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We had a hungry little visitor today! The Happy Squirrel.. so vague and mysterious…


Happy Holidays!

I’ve missed you, blog land! I’m away for the holidays, where the sun shines bright, palm trees are decorated with Christmas lights, and the only “snow” around here is made out of styrofoam (that will always amuse this Canadian.) No real snow for me this Christmas, but that’s okay when you’re surrounded by fluffy kitties.

What Can I Say? Nerds Are Cute!

To make up for a slow week of blogging, here’s a fluffy cute, nerdy – but cute – owl.




I went to choose a new pair of glasses today and it was actually really exciting! Having a rainbow of potential accessories to choose from is a ball. It’s funny because when I was a kid, I refused to wear my first pair of glasses. I HATED them. Who wants to look different from all the other kids? I sure didn’t.

Of course, now it’s funny because present me doesn’t like blending into the crowd at all. Who wants to look like everyone else? I sure don’t. Now I embrace my glasses. They’re fun. They’re functional. And they up your cute factor tenfold!

I decided on a cute pair of purple frames, and will go for a second pair when the store has some new stock in. Multiple colours? Heck yes!

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