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Six of Swords Tarot Card: Penguins!

The sixes are now complete with the Six of Swords! I wanted the image of a mother holding her child protectively and thought that the penguin would be perfect. I didn’t want to paint the more popular Emperor Penguin and chose the Adéle Penguin for their beautiful yet simple markings.

I think every time I write about a swords card that I’ve worked on, I have to mention how swords have not been my cup of tea. But you know what? This one was pretty cool to work on. This painting was different than all the other swords tarots so far because the swords here feel more surreal than anything. I placed faint outlines of the swords on the water; they almost look like they’re just under the surface of the water. Our penguins have been through a lot of hardships on this long, harsh journey; so  I wanted the swords to guide them and help them find their safe destination.

Project 365: Day 250-251: Keyboards and.. Jennifer Lopez.

Day 250 – Whew!

I guess some days, you’re just in the mood to take apart your entire keyboard in order to completely clean it. I admit it; it was not pretty under there. But for a keyboard that’s never been cleaned before, I guess it could’ve been a lot worse. But now, man, I went totally OCD on this one and now it’s practically brand new. Whew. I’m tired just looking at this picture.

Day 251 – Why?

I don’t know why I ended up watching The Wedding Planner. I’m just going to blame tv. If tv didn’t have this randomly playing, I wouldn’t have been watching it. It’s their fault, really! But it was there; so I thought, what the hey. And.. yeah… I wasn’t really surprised that it was a big mistake. Definitely not my cup of tea.

I need to watch better movies.

I’ll still blame tv.

Project 365: Day 249: No more “How do you spell ‘Etsy’ again?”

Day 249 – It’s up!

Day 249 was an exciting day because I finally took the plunge and purchased the domain! I am definitely not leaving Etsy though. The URL went live pretty quickly and links directly to the Etsy shop. But now it’s much easier to remember, much easier to share, and it definitely makes it feel more official.

Okay okay, I originally did take a picture of my tweet on my computer screen with my camera, but that photograph turned out weird; so here’s a screen cap instead. But I promise I did actually take an actual photo!

Ode to the Pancake Bunny

I’ve been playing with new greeting card ideas lately; I like the idea of having more affordable art options and have had some nice feedback on cards so far. I admit greeting cards are a very different world for me after working on paintings  and pendants, though ideas are starting to get a little easier as I’m trying to push myself to create more and experiment a little. This was my ode to the pancake bunny. I can never have too many bunnies in my life and this one brings a smile to my face. Sometimes, you just don’t know which card would be appropriate, and this bunny is just trying to help you cover all the bases.

Two of Pentacles Tarot: Kangaroos go Boing

Sometimes I like to grumble about things that I’m painting, just for the sake of grumbling. An example would be when I’m painting a tree, my brain will think, “why am I painting trees again? I hate painting trees! What a pain!”.. and of course, I just keep painting trees anyway. With the Two of Pentacles, this time I switched from hating trees to hating grass. “How do you even paint grass again? Why am I painting grass again? I hate painting grass! What a pain!” And of course, I just kept on painting that grass until it was done. And I won’t ever stop painting grass. I don’t know. Do other people ever do that? Maybe artists secretly want to suffer for their art. Or I just have a senile brain that just likes to grumble.

The Two of Pentacles was worked on over several painting sessions. I think I had a little trouble really focusing on just sitting down with it and completing it. Maybe I need to learn a thing or two about balancing life from the tarot itself! I chose the kangaroo because the ups and downs of this card made me think of the motions of a kangaroo hopping. Hopping up. Hopping down. Everything is balanced. I wanted some kind of Australian plant to work with my Australian animals, and it seemed like such a ‘duh’ moment when I realized how obvious that choice was when I chose two kangaroo paw plants to represent my pentacles. I wanted a baby kangaroo to represent the joyfulness and fun of the Two of Pentacles, and the mother as the one that has the power and ability to keep all the chaos (her child) under control.. if needed, of course. Sometimes a little chaos is a good thing!

Project 365: Day 248: Why I Love Chili

Day 248 – Chili!

