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Go Small or Go Home!

My little painted rabbit was one of the first stone pendants I made.

It was small and simple, and actually, I still keep it with me, in memory of my little rabbit Lucy.

I started to paint little cats and little dogs, and they soon took over the skies as little angels.

Now I’m offering custom painted pet pendants.

I can’t wait to create more!

Even the grumpy ones.

Bye Bye Summer!


I still can’t believe the summer is practically over. I still feel like I’m still there! I’m still itching to go to the beach, to collect pretty stones and look at that shimmering water. I’ll remember all of the great concerts that I was lucky enough to go to, going to The Ex and seeing the SuperDogs, and of course spending way too much time in the different shopping pavilions.

I already miss all of the relatives that all flew into town for my cousin’s wedding. I’d wake up early in the day to the sound of my aunt and my mom chatting and laughing. There were many shopping trips this summer, scampering around finding those ‘perfect’ dresses for the wedding and reception. The lunches we had, the dinners we’ve had. Trying not to get weepy at the wedding. Trying to fit in yet another delicious course during the reception. Tossing my heels aside and dancing barefoot with everyone till the very end of the night. And then, of course, the last days when we saw everyone off at the airport.

This will definitely be a summer to remember. Had a lot of fun, and a few surprises along the way.. and now I’m looking forward to seeing what autumn will bring!



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