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#BellLetsTalk Because Mental Health is Important


Did you know that today is Bell Lets Talk Day? Bell Canada will donate 5¢ to mental health initiatives across Canada with every text and long distance call made by a Bell customer. Mental health initiatives? Uh, heck yes! I’ve been texting like a fiend already today. What a topic that’s near and dear to my heart.

But no worries – people all around the world are now helping with this day because Bell is also donating for every tweet sent using the hashtag #BellLetsTalk – so lets get those tweets going! They are also donating 5¢ for every share that their facebook post receives.

Much love to all those that struggle like I do with mental health issues. You are not alone.




Project 365: Day 331-332: Two Beavers Are Better Than One..


Day 331 – It was just a matter of time.


Day 332 – Was the icing on the cake of my California trip XD

Nine of Pentacles Tarot: The Moose. O Canada!

I love Moose. They’re massive and goofy and beautiful.  Oh, and oh so Canadian. I had a bit of Canada in the tarot already with the Eight of Pentacles but I thought it would be the perfect match to have the Moose take its place next to the beaver as the Nine of Pentacles. This tarot has this feeling of prosperity and really enjoying that prosperity; so I wanted this painting to show just a little glimpse of that. There was no way I could pack in all the beauty of Canada into a little image, but I’m still pleased with this guy, this big awkward moose taking pride of this place he can call home.

I think their noses are my favourite.

Project 365: Day 152: Our flowers and money are adorables

Day 152 – Petunias

Here are a few more shots of my petunias that I took the day before I left for my trip. My mom says they’re kinda doing so-so now, which is a little sad. Maybe they miss me??! I’ll be home soon; so hopefully they can perk up a bit over the rest of the summer.

Day 152 – Dollar!

We have some of the cutest money; I swear. It makes me not want to spend these things. Yeesh.

Project 365: Day 50-52: Farewells, Chocolates, One Week, and Back to Work

Day 50 - Fail!

Day 51 - Last Chocolate Standing

Day 50.. My boyfriend was rebelling against my camera and I got this lovely shot instead. I did actually end up with some clear photographs that day but this one probably amuses me the most. Day 50 was also his last day with me before he flew back home. I miss him a lot.

Day 51, out of anything I could have possibly taken a picture of, I took a photograph of my very last spicy chocolate covered cashew. I so sad that I was finally down to my last one because we had got these bad boys back at our trip to Niagara. Granted, I can actually just order them online, but that day was my little bitter-sweet moment that I had alone with my last chocolate. RIP deliciousness. .. until I get more. I was also super sad that day because I had originally wanted to eat the last two with my boyfriend on Day 50, but alas, I forgot. Boo!

Day 52 - One Week: Beautiful piece of Canadiana

I watched One Week on Day 52 and I loved every bit of it. Joshua Jackson was completely perfect in this movie. It’s just a very poignant film, following the character’s personal journey across beautiful Canadian landscapes. What would you do if you had one week to live? The narration really set the tone of this movie and yet sometimes, the more powerful moments were when nothing was said at all. Highly recommended, whether you’re Canadian or not ❤

Day 52b - Back to work

I had taken time away from creating new art while my boyfriend was in town; so I buckled down on Day 52 and started to make more pendants again. This was a group of printed pendants and I think most of these guys are up in the Rainbow of Crazy Shop now. (Among lots more since then!)

Reboot! *BOOPBOOP*

Reboot was a Canadian show in the 90s and the first completely computer generated show at the time. Oh, it was also my crack. It was fun. It was silly and witty and these dudes had weird blue and green skin. And man did the story get intense as the characters developed. I really should rewatch the show in its entirety again.. I bet I would understand all the lingo a heck of a lot more now than I did 10 years ago!

But yes, this pendant. I think this was actually the very first pendant I painted. I’ve wanted a Reboot button for as long as I can remember; so this was the next best thing. It’s not for sale right now.. it’s all mine (: But here’s my plea for the show to come back soon.. there were talks about bringing it back for at least a movie, but I haven’t heard anything about it for ages. Please don’t keep me in the dark! I miss Bob and Dot and Enzo/Matrix, AndrAIa and I can go on and on.

This little Easter egg makes my life (: YTV love.

*Gasp* I Like Beavers Too!

