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Awesome August

A few weeks ago I spent a weekend out in the country and I loved it! I had such great company, great food, and great experiences. We’ve been back once, and hope to go back at least one more time before it starts to get chilly!

August has been oddly slow and busy all at the same time; I don’t know whether it’s trying to keep me on my toes or just tire me out! This month has definitely been a reminder that summer is already slipping away and we need to enjoy all of its beauty and warmth while we can. I want August to slow down a bit, but not too much because we have a family wedding in just a few short weeks (:

Project 365: Day 358-360: Catching up with Christmas


The Christmas season was a lot of fun. So much eating! I had made my friends some Christmas cookie boxes over the holidays. Here are some of the things I included, along with the recipes:

– cinnamon bun cookies 

– lemon crinkle cookies

– chocolate chip cookies

 Nutella cookie cups

– brownies (not pictured)

I love baking! My staples are the chocolate chip cookies and brownies. They are definitely a favourite. The other three were new for me, though I think the cinnamon bun cookies were quickly my new favourite because they were tasty and so cute. Gotta love cookies. And puppies! Though she belongs to a friend of mine. But oh is she cute (:

Project 365: Day 341: Pulled Pork Sammich

Day 341 - Homemade pulled pork sandwiches. Omnom.

Day 341 – Homemade pulled pork sandwiches. Omnom.

I saw this recipe for Dr. Pepper barbecue sauce and I knew I had to try it. My boyfriend fiancé (man, that’s weird to write) had some lovely pork butt that we had roasting away in the oven all day long, and man, when I made that sauce, it filled the house with heavenly aromas! Shred that pork, smother it in sauce, grab some buns (hee, ‘buns’) and that was some good eatings. I never would have ever thought of using Dr. Pepper in barbecue sauce, but I totally have to do it again!

Project 365: Day 295: Ice Cream Sammich

Day 295 – Life is good!

Project 365: Day 294 – Pot Pie!

Day 294 – Chicken pot pie. Noms!

Project 365: Day 289: Mulligatawny

Day 289 – Mulligatawny soup

You know, I’m not even really a fan of parsley and coriander, and yet I keep trying to add them to things. I really need to stop listening to recipes!

Project 365: Day 278-279: Gobble Gobble!

My family never really did the whole Thanksgiving dinner thing. (That’s a lot of work, yo.) The only times I’ve really had a traditional Thanksgiving dinner were the handful of times at friends or relatives’ homes. But this year I totally had the opportunity to have my first Thanksgiving at home. And no surprise, it was a lot of work, yo.

Day 278 – Defrosting Day in the sink

I scoured all sorts of turkey recipes online and combined a little bit of everything that sounded great into my own (what I like to call) “speshul” turkey. I decided I really wanted to brine the bird and do a little herb butter under the skin for some extra flavour. Damn, typing that just made me a little hungry. Why do I always write these things up so late at night?

This was my first attempt at cooking a full turkey. We ended up with two smaller sized turkeys and it worked out pretty well. I defrosted the birds the night before Thanksgiving, and brined them overnight. Now back when I had a job in food service, I was relentless with washing my hands, and I swear, still the most I had ever washed my hands in a single day was that Turkey Brining Day. Large, raw poultry with raw juices flying? GAH! Honestly that part was such a horrible experience. I’m perfectly fine with dealing with raw food, but when I’m trying to brine two large raw turkeys by myself, well, seriously. It’s pretty gross.

Day 279 – Gobble gobble!

I did a ton of planning ahead though and the actual Thanksgiving Day went really smoothly. Despite all of the work and prep I had to do ahead of time, it was totally, totally worth it.  I managed to squeeze out two turkeys, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, squash and butter rolls myself. Whew. And it was a hit! I was so pleased!

Now to never do it again!

Or, at least, to do it again once I forget about all the work involved..

Day 279 – Success!

Project 365: Day 268-269: Torchlight and Pasta

Day 268 – Torchlight 2

Day 269 – Pasta

I got into playing Torchlight 2 with my boyfriend a little while back and I really like it. I can understand all the comparisons between this and Diablo 3, and I do agree that as a whole, I enjoy playing Torchlight 2 more. Not having to go back into town all the time is easily one of the things I love about this game (I guess I’m kinda easy to please)

Here’s a shot of some pasta I made for dinner on Day 369. My memory’s already kind of fuzzy but I think this is the one I baked, which made it pretty awesome because the pasta soaked up the sauce even more. Yum!

Project 365: Day 259-261: Noms

Day 259 – Cake!

Day 260a – Balloon Cat

Here’s a couple more photos for Project 365. I can’t believe I’ve made it this far. I like that this project has made me write more, but I gotta say I’ll be a bit relieved once it’s over! I don’t think I’ll do it again for 2013. I’ll definitely be taking lots of photographs still, but it’s hard doing this daily photo thing when you’re a hermit most of the time! I might think about it, but there are just some days when I just take a random shot just because I have to, and it’s hard to write about those times. I have been enjoying this little project though and still have another hundred or so to write about here!

Day 259 was my brother’s birthday, which of course included some birthday cake! Day 260 included a mini custom painting I did a little while back, inspired by my little Balloon Cat.

Day 260b – Roast Beef

Day 260c – Sliced up~


Day 260 also included my attempt at a roast beef. I haven’t made a roast in ages and thought of trying out this recipe, particularly for the roasting directions. I think it came out pretty well! I’ve learned over the years that I tend to under salt more than over salt; so now I make sure to add more salt than I think is necessary.. and so far, it hasn’t really failed me yet!

Below are also a whole slew of tomatoes from the garden. Once the temperatures started to drop, all the tomatoes out there were pulled in, and this was part of the haul. Fried green tomatoes, anyone?

Day 261 – Tomaters!

Project 365: Day 256-257: Chops and Hats

I was looking at my Day 256 photo, and thought, you know.. I’d probably be a terrible food blogger. I love taking pictures of the food that I eat and the food that I make, but writing about it on a regular basis? I don’t think I have the dedication for it yet. I really just like taking pictures of food. Though I must say, Project 365 has been a helpful little push to get me to write more frequently, even if it’s over something like a pork chop.

I’ve also been on the hunt for a perfect red hat for my friend, who’s looking to make a fantastic Carmen Sandiego one of these Halloweens. I saw this sparkly red hat at Winner’s, but I don’t know if it was quite right for her. I did finish my Where’s Waldo costume last year; so I think we would probably make one fine pair!

.. if people could find us, of course.

Day 256 – Pork Chop

Day 257 – Red Hat

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