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Go Small or Go Home!

My little painted rabbit was one of the first stone pendants I made.

It was small and simple, and actually, I still keep it with me, in memory of my little rabbit Lucy.

I started to paint little cats and little dogs, and they soon took over the skies as little angels.

Now I’m offering custom painted pet pendants.

I can’t wait to create more!

Even the grumpy ones.

1 Tarot Deck Down. A Lifetime Of Learning To Go!

The Emperor had made  a few appearances in my readings recently; I guess he took a break today. Maybe this reading was a bit too on the emotional side for him (Ace of Cups and The Moon?! No thank you!); so he wanted to step away. But even though he’s not there, I can still feel his presence; like he’s just peeking over my shoulder, pointing to each of the cards and pushing at me to take charge of things. Sigh 😛 Maybe he sent the Magician in his place in the reading instead… The Magician is kind of staring at me with this look that says, “hey, this is serious. Stay focused!”

Even though the Animism Tarot is complete, I feel like I’m still at the start of the road when it comes to actual tarot reading. And even though I can pull out cards that I’ve actually designed myself, I still continue to go, “hmm, what the heck can that mean?!” when it comes to applying the images to the questions that I have. Reading is a whole other ballpark; I’m no longer drawing and painting, but trying to see things in a different light and writing down notes and readings in my tarot journal (or rather, my stack of lined sheets of paper that’s usually a mess.) But it’s definitely been an interesting road so far, and it’s surprising the kind of insight I can find when it comes from my own pictures. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the fact that this deck is real. I better not wake up and find that this has all been a dream, or I’ll be so mad!

Introducing The Animism Tarot — or — Holy Crap, I Made A Deck

Here’s a shot of some of the tarot cards from the very first copy of the Animism Tarot. It is beyond surreal to have this project be a reality. It was always a dream to get to this point, and all of the sweat and love and effort and craziness over the last few years have finally come to this moment. I can’t believe it!

I haven’t had the chance to really play with it yet. I still feel a little overwhelmed with what to do with it now. Is that weird or what! Aside from drawing a few cards here and there, I’ve been shuffling it a lot lately and I have to admit, I think I’m in love. This is technically the proof copy; when I first got it, I focused a lot on the very slight shifts in brightness/levels of the original images from file to print, but I think spending the past week with it has helped me get comfortable with the very subtle changes.  I am debating on making a few minor colour tweaks to a few files but I think on the whole, they are as close to what I originally envisioned. I need to relax a bit and not be too much of a perfectionist over things, I think. I’m still trying to take it all in!

So yes, yes, it will be available very soon. Like as soon as I can possibly get it out. I have a verrry little bit of writing to work on, but I think I need to spend just a little bit more time with the deck to make sure that I am really satisfied with it before it’s officially available. It’s almost here!

A Few Of My Favourite Things #2: Bunnies!

I favourite so many adorable little critters on Etsy; here are just a few of them. I swear, these little guys are so cute; I can’t stand it. I wish I could afford them all. That, and have all that shelf space for them ❤

Oh my gosh, the ears ❤ by thecrafter

Ainigmati is so incredibly talented. The brown bun reminds me of one of my old buns.


Fairyfolk has beautiful crafted critters like these adorable baby buns!

How perfect is this tiny little bun! by YanArt

So cute you want to eat it ❤ by quacked

I need to be surrounded by these adorable velveteen rabbits by CrookedDogDesigns

The Sunrise


The rain is coming down and the skies are dark with clouds. The tree above seems to fall apart like the sky. This painting, though visually different, is actually very similar to The Balloon. Life is harsh now, and you may have lost hope, but times do change, and the sun will rise again to fill the sky with warmth once more.

Half of this painting is dark and dreary. The tree appears to be dying but the other side is beautiful and strong. The painting gradually moves into warmer, brighter colours where the glorious sun rises up. Look forward to that sun because tomorrow is another day!


The Balloon


“The Balloon” represents a time when you might feel a little hopeless. Everything around you seems to be crashing down and you are trapped. Trapped and tired. So very tired.

But close your eyes and listen. Listen to that breeze blowing all around you. Feel it surround you. And breathe.

And when you are ready, open those eyes and take a look around you. Look all around, because a glimmer of hope may just be a little closer than you think, if only you would open those eyes.

Project 365: Day 277 – Bunny In Progress

Day 277 – work in progress

Project 365: Day 273-276 – Honey, I’m Home!

Day 273 – I expected to get a canned fruit cocktail but it was made with fresh fruit!

I swear, I was so well prepared. I had every picture saved in draft blog posts so that I would have plenty to work with and update regularly while I was on my trip.  Course that plan kind of failed miserably, but I just got back home this week so now I have even more pictures (and then some!) plus I spent a good chunk of my time working on new tarot cards; so it was nice picking up on my deck again. I feel like I’m finding my stride again with them and I feel like the finish line isn’t really as far away as I thought!

December is almost over and while I have plenty of Day 365 photos to share still, I’m going to be a bit relieved when this project is finished and I don’t necessarily have to take a picture for the sake of taking a picture. (“Oh crap, I didn’t take a picture yet today.. here.. a picture of my pencil! Win!”)



Day 274 – Steampunk meerkat and Persian cat


Day 275 – Rabbit work in progress


Also, have you ever had Stroopwafels? Awesome thin waffles with a layer of caramel in the middle. Oh man. Having relatives living overseas has its perks!


Day 276 – Stroopwafel goodness.

Ode to the Pancake Bunny

I’ve been playing with new greeting card ideas lately; I like the idea of having more affordable art options and have had some nice feedback on cards so far. I admit greeting cards are a very different world for me after working on paintings  and pendants, though ideas are starting to get a little easier as I’m trying to push myself to create more and experiment a little. This was my ode to the pancake bunny. I can never have too many bunnies in my life and this one brings a smile to my face. Sometimes, you just don’t know which card would be appropriate, and this bunny is just trying to help you cover all the bases.

A Bunny Portrait

I never really knew what to call my very first rabbit. My family called him different things: Bunny, Bee-bee (‘baby’ in Cantonese), Buddy, Mr. Bunny. I called him Baby usually. Eventually I wanted to call him Snoopy, but it didn’t really stick since we all already had our own names for him; so I just usually called him Snoopy when I talked about him online.

He was a really quirky little rabbit, always obsessed with food (he stole a banana peel out of the garbage bin one day, and BOLTED with it in tow once I caught him!) and he was the only rabbit that I had that actually liked lying around the cool bathroom tiles in the hot summers. He was a smart cookie.  His furry self has found his way into a lot of my drawings, took the lead in one of my old online comics, and has since been in a few paintings. I think he probably needs to be in more artwork, really. He was quite the handsome, cheeky little guy. The above portrait I painted a while back. I think I got the little gray tufts of fuzz on his head just about right. I miss that fuzzy head and giant floppy ears.

Oldie but a goodie ❤

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