The Octopus and the Eight of Swords



This might not be a card I would want to draw! At first glance, the Eight of Swords seems like a sad tarot. Our prisoner is alone and trapped, held down by forces that it can’t seem to control. This tarot was a little challenge to paint, but I think every arm and every tentacle was worth it. (Phew!) I like the strong reds because your eyes get drawn to it and it comes off as a warning at the same time. Watch yourself; you’re in dangerous waters and you might not be able to escape.

Thankfully this tarot is not as negative as it may seem. I chose the octopus for this tarot, and a resourceful, incredibly intelligent creature like this can definitely find a way to escape. There is a way out; you just need to find that exit.


About Jo @ Rainbow of Crazy

My username came from that very random day several years ago when I was told that I was a "walking rainbow of crazy... twinkling with the spectrum of a thousand different colours." That name makes me smile to this day and will always remain with me!

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  1. LOVE THIS!!! ❤ Such a great interpretation of this card. I cannot wait to have your entire beautiful deck in my hands. 🙂

  2. I really like the creative use of the octopus’ tentacles! A wonderful piece of art and a great tarot card (unless you happen to draw it in a tarot reading!! :-))

  3. It looks amazing. The shading in the swords, and the detail on the Octopus is perfect..

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