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Project 365: Day 220: Snacks and Paper. Life is Exciting! Plus, Fibro Attacks Again.

Day 220a – Noms!

Day 220 – My shopping sprees. Sad, right?

Two quick photos for Day 220: a nice cuppa tea along with a tasty egg tart. Plus I got a bunch of ‘fresh’ paper come in today. Mm, new batches of paper always makes me happy.

Yes.. paper makes me giddy. My life really is that exciting.

It’s definitely been a not so nice fibro day today. Everything just feels crunchy and achy. And then mentally I’ve been feeling like I’ve been hit with a touch of brain fog mixed with feelings of depersonalization creeping in. All of which has meant a very unproductive night. Very disappointing. I suppose I should take all of this struggle and try to turn it into some hopefully awesome art. But that’ll have to be another day.

I did manage to squeeze out two quick sketches for future Balloon Cat paintings tonight. Now I’m thinking this cat really wants to see the world. Now the real question is, if this kitty could go anywhere and see anything it wanted, where would it go? What would it see? What do you think?


Liger: The Powerful Temperance

Temperance was another tarot that I was really intrigued with. I’ve seen it referred to as the alchemy card: Temperance takes different elements and skilfully blends and mixes the two to create this new perfect creation, creating balance. I created a long list of possible animals for this card, but then when I saw the liger one day, I instantly knew that it should be my Temperance tarot.

Now to be honest, the liger is probably far from a perfect creature. I’ve seen claims that ligers are prone to birth defects and many cubs don’t survive. Though I’ve also seen other sites trying to debunk this; so I can’t really say anything with full certainty. However I just wanted to portray their beauty and strength in this painting. I really enjoyed painting this liger with all its unique features and markings.

Waterfalls are becoming a common theme in these tarots. I wanted the liger to be in control of the water. I actually painted the waterfall with the painting upside down.. splitting the one into two. Perhaps the two streams meet again at the top. No one knows but Temperance.


Project 365: Day 219: Batcave In Progress

Day 219 – Batcave taking shape

I’ve been steadily working away on a full drawing of the Batcave that a friend requested a little while back. I started focusing on the waterfall entrance, and the vehicles below. Can I finish this in time???!

Fly High, Kitty

Sometimes when I’m trying to find some kind of new inspiration, I’ve found it really helpful to look at old work instead. I was looking at a lot of these miniature little paintings I made on pendants, and I thought I could try turning them into larger, fuller paintings.

I’ve painted a lot of little black cat pendants, and this particular pendant with a black cat floating with a balloon was the inspiration for the larger painting above. I wanted to paint something fairly simple and uncluttered to start off with and ended up with this painting of a soft blue sky, a touch of clouds, and a floating cat. I wondered if I should paint a face on the cat; maybe it was about time? But I thought that keeping a silhouette of the cat as is would add to its charm. What do you think?

I… I have a bit of a problem now though.

This cat is addicting.

I need to paint more of this cat. A lot more! I remember seeing a comment a little while ago, hoping that the cat will land safely when it happens, but I don’t think this kitty is quite done the journey yet. There’s still an entire world to see!

Project 365: Day 217-218: Bad fibro.. but here, have some food

Day 217 – Congee noms

Day 218 – Brunch of my dreams!

I’m having a horribly horrible fibro day. I guess it’s been a bad fibro week. My neck is just burning with pain, my head hurts, my shoulders are aching, my fingers are numb and crackly. I’m not taking care of this body like I should be, and it definitely feels like it’s protesting against me. So I’m going to pull away from the keyboard and mouse for a moment, take a breather and stretch this broken body out. In the meantime, here’s what was supposed to be up next for Project 365: some delicious lunch noms on Day 217 with a giant bowl of congee, pad thai, sticky rice and daikon radish cakes, and equally delicious noms on Day 218 when I was invited to a friend’s for a brunch feast. ❤

Damn, now I’m achy and I’m hungry. Why do I do this to myself. lol.

The Five of Pentacles: Kiwi Birds!

The Five of Pentacles deals a lot with hardships: a time where you might find yourself in a situation full of struggle. It could be anything.. a failing relationship, a dire financial situation, or ill health. I hoped to take this feeling of negativity and loss and put it into my painting.

I painted a pair of kiwi birds that seem to have lost everything. Everything around them has fallen, and everything below them is still burning to the ground. Everything they have known has changed, but thankfully, not all is lost. The pair hold each other close because they know that they have each other, and that they can move on and rebuild their lives. As sad as this tarot may be, I found joy in painting these kiwis because even if they are mourning, there is still this comfort that they’ve found in each other. There is always still hope in the Five of Pentacles; you just need to open your eyes and look around for it.

Project 365: Day 215-216: Paintings in Progress

Day 215 – Gotta keep busy!

Llama card-to-be (:

A Bunny Portrait

I never really knew what to call my very first rabbit. My family called him different things: Bunny, Bee-bee (‘baby’ in Cantonese), Buddy, Mr. Bunny. I called him Baby usually. Eventually I wanted to call him Snoopy, but it didn’t really stick since we all already had our own names for him; so I just usually called him Snoopy when I talked about him online.

He was a really quirky little rabbit, always obsessed with food (he stole a banana peel out of the garbage bin one day, and BOLTED with it in tow once I caught him!) and he was the only rabbit that I had that actually liked lying around the cool bathroom tiles in the hot summers. He was a smart cookie.  His furry self has found his way into a lot of my drawings, took the lead in one of my old online comics, and has since been in a few paintings. I think he probably needs to be in more artwork, really. He was quite the handsome, cheeky little guy. The above portrait I painted a while back. I think I got the little gray tufts of fuzz on his head just about right. I miss that fuzzy head and giant floppy ears.

Oldie but a goodie ❤

Project 365: Day 213-214: Rain and Nyan Cats

Day 213 – Rainy, dreary day. Perfect for birds.

Day 214 – Nyan Cats sketch

Flying Black Cat Revisted

It’s fun to look back on artwork from the past and finding inspiration there. I was inspired by a painting with flying black cats that I made about a year ago, and decided to create more imagery with these cats because I remember having so much fun with them. Instead of a warmer palette, I pictured darker, cooler painting with a cat perched up high in front of a big bright full moon. The moon has found its way into a lot of my paintings already but I don’t think I can tire of it!

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