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Project 365: Day 263: Portable Ball Method

Day 263 – Replacement, huzzah!

Good morning and Happy Halloween! I arrived in sunny California yesterday and I’ll have tons of pictures to take while I’m here, I’m sure. For now I have so many other photos to share still for Project 365; so lets see how productive I can be while I’m away.

I was super excited to get this replacement Portable Miracle Ball Method from Amazon since several pages fell out of the book with the original order. I gave the new book several good shakes and this one seems to be fine. I admit I still find it hard to use the ball as often as I should be. It’s definitely a challenge to create new habits! But even if I don’t use it as directed as often, I actually find it really helpful to just have it on the back of my neck or pressed against my back when I’m on the computer. And the ball is great to use with The Trigger Point Therapy Book. My goal while I’m away is to see how often I can use this ball and hopefully fix some of this pain.


Slender Man and Pumpkins of Past

“We didn’t want to go, we didn’t want to kill them, but its persistent silence and outstretched arms horrified and comforted us at the same time…”

My pumpkin this year. I love it. I I’m amazed I actually carved Slender Man and it went really smoothly, because I was kind of expecting a disaster! We were outside when we lit it, and kept hearing freaky noises going on somewhere close.. so once my friend blew out the candle I practically made a mad dash back inside!

Here are a few shots of Slender Man when I finished carving:

My friends and I have only been carving pumpkins the last couple of years.. here are all of the pumpkins we’ve carved since:

^ 2012: This year’s pumpkins. I gotta say, this is actually the first (and only) time we had proper pumpkin carving tools. I definitely wouldn’t have attempted Slender Man with normal kitchen knives! I carved Slender Man while my friends carved the FFUUU rage guy pumpkin and Space Invaders pumpkin.



2011: My friend and I carved these two pumpkins, using awesome white pumpkins for the first time. We made a Jack Skellington pumpkin and a more generic pumpkin with lots of freaky teeth. I think they made a fine pair! This year and all the past years, we’ve been using normal kitchen knives. I don’t really recommend this anymore. lol. Pumpkin carving tools are much better, and a lot safer.

But I really liked these guys. And we haven’t lost any fingers in the process.. so you know.. that’s always a good thing.







2010: My friend and I only carved one pumpkin this year, and decided to try carving the Cheshire Cat. He was definitely fun to carve, and we used toothpicks to hold his eyes and giant teeth pieces in place.

^ 2009: This was our first year carving pumpkins, and with the three of us, we each carved our own pumpkin. I carved the first pumpkin and it was a lot of fun. I think each pumpkin represented each of us well that year, lol.

Looking forward to the 2013 pumpkins!

Project 365: Day 262: Beagle!

Day 262 – Beagle!

A lot of days to catch up with! I’d love to write more but lately my hands have been really hurting and the pain has definitely had an effect on me. So I’ve definitely been going at a slower pace lately. Slowly but surely, I will conquer Project 365, dammit.

Since I made a cat greeting card, I thought it was fitting to have a cute dog card as well. I think I probably have a shortage of dog paintings, especially compared to all the cats. So I painted a cute little beagle with floppy ears and ended up with the card below. I could picture this puppy chomping on some homework before snagging this greeting card for dessert. Omnomnom!

They See Me Rollin’.. They Hatin’

Sometimes random things like this happy hippo riding a little horse happen in my head. It’s usually best to put these images down on paper. And then make a greeting card of it, of course. I love this hippo because I love the idea of not caring what other people think. Do what you love! So you ride that tiny horse, hippo, and you rock like you’ve never rocked before.

I  will be away starting next week, but my shop Rainbow of Crazy will stay open and all listings will still be up. Orders placed before October 27th will be shipped out normally but orders placed after October 27th will be shipped starting December 14th. I will still be online as often as I can and I’m sure I’ll have a lot to write about and a lot of photos to share over the next while!


Hug Time Now?

This card was inspired by my goat card which has led to a few other silly, ripped greeting cards as well. I thought I would ‘upgrade’ my cat card with a more detailed cat, and decided to find more inspiration from my boyfriend’s fluffy cat Boo. This seemed like a bit of a challenge at first because she’s just so gosh darn fluffy; so I ended up painting her when she was a bit younger and just a little less fluffy. I think this card worked out; the ripped part is a little bit different than the past cards and I think that makes it a little more interesting. And I think I managed to squeeze in some of her fluffiness. ❤

Baby Boo

Adult Boo

Project 365: Day 259-261: Noms

Day 259 – Cake!