Food post! I love making chili. All the prep work involved, having everything meld together in one big pot of deliciousness with all those veggies and all those spices, simmering all through the afternoon and filling up the house with the most amazing smells. I love that every pot is different than the last, but always so satisfying. On Day 248 I tried a slightly different chili, with chicken instead of beef. I also added some potatoes and even a touch of corn and peas to the usual fare (which included kidney beans, celery, tomato paste, onions, garlic, plus lots of peppers, tomatoes, and herbs all from the garden.) A little bit crazy but it turned out awesomely delicious. (Don’t forget a healthy amount of chili powder, cumin and cayenne.) Course cooking it for several hours also helped, I’m sure. I was one happy camper. Sadly, now I’m a sad camper because I don’t have a bowl of delicious goodness in front of me right now. Sigh. Sad. So sad.

Project 365: Day 246-247: A Break from Tarot

Day 246 – Roasted almonds

Day 247 – Nyan!

The only photograph I managed to take on Day 246 was the handful of roasted almonds I got from my relatives. Exciting, right? But hey, they were excellent roasted almonds! And really, I could probably use some right now; I am so very lacking in the energy department. I really dislike the pain of fibro, but feeling tired all the time is not fun either. But I digress.

I suppose the almonds on Day 246 helped me with some painting on Day 247. I have switched gears as of late, from working on my tarot deck to working on pendants and greeting cards instead. While I love working on tarots, they can be very involving; so I’m taking a bit of time away from them for now to concentrate on some more perhaps lighter fare, and I’ve definitely been getting more inspired with the holiday season coming up. I painted the Nyan Cat above for a greeting card idea. Nyan Cats always bring a smile to my face!

Project 365: Day 244-245: Brownie Goodness

Day 244 – Marshmallow brownies

Day 245 – Delicious!

I made a pan of my favourite brownies the night before a get-together, and threw in large handfuls of mini-marshmallows on a whim, and boy that did not disappoint! I think I under-baked this pan by a sparse few minutes too, because it turned out extra gooey when I was cutting it. Sadly I didn’t even get a proper piece for myself because it was promptly polished when everyone came over!



It was a good weekend though. Good company, good food, and good drinks! I also ended up making another batch of marshmallow brownies soon after, just for us, but I ended up baking them for that extra 2-3 minutes that I thought the last batch could’ve used. They turned out tasty as usual, but I think the batch that was actually underbaked was just that much more awesome. I’ll have to remember these happy mistakes for future brownie endeavors.

Project 365: Day 241-243: Dammit, Food Posts Just Make Me Hungry

Project 241 – Fix me, Amazon!

I’ve been stalking books on Amazon lately. Can you even stalk books? I’m sure you can.. because I definitely have been. My aching body has been getting more and more achy over the last few months and I’m not sure how close I am to my limits but it definitely feels like I’m getting there at times. Everything just hurts. So I recently purchased a few books to see if maybe they can help with my pain. I didn’t get all the ones above, but I’ll see how it goes with the first few, see if I can feel any better and then decide if I want to get more. I’ll definitely be writing about them and my progress, if any. I need to beat this pain!

Day 242 – Cabbage rolls

Cabbage rolls don’t really photograph well, but they were definitely tasty. I remember our close family friend Olga would always give us the most amazing cabbage rolls when I was growing up. Just writing about them is making my mouth water. I need a cabbage roll lesson from her and learn her secrets one day. But for now, I rely on Chef John‘s cabbage rolls recipe. I can’t quite get these as amazing as I remember Olga’s to be, but still, a very tasty, satisfying substitute.

243 – Ooo colours!

Above was a work in progress for one of the tarot cards. I really liked playing with colours on this one. Looking forward to writing about this one too.

Balloon Cat’s Journey

I’ve wanted to paint a lot  more of what I’ve nicknamed my Balloon Cat. I’ve wondered where this little cat would go if it had the choice to go anywhere. The entire world is now this kitty’s oyster! But out of any place out there, any amazing landscape or landmark in the entire world.. I instead had this image of a small tree on the top of a very high hill, and I thought this odd place would be fitting for this cat. Of course this cat would want to visit a tree. It’s not about where I would go; it’s where a single cat would want to go.

So, the question is.. where to next?

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