Ace of Wands Tarot: The Eagle

The Ace of Swords. I do feel a bit conflicted with this card, because this card and the Justice tarot share slightly similar qualities and the eagle might have suited the traditional symbolism of Justice more. But I have a few ideas on how I want to tackle the Justice card when it comes around; so hopefully it will work out just right.

I think the need for truth, justice and resolution of the Ace of Swords brought me to the eagle.  While being a pretty solid symbol for justice, the eagle has the right qualities that I was looking for, clarity of vision, knowledge and power. I keep bringing myself back to painting birds and I think I’m slowly learning that I need a break from them, lol, just because it’s pretty tiring painting all the details in their wings – and all those feathers. Oh boy.

Originally the sword was going to be sticking out of a cliff, but slowly the clouds made their way in and eventually took over; Clouds are a pretty common element in the Ace of Swords and I think it suits this one as well.

This painting is actually just a tooouch unfinished. Oops! I forgot to add the wood-like texture to the sign on the bottom, and there was one element I completely forgot that I wanted in this painting: greenery wrapping around the sword. But oh well, I will fix it up and re-upload this when I’m back from my trip.

About Jo @ Rainbow of Crazy

My username came from that very random day several years ago when I was told that I was a "walking rainbow of crazy... twinkling with the spectrum of a thousand different colours." That name makes me smile to this day and will always remain with me!

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  1. Yeah, I think your painting fits the card well. Traditionally the sword is facing up, but I really like the way the eagle is pulling the sword upward, out of the clouds. Great symbolism. Yay, another card done! 😀

    • Yeah I was kind of debating on the position of the sword.. but I wanted the eagle involved with it somehow and decided on reversing the sword to make it feel right. I’m glad it seems to have worked out!

      I have a few more cards done now; just need to do some write-ups on them (:

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