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World Cat Day!


Happy World Cat Day! I’ve been trying to find more inspiration for some more necklaces for my shop a little while back and thought one of my fiancé’s cats would be a perfect model for me. But then, of course, by the time the painting was done, I knew that I had just made myself a new necklace. Whoops.

But in honour of World Cat Day, this post is dedicated to this cutie because she will always be a muse to me!


Hello? Yes, this is Cat.

Hello? Yes, this is Cat.






Happy Holidays!

I’ve missed you, blog land! I’m away for the holidays, where the sun shines bright, palm trees are decorated with Christmas lights, and the only “snow” around here is made out of styrofoam (that will always amuse this Canadian.) No real snow for me this Christmas, but that’s okay when you’re surrounded by fluffy kitties.

Rest In Peace, Pets

I’ve been able to paint lovely memorial necklaces over the past little while.

There’s something very bittersweet about being able to paint a beloved pet that someone has lost..

It’s like you get to help keep their memory alive.

Rest in peace, beautiful creatures.

Go Small or Go Home!

My little painted rabbit was one of the first stone pendants I made.

It was small and simple, and actually, I still keep it with me, in memory of my little rabbit Lucy.

I started to paint little cats and little dogs, and they soon took over the skies as little angels.

Now I’m offering custom painted pet pendants.

I can’t wait to create more!

Even the grumpy ones.

Swing, Swing, Swing

Today’s project, inspired by a pendant I made about 2 years ago. Though the original has long been sold, that piece still gets attention now and then, and an inquiry for another gave me the push to make more of them. I love being able to pull a little inspiration from old artwork.

I had a lovely birthday weekend with family, friends, barbecue, and the beach. It’s always nice having a birthday that’s falls right in between pride week and Canada Day because I can surround myself with rainbows, love, gallery images full of hot gay bodies, and giant fireworks. Aw yeah. Happy Pride, and Happy Birthday, Canada. Woohoo!

Oh I almost forgot: today marks the second birthday of this blog. Crazy!

Project 365: Day 342-343: I Want To Be A Crazy Cat Lady Someday

Day 342 - Gracie yoga stretching

Day 342 – Gracie yoga stretching

Day 343 – Darnit, cat, stop being cuter than me.

Project 365: Day 336-337: Oh yeah.

Day 336 – Oh yeah… this happened (:

Day 337 – Seriously. Cats are never impressed.

At Peace

I love painting on wood. There’s something really nice about painting on that textured surface and seeing those bright colours stand out.  I thought these cool wood plaques could turn into something interesting. I have a few more waiting to be used once the inspiration hits. Hopefully it does soon!

These cats always remind me of Mini. She was a good little cat.



Project 365: Day 329-330: C..ook? Naah.


Day 329 – Fries topped with chili and mac and cheese. MADNESS!


Day 330 – “You want me to WHAT? I don’t think so!”

Cat Nap Over a Starry Night

I don’t tend to paint very big. Actually, when I first really started to get a little more serious with painting, I started off with tiny ACEOs, mostly because 1, to save on costs, and 2, if I was going to screw up something, it might as well be something small! Nowadays I still actually paint quite small. I still create ACEOs, I love painting tiny pendants, and it’s quite nice having a printer that can turn a small ACEO painting into a large print. (Ah, the joys of technology!)

 “Cat Nap Over a Starry Night” is no tiny ACEO, but I painted this one on an 8×10 canvas. It’s a fun challenge to fit in a lot of details into such a little space. And this painting was no exception! This guy was definitely a challenge. I thought that my little Balloon Cat needed a glorious place to perch next, and it does not get anymore glorious than Van Gogh’s Starry Night. I had never attempted anything close to this style before, and I wanted to capture the beauty of his piece but also put a little bit of my own flare into it. Also, creating those kinds of strokes with acrylic paint, rather than oil paint, was a challenge in itself. But it all worked out in the end. I wanted a little tribute to the original, not an actual reproduction.

Plus, you know, it’s not exactly a reproduction when you’ve got a little black cat with a red balloon having a cat nap on the moon. ❤

This could possibly be my new favourite piece (:


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