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How You Can Be Super Better

I found literally just yesterday, after watching one of the TED Talks with Jane McGonigal. I was a little skeptical at first. The video seemed interesting but I wasn’t entirely convinced that it could help me. I admit that the beginning just seems like a push for people to play more video games, but it does get more interesting closer to the end and does shift to focusing more on health and wellness. The SuperBetter site itself is made to feel like a simple game. Find little ways to improve aspects in your life and find healing by completing tasks, collecting allies, gaining power ups and defeating the bad guys. Who doesn’t love unlocking achievements and completing quests? It all sounded really easy – and fun – so I decided to give it a try. I think the video is worth the watch, and I hope that doing these daily small tasks on SuperBetter will help with my anxiety and stress in the long run. And really, who doesn’t want to live an extra 10 years?

One of the ‘quests’ on SuperBetter is to write a list of all my worries, stresses and fears, and then make a separate list of all the things I’m happy about, grateful for, and find enjoyable right now. So I made my negative list first, and to be honest, my negative list was long. Really long. I was getting a little worried there that my positive list would not be as long as the negative one. But interestingly enough, once I started the positive list, I found that I could really keep going on and on with this list as well.. I was worried my negative list would overwhelm my positive list, but this was not the case. How enlightening, really! How wonderful life is, no matter how negative you may feel at times.

Here’s my positive list from that exercise, because really, that’s what matters the most:

I am grateful for…

– my mom who goes above and beyond to bring me happiness
– my dad who will do whatever it takes to help me with anything and everything
– my brothers who have always been there to help me in any way, and have always looked out for me
– my friends, always there for me through it all to create fantastic memories
– the love of my life, so incredibly understanding, loving, and everything I could ever hope for
– this magnificent country with its magnificent people, health care, opportunities and equality
– television. really. my place to get away, my time to escape and live in another world with crazy friends and stories to stay with me always
– my health. yes there are hiccups but I am so grateful for how I am now when there is so much suffering in the world
– having a roof over my head, a fridge full of food, heat warming my toes, and light where there is darkness above
– creating artwork that has actually had an impact on someone’s life
– the internet. what wonders that have come from it that have had an impact on my life
– being able to travel over 2000 miles, to be able to see the clouds from above: a sight some may never see in their life
– music. it really is life changing
– my culture, its traditions and how proud I am to be who I am
– books. I can learn anything and everything from the words laid before me
– inside jokes. who doesn’t love a silly secret
– being able to (almost) find an app to help me with anything!
– the new year. new beginnings. new outlooks.
– laughter. without it, what is the point in living, really?


#BellLetsTalk Because Mental Health is Important


Did you know that today is Bell Lets Talk Day? Bell Canada will donate 5¢ to mental health initiatives across Canada with every text and long distance call made by a Bell customer. Mental health initiatives? Uh, heck yes! I’ve been texting like a fiend already today. What a topic that’s near and dear to my heart.

But no worries – people all around the world are now helping with this day because Bell is also donating for every tweet sent using the hashtag #BellLetsTalk – so lets get those tweets going! They are also donating 5¢ for every share that their facebook post receives.

Much love to all those that struggle like I do with mental health issues. You are not alone.



The Sunrise


The rain is coming down and the skies are dark with clouds. The tree above seems to fall apart like the sky. This painting, though visually different, is actually very similar to The Balloon. Life is harsh now, and you may have lost hope, but times do change, and the sun will rise again to fill the sky with warmth once more.

Half of this painting is dark and dreary. The tree appears to be dying but the other side is beautiful and strong. The painting gradually moves into warmer, brighter colours where the glorious sun rises up. Look forward to that sun because tomorrow is another day!


The Balloon


“The Balloon” represents a time when you might feel a little hopeless. Everything around you seems to be crashing down and you are trapped. Trapped and tired. So very tired.

But close your eyes and listen. Listen to that breeze blowing all around you. Feel it surround you. And breathe.

And when you are ready, open those eyes and take a look around you. Look all around, because a glimmer of hope may just be a little closer than you think, if only you would open those eyes.

Project 365: Day 263: Portable Ball Method

Day 263 – Replacement, huzzah!

Good morning and Happy Halloween! I arrived in sunny California yesterday and I’ll have tons of pictures to take while I’m here, I’m sure. For now I have so many other photos to share still for Project 365; so lets see how productive I can be while I’m away.

I was super excited to get this replacement Portable Miracle Ball Method from Amazon since several pages fell out of the book with the original order. I gave the new book several good shakes and this one seems to be fine. I admit I still find it hard to use the ball as often as I should be. It’s definitely a challenge to create new habits! But even if I don’t use it as directed as often, I actually find it really helpful to just have it on the back of my neck or pressed against my back when I’m on the computer. And the ball is great to use with The Trigger Point Therapy Book. My goal while I’m away is to see how often I can use this ball and hopefully fix some of this pain.

Project 365: Day 254: Trigger Point Therapy, Lets Go!

