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Rest In Peace, Pets

I’ve been able to paint lovely memorial necklaces over the past little while.

There’s something very bittersweet about being able to paint a beloved pet that someone has lost..

It’s like you get to help keep their memory alive.

Rest in peace, beautiful creatures.

Go Small or Go Home!

My little painted rabbit was one of the first stone pendants I made.

It was small and simple, and actually, I still keep it with me, in memory of my little rabbit Lucy.

I started to paint little cats and little dogs, and they soon took over the skies as little angels.

Now I’m offering custom painted pet pendants.

I can’t wait to create more!

Even the grumpy ones.

Project 365: Day 358-360: Catching up with Christmas


The Christmas season was a lot of fun. So much eating! I had made my friends some Christmas cookie boxes over the holidays. Here are some of the things I included, along with the recipes:

– cinnamon bun cookies 

– lemon crinkle cookies

– chocolate chip cookies

 Nutella cookie cups

– brownies (not pictured)

I love baking! My staples are the chocolate chip cookies and brownies. They are definitely a favourite. The other three were new for me, though I think the cinnamon bun cookies were quickly my new favourite because they were tasty and so cute. Gotta love cookies. And puppies! Though she belongs to a friend of mine. But oh is she cute (:

Project 365: Day 262: Beagle!

Day 262 – Beagle!

A lot of days to catch up with! I’d love to write more but lately my hands have been really hurting and the pain has definitely had an effect on me. So I’ve definitely been going at a slower pace lately. Slowly but surely, I will conquer Project 365, dammit.

Since I made a cat greeting card, I thought it was fitting to have a cute dog card as well. I think I probably have a shortage of dog paintings, especially compared to all the cats. So I painted a cute little beagle with floppy ears and ended up with the card below. I could picture this puppy chomping on some homework before snagging this greeting card for dessert. Omnomnom!

King of Swords: The Wolf

So it was a given that there would be a wolf in this tarot deck. I admit it was a little tough to find the right tarot that would mesh well with the wolf. The wolf is such a powerful creature, full of beautiful symbolism and has such a presence in a great deal of mythology. A lot of the major arcana cards were already matched up, or didn’t quite work with the wolf. But did the wolf need to be a major card? I didn’t think so. Each card is as important as the next, and I think the powerful wolf ended up with an equally powerful card: the King of Swords. Cunning yet fair, strong willed and fearless, the wolf took the throne in this card with his sword by his side. Tiny white butterflies dot the rocks below to stay close to their king.

Project 365: Day 195-196: Wolf Coming To Life

Finished tarot post to come (:

Knight of Swords Tarot: The Swift Greyhound


I’ve wanted to paint more domestic dogs for a while. Though I wasn’t sure which breed would be the most fitting for a tarot card, when I got to the Knight of Swords, the greyhound immediately came to mind.

The Knight of Swords is this force of nature that seems to be unstoppable, making his way through anything and everything without a concern for what’s around him. The only thing on his mind is what he needs to do to get to where he needs to go. I liked the idea of this greyhound visually forcing his way against the clouds, leaping over the sword and racing towards his goal. You might not want to get in his way!

Sad Pandas, Kitties, and Nerds


I made a new small batch of pendants not long ago that I plan to list in the new year.. some are actual prints (finally) while others are hand painted. I have a soft spot for the Sad Panda ones and plan to make more.. Sad Pandas are SAD!’s been a tough month.

I think the holiday sales have slowed down for me on Etsy; so my plan for this month has been to paint more and prep more listings so that the next month will be easier. It’s been a really hard month mentally for me so I really hope the new year will bring some promise.

It’s funny that painting Sad Pandas kinda helps.

I hope everyone’s having a nice safe December so far ❤

The Magician Tarot Art Card Kicked My Butt


The Magician is the third and the most  challenging of the tarot cards I’ve painted, but also the most rewarding.

I decided my Magician would not have physical objects but the actual elements instead: the earth (pentacles) beneath his feet with fire (wands), water (cups) and the wind (swords) surrounding him.

I think even I was surprised at how much planning needs to be done before I could even touch a paintbrush.  Finding the right creature for this card was tough. I went through literally dozens of animals before deciding that the coyote was the one for me. The coyote is often used to represent the trickster in mythology, but the Magician card is not just about sleight of hand; I also wanted an animal that was powerful, fearless and intuitive. After going through so many animals, I went back to one of the first I had on my list all along.. things always seem to work out that way!

The Magician tarot is available as a 5×7 print in my shop at

Animals in Trees. It makes sense.

I’ve talked about before how I work, but here’s another example of how I work on new items..

Once upon a very random time, my brain decided that hey, I really want to paint a beaver.  (Being Canadian and all, it just made sense.) But my beaver couldn’t just be a regular old beaver.  My painting just couldn’t have a beaver sitting there all by his lonesome. It had to be an Awesome Beaver. So I asked my brain, how should I paint this Beaver of Awesomeness?

My brain immediately replied with “in a tree, of course.”

Hm. That’s.. kind of random. “Any other ideas?” I asked my brain.

“No. Listen to your brain. Put your beaver in a tree. But not just one; put several beavers in a tree. It makes sense. They’ll be much happier there.”

So I listened to my brain and painted some beavers in a tree.

Beaver Tree


I mean, I had already painted a whole bunch of animals wearing a whole bunch of silly hats. So this next step naturally made the most sense to me…

“It’s logical,” said my brain..

“Animals = Awesome

Trees = Awesome

Animals in Trees = Even more Awesome”

So my Beaver Tree was painted, and my brain was right: they looked very content in their tree. They looked pleased. I was pleased! I was glad I listened to my brain.

True story.

.. no, really, that is actually exactly how it happened.



Red Panda Tree

Wild Dog Tree

Soon red pandas found their willow tree, and a pack of wild dogs nested in their baobab tree. I haven’t painted any trees in a while; but today I dug up one that I was working on that was put on hold for a while. I’m excited to see how this one will turn out.. it’s already looking strange with the bizarre looking tree. I kind of want to call it a fiddlehead tree.

New Tree, Yay!

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