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The Hierophant: Stoat Love

May is already coming to a close and I can’t believe it. I’m still accidentally writing “2012” and now I just spent my weekend on the beach, watching fireworks going off on Victoria Day. (Sup Canadians.) How did that happen so quickly?

I have so many cards to write about and share, and as of today I am working on my second last tarot already. I still remember that very first day I painted my very first card (The Hanged Man); I looked at it feeling so accomplished.. and then silently wept because I still had 78 more to paint. Sigh. But now? Now that finish line is just around the corner! And though there are still some other things to work on, I really hope to get a physical deck in my hands soon.

I have a huge soft spot for small animals and I knew there’d be an abundance of these little guys in this tarot. Choosing an animal for The Hierophant wasn’t particularly easy. This tarot’s imagery is traditionally more on the religious side and I didn’t want that slant in my version. I decided on the white stoat for The Hierophant because it often represented purity. Not tainted by negative influences, my Hierophant is a teacher, helping to connect others with the knowledge necessary to guide them on their journey. I’d like to think that he’s a bit humble and calm and helps keep a little peace and order within his society.

When I had tried formatting these images to create a borderless deck, this was the card that essentially went, “NOPE, not happening!” Too much of this painting was lost in the process and I couldn’t have that happen. I think the card loses a lot of its meaning when you cut off the two critters below, or the trees on the either side. So the idea of borderless was crossed off, and I hope that the final design of the cards will be okay in the end. I am digging the design plan so far, but I’ll share more of that later!

Struggling with Swords

0This is my last swords tarot of my deck and I am totally struggling with it. Maybe it’s because it’s the Ten of Swords and it’s not exactly a fun, positive card to work on. It could also be the ten blades I need to paint, or my love/hate relationship with painting feathers. But I definitely need a push today. Swords have always been harder to paint, and I just have to remind myself that now I’m so close to being done with them. Whew.

As of now, I have three tarot cards left to paint after this. I can almost taste that finish line.

The Leatherback Sea Turtle: Dream with the Queen of Cups

I don’t dream much. Well, I guess that’s probably not true; I’m sure I’m probably dreaming all the time. But I usually wake up not remembering if I dreamed at all. So when I actually remembered a dream recently, I was excited to try a tarot reading to help give me a little insight about it.  The first card I happened to draw in this reading was the Queen of Cups. She feels like a very fitting tarot to draw when it comes to dreams, and it was good timing because the Queen of Cups was the next tarot that I wanted to write about.


There’s something rather majestic about this tarot and I wanted the grandest of all the turtles to represent this queen: the leatherback sea turtle. She’s the largest turtle in the world, yet I can still sense her exuding this gentle grace. I think this is one very intuitive queen. She glows with this quiet strength, and she’s very wise but she’s not one to brag.  Cups are quite the emotional cards and I love how fluid she seems to be. She’s not rigid and can go with the flow. This is definitely a queen I can feel a connection with.

Painting all of her little details wasn’t easy, but maybe all of her little bumps and  scales represent all of the stories she has to tell. I’d love to hear them all! The jellyfish also became my symbolic cup. Perhaps it’s a little warning that though this queen may seem gentle, she can also have quite the temper. I wouldn’t want to get on her bad side.

And as for my reading? Though I was not alone in my dream, I got the sense that it was more about me than anyone else. It’s still a bit of a mystery for me though. I hope to look back on my notes and see things a little more clearly as I continue to learn more about tarot myself.


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