Day 260a – Balloon Cat

Here’s a couple more photos for Project 365. I can’t believe I’ve made it this far. I like that this project has made me write more, but I gotta say I’ll be a bit relieved once it’s over! I don’t think I’ll do it again for 2013. I’ll definitely be taking lots of photographs still, but it’s hard doing this daily photo thing when you’re a hermit most of the time! I might think about it, but there are just some days when I just take a random shot just because I have to, and it’s hard to write about those times. I have been enjoying this little project though and still have another hundred or so to write about here!

Day 259 was my brother’s birthday, which of course included some birthday cake! Day 260 included a mini custom painting I did a little while back, inspired by my little Balloon Cat.

Day 260b – Roast Beef

Day 260c – Sliced up~


Day 260 also included my attempt at a roast beef. I haven’t made a roast in ages and thought of trying out this recipe, particularly for the roasting directions. I think it came out pretty well! I’ve learned over the years that I tend to under salt more than over salt; so now I make sure to add more salt than I think is necessary.. and so far, it hasn’t really failed me yet!

Below are also a whole slew of tomatoes from the garden. Once the temperatures started to drop, all the tomatoes out there were pulled in, and this was part of the haul. Fried green tomatoes, anyone?

Day 261 – Tomaters!

Rest in Peace, Dear Pets

I’ve talked to some of the nicest people since I started my shop on Etsy, and learned that in some instances, I’ll receive an order because the artwork is helping to heal those that have lost a beloved pet. I’ve had a variety of critters growing up and I still miss them all dearly; so I know how incredibly hard it is because they become a huge part of the family. So I felt really fortunate that someone would choose something that I’ve created in order to help them with something so important.

I decided to make this cat card and dedicate them to the ones that we’ve lost, and to perhaps help heal a broken heart. I wanted something simple yet effective; so my favourite little black cat took the stage. I think I may need to paint some beautiful dogs in the future as well; can’t forget the lovely puppies.

If anyone has ever lost a pet, I’m sending a lot of hugs your way. ❤

Floating Over the Desert

When I thought about where my dear Balloon Cat should go next, I thought of a big desert. The last time I painted this cat, it flew over a tree on a hill and it was a lot of cool colours; so this time I wanted to paint something with warmer colours. This is what I ended up with.

Now? I’m amused with this painting. I didn’t realize that I actually have been painting exactly where a cat would want to go if it had the chance. Of course cats would be interested in trees. That’s just second nature. So of course a cat would now want to choose the best kitty litter it could possibly find. It now makes perfect sense to me! No rinky dink litter boxes for this cat. Oh, no. It would want to find the grandest option on earth: the desert. Of course.

Where to next?

Project 365: Day 258: The Garden

Day 258 – Garden!

My dad loves to spend the summer gardening and this summer was definitely the summer of tomatoes. Soo many tomato plants bordered the backyard this year. Above is a shot of his lovely squash plants. We always have a slew of fuzzy melon while he builds a special grid with found sticks and fabric for them to climb up and bloom. He even gave them shade with cardboard on those really hot days! Unfortunately we had a really hot summer; so some plants didn’t do all that well, and funny enough, the squash plants flourished more near the fall when the summer heat finally died down. I am definitely not a gardener but I hope to get his green thumb one day.

So fuzzy!

Project 365: Day 256-257: Chops and Hats

I was looking at my Day 256 photo, and thought, you know.. I’d probably be a terrible food blogger. I love taking pictures of the food that I eat and the food that I make, but writing about it on a regular basis? I don’t think I have the dedication for it yet. I really just like taking pictures of food. Though I must say, Project 365 has been a helpful little push to get me to write more frequently, even if it’s over something like a pork chop.

I’ve also been on the hunt for a perfect red hat for my friend, who’s looking to make a fantastic Carmen Sandiego one of these Halloweens. I saw this sparkly red hat at Winner’s, but I don’t know if it was quite right for her. I did finish my Where’s Waldo costume last year; so I think we would probably make one fine pair!

.. if people could find us, of course.

Day 256 – Pork Chop

Day 257 – Red Hat

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