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Nerdy Alpacas, Lights @ The Ex, Pumpkin Cats, & Jack Layton’s Funeral

Nerdy But Cute Alpaca - 8x10 Art Print

A friend suggested an alpaca as an animal on my to-do list and I just couldn’t resist their fluffy faces and incredibly spiffy hairdo! I just want to ruffle the hair on their heads in glee. I probably spent too much time painting this nerdy alpaca’s ‘do, but I really wanted it to be ruffle-worthy =)

I haven’t spent as much time as I would like creating new art but that’s because I’ve been preoccupied trying out new things that I would like to eventually add to my little Etsy shop.

Also I’ve actually been kind of social the past little while! Kinda crazy. There’s been family barbecues, nights out for dinner with relatives and family friends, pigging out at The Ex with friends, not to mention all the deliciousness when I headed out to Buskerfest, I think I probably need to start being a little more busy with that treadmill after the last month or so though, ohmygosh! *pats belly*

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