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Project 365: Day 352-355: Closing in on the End of 2012

Day 352 – I’m inching towards the finish line of Project 365 for 2012. Woohoo! Remember this moment of HIMYM? I squee’d.

Day 353 – Lots of picture taking for the Etsy shop! I gotta admit this is not my favourite task. The photos always require some kind of editing as well. Whew.

Day 354 - Advanced screening of Django Unchained. Holy crap, intense flick! I loved it.

Day 354 – Advanced screening of Django Unchained. Holy crap, intense flick! I loved it.

Day 355 - I am addicted to Simpsons Tapped Out now. I saw this person's Springfield and laughed. Those poor people walking in circles.

Day 355 – I am addicted to Simpsons Tapped Out now. I saw this person’s Springfield and laughed. Those poor people walking in circles.

Project 365: Day 350-351: Back to Tegan and Sara

Day 350 – Sara in Toronto ❤

Day 350 – Tegan in Toronto ❤

Back tracking a bit to December as I’m inching closer to that finish line for Project 365. My brother and I are huge Tegan and Sara fans and had the chance to see them not only at a last minute-ish concert in Toronto, but also at another concert the day after in Montreal – which included a meet and greet with the girls! Talk about being fortunate!

The trip to Montreal was so incredibly worth it, and holy crap it was so surreal to actually meet them! They were really friendly and hugs went all around. Is it weird to say that Tegan totally smelled nice? Because she totally smelled nice. Not to say that Sara didn’t smell nice. I’m sure she smelled lovely, haha. Both concerts were amazing. I definitely won’t forget this experience.

Day 351 – Tegan and Sara in Montreal! I can finally make them look tall!! >_>


The Flight of The Queen of Swords: The Osprey

Finally, the Queen of Swords. Is there anyone out there to match her cunning and wit? Keeping her emotions aside, she is  the queen that definitely won’t take any BS. You can throw your smoke and parlour tricks but nothing gets past this queen.  She sees through all the lies, the deception and the chaos and cuts through them with her blade.

The osprey was a fairly easy choice for the Queen of Swords with its strong presence, contrasting colours, the powerful beak and majestic wings. I chose cool colours to suit her cold exterior. The clouds are rising, but she will always be above it all to have a clear view of her kingdom.

#BellLetsTalk Because Mental Health is Important


Did you know that today is Bell Lets Talk Day? Bell Canada will donate 5¢ to mental health initiatives across Canada with every text and long distance call made by a Bell customer. Mental health initiatives? Uh, heck yes! I’ve been texting like a fiend already today. What a topic that’s near and dear to my heart.

But no worries – people all around the world are now helping with this day because Bell is also donating for every tweet sent using the hashtag #BellLetsTalk – so lets get those tweets going! They are also donating 5¢ for every share that their facebook post receives.

Much love to all those that struggle like I do with mental health issues. You are not alone.



300 Etsy sales and I still don’t know what I’m doing!

Via my thread  on Etsy…


Joanna from rainbowofcrazy says

I wrote one of those “things I learned at 100 sales!” posts back in the day. But now at 300, I don’t know how helpful I’m going to be here because I can proudly say that I still have NO idea what I’m doing!

I’m still trying to improve on pictures. I’m still trying to work on titles, tags and descriptions. I’m terribly unsuccessful with social media. I’m still trying to see what’s selling and what’s not worth working on anymore. I’m still figuring out trends: internet trends, what people are looking for, what might be trending in my shop, what trends to follow, what direction to go in. I’m still trying to find my niche. My views are still all over the place and I still stare at my shop stats religiously and still try to make sense of the data. I’m not quite sure how to be more efficient. I still don’t really have a proper pricing formula. Some days I stare at my shop and have no clue what to work on next. I’m definitely not making a living off of Etsy!

But I think I’m doing something right so far.. I just have to figure out what that is. lol. I guess at this point, my best advice is to keep on trying and listen to advice when given. I see so many shop owners complaining about lack of sales, and then completely ignore all of the amazingly helpful advice that is given. Listen, learn, and improve.

And seriously. Keep working on that SEO. Because that is definitely one thing that’s been helping me get found. That, and probably a lot of luck. lol.

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