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Fight with the Five of Wands


It’s been a while since I worked on the Five of Wands. I remember it was one of the few that I worked on back in November when I was away to see my boyfriend. I had actually sketched out this tarot even way before that, but it ended up sitting around, waiting to be painted for the longest time. I don’t really remember why I didn’t work on it right away; maybe at the time I had doubts that I could make it awesome. Ironic, perhaps, since this tarot contains a lot of conflict in itself. But! I knew I had to face this challenge and this was the end result.

Sometimes so much is happening in a tarot image and I like paring it down a bit to fit with the feel that I wanted for this deck. And I do hope that all of the thought and planning that actually goes into these images shines through in the end. The Five of Wands is an example of one of these images. I ended up putting my outside forces actually outside of the image. They’re all closing in on my animal, which became the fiery wild boar. I chose the boar because I felt that this tarot needed an animal with that fight in it, ready to take charge with no hesitation. This is a tarot that I could definitely learn a thing or two from. 2

Hide Away with the Nine of Swords

I still find the swords to be the hardest to create. All of my wands and cups and pentacles have been more organic symbols, but swords? Swords are swords are swords. One or two swords isn’t too bad to plan out. But it’s a balance game to have a large number of swords in a painting while not having them overwhelm everything else, and still have an image that works symbolically. Thankfully I think I managed to work it out with the Nine of Swords.

With distinct looking swords, I think it worked out to paint them as silhouettes in this tarot. I don’t think there was a need to add in extra colours this time around. The Nine of Swords is hardly a colourful tarot. Sadly, this is quite the sad card. I felt that the bat (in this case, a flying fox) would be fitting with the sorrow and fear of this tarot. High above everything else, wrapped up in itself, nothing else seems to matter except its own despair. Not only is this a hard card to learn about, but it’s definitely one that can hit the hardest.

Project 365: Day 362-366: Finish Line!


Time is marching on and Project 365 is still unfinished! But I’m here, I’m writing, and it is finally done for me. With the leap year, should 2012 be called Project 366 instead? Either way, I gotta say, it was a pretty cool year, and 2013 has been pretty promising already. I’m not going to do this project again this year. I think I’d much rather take photographs at my own pace, and focus more on my art, my shop, and writing in this blog. But cheers to a project completed! And on to finishing more projects in the future.



The Power of the Strength Tarot

From The Devil tarot, I moved on to a little more positivity with Strength. I love the Strength tarot. It reminds me of being the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ of the tarot deck, traditionally including a lion with a beautiful woman its side. At the very beginning of planning out this tarot, I wondered if I should change the lion and have a different animal for this card instead. Well, I thought that for like a second. And then I came to my senses because for this deck, I really felt like the two belonged together once more. If a lion was going to be in this deck, it naturally belonged with Strength.

Perched next to my big cat, I painted a tiny Carmine bee-eater, a beautiful little bird with enough brightness and richness to be my counterpart to the lion. The Strength tarot isn’t necessarily about physical strength, but perhaps inner strength. It’s about knowing how to keep it all in check and the peace that comes with that power. I can see the gentle love in this tarot.

Project 365: Day 361: Adorable Family

Day 361 – I find the best stuff when cleaning. My family pre-me!

Project 365: Day 358-360: Catching up with Christmas


The Christmas season was a lot of fun. So much eating! I had made my friends some Christmas cookie boxes over the holidays. Here are some of the things I included, along with the recipes:

– cinnamon bun cookies 

– lemon crinkle cookies

– chocolate chip cookies

 Nutella cookie cups

– brownies (not pictured)

I love baking! My staples are the chocolate chip cookies and brownies. They are definitely a favourite. The other three were new for me, though I think the cinnamon bun cookies were quickly my new favourite because they were tasty and so cute. Gotta love cookies. And puppies! Though she belongs to a friend of mine. But oh is she cute (:

Tarots: The Final 19

Here’s a glimpse of the final 19 tarots! The last few animals that I had trouble deciding on are now set, and I just finished getting the last few roughly sketched out. Getting them roughed out has definitely given me that little confidence boost to finish. Maybe I really can get this project complete (:

Project 365: Day 356-357: Xmas (Catching up!)

356-357Our Christmas tree is incredibly nostalgic. Lots of ornaments that we’ve had forever and homemade pieces that we made when we were kids. Over the years, we’ve had the more delicate pieces break; so when it was getting a touch sparse, I decided that every year I would get at least one new ornament for the tree. This year (or rather, 2012) we got these cute sparkly Christmas light-esque ornaments. Super cute! I think next time, I’ll have to include some tinsel on the shopping list because our tinsel went MIA somewhere. Christmas is not the same when you can’t throw handfuls of tinsel everywhere and make a huge mess. Can’t wait for next Christmas already!


The Devil [Tarot] Awaits

Creating my own tarot cards has been a really great way to learn more about the cards themselves. And at first glance, The Devil tarot looks like a dark, evil looking tarot that you probably never want to draw from a deck! Though learning a little more about the tarot has helped make this card feel not so negative.

I did want my own tarot to have that same eerie sense of darkness and foreboding and I chose the brown hyena because, well, just look at that creature!  This crazy looking hyena looks like he was made for this card and I thought that he may very well capture the essence of this tarot. His wild fur grows out of control and his stripes feel like they’re confining what’s held within. The devil is there to tempt you and hold you back at the same time. But what is the devil, really, but a collection of your own fears that are holding you back.


Oh, wow. This is also my 300th blog post. I’m sure that’s probably small potatoes but that’s a pretty awesome milestone for me. I think it’s pretty fitting that this tarot took that spot because while I still struggle with writing and struggled a bit with this one, I will keep pushing through and trying. We can’t let that devil hold us back.

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