Beware the Bite of the Eight of Wands

The Eight of Wands calls for quick movement and swiftness. No time to pause and reflect here. Don’t dillydally. Don’t think about it. Now is the time to act, and the black mamba won’t hesitate to do so.

I’m a bit glad that there weren’t too many scales to paint. Most of my focus went into the snake’s face and I really wanted that to pop. I liked painting the background and creating that little bit of texture in the trees; but not too much, since the snake was the main focus.

I wanted to retain the swiftness of the traditional Eight of Wands. My wands fell back and became part of the background, and I wanted the snake’s movements to actually break through the wands in the painting, This snake is ready to break through any restraints and finish what needs to be done.


About Jo @ Rainbow of Crazy

My username came from that very random day several years ago when I was told that I was a "walking rainbow of crazy... twinkling with the spectrum of a thousand different colours." That name makes me smile to this day and will always remain with me!

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  1. Heya Rainbow of crazy. I’m curious, can you think of a situation when this card was relevant to you? I pulled it tonight and plan to blog about it some as it pertains to your beautiful drawing.

    • That’s really interesting because I actually crossed paths with the Eight of Wands in my shop today so this was a nice surprise! I’m not sure if this tarot has been very relevant to me because I think I’m quite different from it. But I can kind of feel it kind of looking over me, especially now that I’m getting closer and closer to finishing this tarot project. Decisions I’ve held back on now need to be made and it’s all on me to do something to make the deck a reality.

      Here’s a little story though that this tarot makes me think about. When I was younger, I was in an online relationship for several years and an opportunity came up one night to arrange a very first visit. Though we were essentially best friends and loved each other greatly, I am a very introverted, shy kind of person so I was a little nervous about making this visit a reality. In the end, I decided to just go for it. We booked the flight, and I flew by myself for the first time to see someone I’ve never been face to face with before. And now many, many trips later, we’re engaged and even more in love than ever. So sometimes, when everything seems to be in place, and the stars align, so to speak, it’s worth taking that plunge.

      • Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful and sweet story! Congratulations on taking a risk and finding such an beautiful relationship with your partner.

        This definitely gives me more insight into the card and specifically you’re drawing.


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