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A Few Of My Favourite Things #3: Butterflies

So pretty and delicate. How can you resist a sweet butterfly?

Beautiful, whimsical butterflies by gardensofwhimsy

Beautiful butterfly bowl by melissaceramics

I adore this delicate butterfly silk hair clip by SewSmashing

Gorgeous hand dyed felted scarf by RudmanArt

Gorgeous origami butterfly necklace by AllegroArts

Butterflies, purple, and promotes fibromyalgia awareness. Perfect! By CeeMonkeyDo

So pretty! Butterfly bracelet/ring by TheMysticalOasisGlow

Project 365: Day 348-349: Back to Work!

Day 348 – First thing to do when coming home from a long trip: stock up on stamps!

Day 349 – Catching up to orders

Project 365: Day 346-347: Welcome Home, Me

Day 346 – Coming home to a pile of mail!

Day 347 – My lovely box of homemade chocolates

Long distance relationships are no easy feat, but hey, this is it, and it is all worth it. My trip was fantastic – we’re engaged. That’s some crazy stuff right there – and I can not wait to see him again. But for now, I am home and that’s okay. I came home to my wonderful family, a large stack of mail, and a back log of wonderful orders. I think I’ll be okay (:

Project 365: Day 344-345: Mmm mmmaking chocolate

Day 345 – Peanut butter cups and cherry cordials

Day 344 – Chocolate covered caramels

My boyfriend’s fiancé’s mother loves to make tasty chocolates, and I had the chance to help and learn with her on my last few days of my trip. I’ve never made fillings or done much with actually making chocolates before. I mean, sure, I’ve made chocolate covered strawberries once or twice. Does that count? Oh, I made tasty peppermint patties a few years back one time. But never chocolate with pretty molds and nummy fillings. So this was a blast. Maybe one day I’ll try this all myself. She told me I was a very quick learner, and I think I did pretty gosh darn well, if I do say so myself! I even had a box of chocolates to bring home at the end. Mmm chocolate.

Project 365: Day 342-343: I Want To Be A Crazy Cat Lady Someday

Day 342 - Gracie yoga stretching

Day 342 – Gracie yoga stretching

Day 343 – Darnit, cat, stop being cuter than me.

Project 365: Day 341: Pulled Pork Sammich

Day 341 - Homemade pulled pork sandwiches. Omnom.

Day 341 – Homemade pulled pork sandwiches. Omnom.

I saw this recipe for Dr. Pepper barbecue sauce and I knew I had to try it. My boyfriend fiancé (man, that’s weird to write) had some lovely pork butt that we had roasting away in the oven all day long, and man, when I made that sauce, it filled the house with heavenly aromas! Shred that pork, smother it in sauce, grab some buns (hee, ‘buns’) and that was some good eatings. I never would have ever thought of using Dr. Pepper in barbecue sauce, but I totally have to do it again!

Beware the Bite of the Eight of Wands

The Eight of Wands calls for quick movement and swiftness. No time to pause and reflect here. Don’t dillydally. Don’t think about it. Now is the time to act, and the black mamba won’t hesitate to do so.

I’m a bit glad that there weren’t too many scales to paint. Most of my focus went into the snake’s face and I really wanted that to pop. I liked painting the background and creating that little bit of texture in the trees; but not too much, since the snake was the main focus.

I wanted to retain the swiftness of the traditional Eight of Wands. My wands fell back and became part of the background, and I wanted the snake’s movements to actually break through the wands in the painting, This snake is ready to break through any restraints and finish what needs to be done.

Project 365: Day 337.. no wait.. 339? And.. 340? Fluffy Cats to the Rescue..

I was editing the last few photos in my Project 365 folder, and realized I totally fudged with the numbers somewhere because my photo for December 31st should be Day 366 (leap year, ahoy!) but it came out to be 364.. somehow. But instead of looking back at all these entries trying to see where I fudged, and then trying to fix them all, I’m just going to say ‘screw it!’ and go on ahead because I actually did finish this project and I did it right, goshdarnit!

Day 339 – My cuties!

Day 340 - Triple threat of cute.

Day 340 – Boo, Gracie and Tyson. Triple threat of cute.

Project 365: Day 338: Chinchilla!

Day 338 – My Page of Wands. Write-up to follow (:

Project 365: Day 336-337: Oh yeah.

Day 336 – Oh yeah… this happened (:

Day 337 – Seriously. Cats are never impressed.

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