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Project 365: Day 230-232: Odds and Ends

Day 230 – Cool looking fly on my basil plant.

Day 231 – Bison burger w/portabello mushroom and blue cheese. Was amazing!

Day 232 – Future Pendants

Project 365: Day 223: Batcaves and Burgers

Day 223a – Batcave. Whew.

After working on and off on this project, I finally finished my drawing of the Batcave for a friend of mine. Now, coming from a chick that doesn’t exactly follow comics, I thought it was a decent effort. Maybe (and this is a big ‘maybe’) I’ll do another drawing of the Batcave one day, one more on the side of the traditional comic book versions. I have yet to actually draw a T-rex..

Day 223b – Oh man. I want you in my mouth right now. Er.

Oh man, oh man. I still daydream about this burger. We spent the weekend away at Wasaga Beach a little while back. Now okay, it pretty much rained the entire weekend and I think tensions got a liittle high, but when we went to Georgian Circle Family Restaurant and I sank my teeth into their “Hook Line and Sinker” burger, I was in bliss. That back bacon was just as thick as the massive burger patty. Oh man. I think it was definitely one of the messiest burger experiences ever, and you know that’s always a good thing.

And this is yet another reminder that I really should stop writing these things up at night, because it just ends up making me hungry all over again. Whoops.

Project 365: Day 181: Happy Birthday to Me!

My awesomely awesome birthday was definitely a treat. I will try to refrain from being all gushy over being able to spend it with my boyfriend, but he definitely kicked ass to specifically go out on this day even after a long day at work. (Plus he wake up insanely early to get to work the next day.. and then there was the fact that this was right after he sliced up his finger the day before!)

Having awesome pretzels has been a delicious tradition for us. Regular pretzels with salt please! No dips necessary. Thanks so much!

We were both really excited for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Not that we expected it to be a good movie, but I mean, seriously? Abraham Lincoln beating the crap out of vampires? We are in on that! It was pretty entertaining, I mus tsay. Sure, it was a good fail on a lot of things, some scenes were pretty damn boring, the script in general – jeebus. But I mean really, who’s going to walk into this one expecting to be blown away? We expected Abraham Lincoln, vampires and a whole lot of absurdity and it did not disappoint. And I didn’t know that Mary Elizabeth Winstead was in this one; so the entire time, my brain was just like.. OH MAN, RAMONA FLOWERS. YESS.

After the movie, it was already kind of late, but we made it to Karl Strauss for dinner with enough time to spare. We both had some really tasty burgers (He had the Smoked Gouda burger and I had the Big Beer Burger. Oh man, that booze brined bacon? OH MAN.) And then of course, the real reason we went out – for birthday dessert! We had the Chocolate on Tap (a brownie with boozed up caramel sauce and lots of delicious awesomeness in there) and the Beeramisu (tiramisu with booze soaked ladyfingers, oh my god~) and both were sinfully delicious. It was a wonderful night and a fantastic birthday.

And Kevin Smith made a pseudo cameo, doing his weekly podcasts at Citywalk. We were dining outside and that space was pretty close – such a funny distraction throughout dinner!

Project 365: Day 112-114: Food and Diablo 3 – Good mix!

Day 112 – Lamb Burger @ Unionville Pizza Co

Day 113 – Curried lentil soup

More delicious food stuffs. We went to Unionville Pizza Co to celebrate my friend’s birthday and it was a really nice night. I had the lamb burger which had spinach, roasted red peppers and – yum! – tzatziki. I ate about half of it and gave in to the doggy bag, lol. It made for tasty leftovers (: I was also on a bit of a soup kick for a while and made lots and lots of it. (I think I had soup cravings because I was also a bit sick at the time.) So some nice, spicy soup definitely helped. That, and I have a ginormous bag of lentils from Costco that’s constantly begging to be used!

Day 114 – Diablo 3 open beta!

My boyfriend and I are super excited for Diablo 3. During the open beta weekend, I spent a good chunk of time trying it out and it was really addicting. I’ve never played the previous games but I’m definitely looking forward to this one. (One more week, wee!)

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