and small yet large enough for my small sized paintings anyway. They’ve definitely been perfect for my trip so far. (I’ll be home in about a week, huzzah!)

My friend Will also gave me this amaazing autographed photo of Cobie Smulders. I am such a fan of hers (Lets go to the mall, everybody!) I hadn’t even watched The Avengers yet at the time but it made me even more excited to watch it. (Thanks Will!)

I’m also trying to type with this fluffy cat in my lap that keeps smooshing her wet nose into my arm for attention. Man, I’ll miss these kitties.

Project 365: Day 149: Owl In Progress

Day 149 – Owl

Project 365: Day 147-148: Gardening

Day 147: Gardening

Day 148 – Oregano!

I’m still in California and still have a week left until I go home, but I’m sure my dad has spent every day outside taking care of his garden. These are a few shots I took before my trip. His plants were still little sprouts and I had bought some small oregano plants, which should hopefully last through a few winters. Nothing beats the smell of fresh herbs!

I’m sad my trip will be over soon, but I’ll be happy to see how all the plants are doing once I come home.

Owl: The High Priestess Tarot




The High Priestess was pretty challenging for me because I could easily see so many animals representingĀ  this tarot card. I was definitely drawn to the owl and although I’m trying to include a balance of different kinds of animals, in the end I felt that the owl best represented the High Priestess: her beauty, her mystery, her divinity, her wisdom and freedom. It’s actually incredibly hard not to think of birds as a symbol for these cards because they’re just such beautiful animals; there are so many shapes and sizes and different kinds of symbolism with each one.





After I chose the owl, the next challenge was to choose what kind of owl to paint. I swear, I nearly went over as many owl breeds as I could, seeing all their different builds, patterns, and colours before I decided to choose the striped owl. I was definitely drawn to its ‘horns’ but its beautifully contrasting colours that sealed the deal. I really wanted this owl to have a presence and to feel as grand as the High Priestess should be. The moon was one of the key symbols in this card and I wanted this card to feel like the moon was as empowering as the High Priestess. I definitely enjoyed painting this tarot.

Project 365: Day 145-146: Tarot Notes and Arthritis Gloves

Day 145 – Lots of notes!

I finally buckled down and about finished researching all the different tarot cards and when I looked over all that I had, well, geez, look at it! The notes will still grow longer as I still need to actually plan each card and which animal will be associated with each of them, but WHEW, hopefully this process will be easier on me from here on out.

Day 146 – Gloves!

I had recommendations a while back to find some arthritis/crafting gloves to help with all of this finger pain that I get from my fibromyalgia. It took a bit of hunting down and paying more than I would’ve liked for a pair of gloves, but I finally snagged a pair. This pair is made out of a mix of nylon and spandex and are pretty tiny sized at first glance, but are meant to fit very snugly. I got quite pissed off though when one day after wearing, a seam came loose and I got a hole in the wrist, but I didn’t want to waste time and money to go all the way back to where I bought them, and thankfully a needle and thread easily fixed that.

They’re supposed to help relieve a bit of pain and help with blood flow and while I was pretty skeptical, I knew my hands needed something and I gotta say, they do help. They’re definitely not a cure, and definitely don’t fix everything, but the pain isn’t quite as intense, and it’s nice having some warm hands in this uber air conditioned house. These will also definitely help at least a little bit when I go home and winter hits the city. My only challenge though is that these gloves are kind of hard to wear when I’m the type of person that needs them for painting but also tends to get paint all over me. Sigh. I just can’t win.

Project 365: Day 143-144: Goodbye House, Hello Flowers

Day 143 – Byebye House!

Okay, I admit it, I cried like a baby when I saw the House series finale. I don’t tend to get that weepy over movies or shows, but for whatever reason, the waterworks were going non-stop 3/4 in. I suppose it was the turn of events that got to me, the brilliant writing, or the even more brilliant acting (Hugh Laurie should just be given the key to the world already, sheesh) and all of that mixed together with knowing that it all finally ended that night. Sadly my utter frustrations with the lack of any kind of storyline over the last season didn’t help. It was kind of annoying to see random characters thrown in for no reason, to feel like the last several years of House’s character development had meant little, if anything in the final season. But no reason to complain now. I’m really very pleased with the ending and how things had wrapped up, and I’ll remember House for all the good moments. And now that I’ve finished up a lot of my favourite shows, I need something new to watch. What shows (old or new) would you recommend?

Day 144 – Petunias!

I don’t have a green thumb and my dad is usually the gardening king, but I fell in love with these beautifully bright petunias at the local convenience store the other day and had to bring these home. They are definitely my kind of colours. I couldn’t find some fitting pots for them; so I improvised with some adorably cute fruit bowls from the dollar store and used those for my flowers. They are just so cute! Sadly I won’t see them again till next month but they are being taken care of and hopefully they’ll be okay when I get home.

Platypus: The Page of Cups Tarot

The pages can sometimes represent a youth or even an inner child. High spirited and full of energy, I wanted the Page of Cups have that child-like emotion to it. I wanted a playful, practically care-free painting that flowed like the emotions of the Cups cards.

The platypus became a pretty easy choice: their automatic smile and that quirky mesh of different animals into one; they’re like a children’s drawing come to life. I’ve enjoyed painting flowers and plants to represent my cups and this was no exception. A purple/white lotus flower became my cup, and is also symbolic of a time of enlightenment. I can only hope that when this tarot deck is finally complete, and this card is drawn, that it brings a little inspiration and joy.

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