Day 254 – Mm, readings

I bought these two from Amazon as my fibro has been only getting worse the past few months. My main reason for the purchase was The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook. It’s insanely informative. But unless you’re trying to read it from beginning to end (not recommended!) it’s otherwise easy to navigate and read. It can be quickly overwhelming if you try to read through too much at once, but if you don’t want to read through too much information, you can easily rely on the diagrams for quick references. I admit I’m still trying to learn how to massage myself properly. It can take a bit of a learning curve, and it’s something that needs to be done regularly throughout the day – another challenge for me, because I just tend to plain forget. But I have high hopes for this book and really want to feel better. I absolutely love it so far. It covers pain from ALL over your body, from your head to your back to your arms and feet. Headaches, nasal pain, allergies, even. Right now my main focus is my neck, shoulders, and hands. I honestly think though that my entire body is just plain messed up, because I’ve found some level of pain from every trigger point I’ve tried to hit with this book so far. Jeebus. I don’t know why I didn’t get this book sooner.

I also picked up The Portable Miracle Ball Method as more of a on-the-go option.. but I mostly got it for the ball, with the book being secondary. I’ve actually found the ball to be really helpful with the Trigger Point book instead. The Trigger Point therapy is the massage for the pain, while the Miracle Ball Method feels more like the yoga of pain relief. Relax, lay on the ball, and breathe. I think it’s an interesting balance between the two. Again, I really need to use both of these books more frequently than I am; so I haven’t seen results quite yet, but I hope to get some pain relief with them both.

Hopefully I can also get a thera-cane in the future as well!

Project 365: Day 241-243: Dammit, Food Posts Just Make Me Hungry

Project 241 – Fix me, Amazon!

I’ve been stalking books on Amazon lately. Can you even stalk books? I’m sure you can.. because I definitely have been. My aching body has been getting more and more achy over the last few months and I’m not sure how close I am to my limits but it definitely feels like I’m getting there at times. Everything just hurts. So I recently purchased a few books to see if maybe they can help with my pain. I didn’t get all the ones above, but I’ll see how it goes with the first few, see if I can feel any better and then decide if I want to get more. I’ll definitely be writing about them and my progress, if any. I need to beat this pain!

Day 242 – Cabbage rolls

Cabbage rolls don’t really photograph well, but they were definitely tasty. I remember our close family friend Olga would always give us the most amazing cabbage rolls when I was growing up. Just writing about them is making my mouth water. I need a cabbage roll lesson from her and learn her secrets one day. But for now, I rely on Chef John‘s cabbage rolls recipe. I can’t quite get these as amazing as I remember Olga’s to be, but still, a very tasty, satisfying substitute.

243 – Ooo colours!

Above was a work in progress for one of the tarot cards. I really liked playing with colours on this one. Looking forward to writing about this one too.

Project 365: Day 235: Olive-Sage Bath Salts. Mmm.

Day 235 – Auummm..

Some days – okay, most days, my body is broken. Day 235 was no exception. It’s insanely rare if I ever break out the bath salts, but if I do, that’s usually a sign that things are baad. Definitely not a good fibro day that day. The bottle above was part of a gift set that’s been sitting around in my room for ages; so it was nice to actually use this stuff for once. I’m definitely not a bath person. I’m way too impatient for that, but this was definitely a nice change.

I swear right now as I’m typing this, my body’s being extra achey. It’s probably trying to force me to have a bath. Shush, body! Maybe another day.

Leapin Llamas! Out of Commission Tonight

I’d love to write more but my right hand/arm has been aching really badly tonight and it’s rendered me pretty darn useless. But this was another llama greeting card I made a little while back as requested and I thought it turned out pretty cute. Rock on, llama!

For now I’m going to maybe read a few online comics (been using my mouse with my left hand tonight), perhaps dive in a little deeper into my Trigger Point Therapy workbook that I recently got, (so informative!) and drown in my sorrows (with water) until the late showing of Face-Off comes on. Can’t wait.

No, really, it’s kinda hard to wait. I’m so tired right now. Zzz..


Project 365: Day 220: Snacks and Paper. Life is Exciting! Plus, Fibro Attacks Again.

Day 220a – Noms!

Day 220 – My shopping sprees. Sad, right?

Two quick photos for Day 220: a nice cuppa tea along with a tasty egg tart. Plus I got a bunch of ‘fresh’ paper come in today. Mm, new batches of paper always makes me happy.

Yes.. paper makes me giddy. My life really is that exciting.

It’s definitely been a not so nice fibro day today. Everything just feels crunchy and achy. And then mentally I’ve been feeling like I’ve been hit with a touch of brain fog mixed with feelings of depersonalization creeping in. All of which has meant a very unproductive night. Very disappointing. I suppose I should take all of this struggle and try to turn it into some hopefully awesome art. But that’ll have to be another day.

I did manage to squeeze out two quick sketches for future Balloon Cat paintings tonight. Now I’m thinking this cat really wants to see the world. Now the real question is, if this kitty could go anywhere and see anything it wanted, where would it go? What would it see? What do you think?


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