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More Black Cats!

One of the first pendants I ever made was a tiny silhouette of a tiny cat in front of the full moon. I more recently found more inspiration with my favourite black cat and the lovely moon again and created more pendants to share. These guys are all for sale right now, and I should have more on the way (:

Flying Black Cat Revisted

It’s fun to look back on artwork from the past and finding inspiration there. I was inspired by a painting with¬†flying black cats that I made about a year ago, and decided to create more imagery with these cats because I remember having so much fun with them. Instead of a warmer palette, I pictured darker, cooler painting with a cat perched up high in front of a big bright full moon. The moon has found its way into a lot of my paintings already but I don’t think I can tire of it!

Owl: The High Priestess Tarot




The High Priestess was pretty challenging for me because I could easily see so many animals representing¬† this tarot card. I was definitely drawn to the owl and although I’m trying to include a balance of different kinds of animals, in the end I felt that the owl best represented the High Priestess: her beauty, her mystery, her divinity, her wisdom and freedom. It’s actually incredibly hard not to think of birds as a symbol for these cards because they’re just such beautiful animals; there are so many shapes and sizes and different kinds of symbolism with each one.





After I chose the owl, the next challenge was to choose what kind of owl to paint. I swear, I nearly went over as many owl breeds as I could, seeing all their different builds, patterns, and colours before I decided to choose the striped owl. I was definitely drawn to its ‘horns’ but its beautifully contrasting colours that sealed the deal. I really wanted this owl to have a presence and to feel as grand as the High Priestess should be. The moon was one of the key symbols in this card and I wanted this card to feel like the moon was as empowering as the High Priestess. I definitely enjoyed painting this tarot.

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