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Project 365: Day 272: Nuit Blanche 2012

Thought Balloon

I’ve been to Nuit Blanche in Toronto for the past few years, and I’m not really joking when I say that every year gets worse than the last.  I don’t know if this year was particularly worse this time around, but it was pretty gosh darn underwhelming. Thankfully my brother planned out a pub crawl with a specified route and the beer and the fabulous company made it all that much better! Here were some of the art exhibits that we saw that night.

Top Down


Invisible Streams: As Above, So Below

High Water


The Way Things Are (probably my favourite)

All Night Convenience

Flat Space

Project 365: Day 270-271: Goats!

Day 270 – I see a pattern here..

I’ve been keeping an eye on the items I’ve sold in my Etsy shop, and I think at this point, it’s pretty easy to see which items sell better than others. Even after having this shop for over a year, I’ve still found it a challenge to find the ‘right’ items to sell; so I’ve always tried to have a wider variety of artwork to offer. This ripped goat card has been a more popular seller the last little while though, and it’s crazy helpful to see more of a trend happening with sold items. So I definitely think I need to look into creating more greeting cards, like this Christmas goat I was working on below. I think  this is definitely one of the reasons why I love having this shop; I can constantly try new things, and adapt and change as I see what sells.

Day 271 – Christmas goat

Project 365: Day 268-269: Torchlight and Pasta

Day 268 – Torchlight 2

Day 269 – Pasta

I got into playing Torchlight 2 with my boyfriend a little while back and I really like it. I can understand all the comparisons between this and Diablo 3, and I do agree that as a whole, I enjoy playing Torchlight 2 more. Not having to go back into town all the time is easily one of the things I love about this game (I guess I’m kinda easy to please)

Here’s a shot of some pasta I made for dinner on Day 369. My memory’s already kind of fuzzy but I think this is the one I baked, which made it pretty awesome because the pasta soaked up the sauce even more. Yum!

Project 365: Day 264-267: Mermaids, Fishes, and Pie

Day 264 – Mermaids!

I went on a pendant painting spree a short while back. Unfortunately these guys are not finished; so they’re not ready to sell yet, but they most likely will be up for the new year. I had some awesome colourful beach sand to play with, and I ended up using the sand in the mermaid paintings above and the fish bowl paintings below. Not sure what made me want to paint pies, but come on, they’re pies! Gotta love pies. Mmm, pie.

Day 265 – Fishes

Day 266 – Apple and pumpkin pie

Day 367 – Key lime and blueberry pie

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