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Through the Porthole

1I really love these wooden plaques. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and they’re a lot of fun to paint. A friend had suggested turning some of my pendants into larger paintings, and this is the first one that I created, inspired by a porthole pendant I had made. Granted I didn’t go that much bigger; this guy measures 7″ across, but baby steps, right?  One day I’ll definitely make some much larger paintings, but for now I like my more Jo-sized** works.

I quite like all the little fishes in this painting. I even snuck in a little Nemo near the bottom, though I think my favourites are the lionfish on the top right.

**Jo-sized is anything small, or anything that suits my size.. because well, I’m short. I blame my boyfriend for this phrase!





Project 365: Day 264-267: Mermaids, Fishes, and Pie

Day 264 – Mermaids!

I went on a pendant painting spree a short while back. Unfortunately these guys are not finished; so they’re not ready to sell yet, but they most likely will be up for the new year. I had some awesome colourful beach sand to play with, and I ended up using the sand in the mermaid paintings above and the fish bowl paintings below. Not sure what made me want to paint pies, but come on, they’re pies! Gotta love pies. Mmm, pie.

Day 265 – Fishes

Day 266 – Apple and pumpkin pie

Day 367 – Key lime and blueberry pie

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