A work in progress I started yesterday. I can’t wait to finish it! Beavers keep finding a way into my art..

Nerdy Alpacas, Lights @ The Ex, Pumpkin Cats, & Jack Layton’s Funeral

Nerdy But Cute Alpaca - 8x10 Art Print

A friend suggested an alpaca as an animal on my to-do list and I just couldn’t resist their fluffy faces and incredibly spiffy hairdo! I just want to ruffle the hair on their heads in glee. I probably spent too much time painting this nerdy alpaca’s ‘do, but I really wanted it to be ruffle-worthy =)

I haven’t spent as much time as I would like creating new art but that’s because I’ve been preoccupied trying out new things that I would like to eventually add to my little Etsy shop.

Also I’ve actually been kind of social the past little while! Kinda crazy. There’s been family barbecues, nights out for dinner with relatives and family friends, pigging out at The Ex with friends, not to mention all the deliciousness when I headed out to Buskerfest, I think I probably need to start being a little more busy with that treadmill after the last month or so though, ohmygosh! *pats belly*

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Do To-Do Lists Help? Lets Publish It And See.


I feel like I really need to get into gear. There are soo many things I want to work on, things I want to look into, new ideas I want to start on.  I figure that maybe if I list some things here, it’ll make me work faster!

–  I’ve painted three different tarot cards so far, but it feels like I’ve practically abandoned series already! But really, coming up with ideas for them so far has been pretty exhausting. So I’ve been taking a break from it. I would like to start a new card soon.. just waiting for the right inspiration to hit.

–  I’ve painted two constellations; the next one will probably be Cetus the sea monster. I don’t think I’ve drawn up a sea monster before so even I’m curious as to what the heck will happen with this one!

– The next nerdy animal by request is the Yorkshire Terrier, which is already so insanely cute that putting a pair of glasses on its tiny little face will probably cause my brain to not only explode, but implode… all at once… somehow.


– I remember getting a suggestion to turn the “O Canada” print into a series featuring different countries. I’ve put this idea on the backburner so far but would like to start it up soon! Painting an ode to Canada was easy when you’re Canadian, but other countries sound like a fun challenge to me. (*cough-help!!-cough*)

Here are a few awesome animals that might be painted in the near future..

The Humboldt Penguin

The Little Egret

The Black Bear

The Pygmy Owl 

– There are other mediums I want to try, but that will probably take some time to look into. The weekend looks like it might be a busier one but I hope to get at least a little painting done.

Anyone else have a to-do list? Mine should probably be a LOT longer than this.. this is just an art list. My actual shop to-do list is probably miles long! But here’s hoping a published to-do list helps me stay on track. (And not fall into the “Oh well, one more Supernatural episode can’t hurt” trap…)

.. I also just found a ‘forgotten’ folder with even more animals to paint. EEK. Where the heck did that come from? >_>

On another note, I think I slept too long and now my neck hurts a lot more than usual. *weep*

How to Make a Painting. Sort of. But Not Really.

Most of the time, if you ever see any kind of art tutorial, you see the artist roughly blocking out the image as a whole, then working on the finer details later. Well I think I might be a bit of a strange one. I tend to start with one or two areas in a painting and slowly work my way out. I don’t really have a rhyme or reason to the order that I paint things. Sometimes I’ll paint the background first; sometimes I won’t. Sometimes I’ll start with an eye.. sometimes I’ll start on the face and work my way out, or start with a foot or tail. I don’t know why, but it works for me.

Unfortunately if I were to make a tutorial, it might look something like this..


1. Have a great idea for a painting.
2. Get distracted – I’m sure there’s a whole new batch of great youtube videos to watch! Just kidding, they’re all probably crap, but lets look anyway. OH CUTE KITTEN-ON-A-TURTLE VIDEO!
3. Well crap – now what time is it? Now that great idea from earlier is now a slightly fuzzy smear of what it started out as.
4. Quickly sketch ideas out in Photoshop. Pout. Select all. Delete. Redraw.
5. Repeat Step 4 a few times.
6. Actually start sketching out on paper, and start painting.
7. Keep painting till you think you’re done.
8. And, you’re done!

Helpful, right?

I know I’m not the greatest at tutorials; so here’s some work-in-progress photos of some of my paintings instead.

Animals with Hats

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