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Rest In Peace, Pets

I’ve been able to paint lovely memorial necklaces over the past little while.

There’s something very bittersweet about being able to paint a beloved pet that someone has lost..

It’s like you get to help keep their memory alive.

Rest in peace, beautiful creatures.

Go Small or Go Home!

My little painted rabbit was one of the first stone pendants I made.

It was small and simple, and actually, I still keep it with me, in memory of my little rabbit Lucy.

I started to paint little cats and little dogs, and they soon took over the skies as little angels.

Now I’m offering custom painted pet pendants.

I can’t wait to create more!

Even the grumpy ones.

The Zodiac is Complete!

The pieces are complete! Well, painted and sealed and looking nice and shiny. I hope to get these almost-pendants ready to go and listed soon. A few of these guys were more challenging than others (yeah, I’m talking to you, Gemini!) but then I remind myself that I managed to finish an entire 79 tarot card deck. And in comparison, most things seem much easier now!

I really am enjoying painting on stones. I love that each piece is different: they have their own unique shape, feel, weight, and colours. Some have small dimples and others are much more roughly textured. I have many more stones and ideas just waiting to be put on them.

I also recently took the plunge and joined InstagramI’m hoping to take and share more photos as I go along. If you’re on Instagram, feel free to share your page; I’d love to follow you!

Swing, Swing, Swing

Today’s project, inspired by a pendant I made about 2 years ago. Though the original has long been sold, that piece still gets attention now and then, and an inquiry for another gave me the push to make more of them. I love being able to pull a little inspiration from old artwork.

I had a lovely birthday weekend with family, friends, barbecue, and the beach. It’s always nice having a birthday that’s falls right in between pride week and Canada Day because I can surround myself with rainbows, love, gallery images full of hot gay bodies, and giant fireworks. Aw yeah. Happy Pride, and Happy Birthday, Canada. Woohoo!

Oh I almost forgot: today marks the second birthday of this blog. Crazy!

More Black Cats!

One of the first pendants I ever made was a tiny silhouette of a tiny cat in front of the full moon. I more recently found more inspiration with my favourite black cat and the lovely moon again and created more pendants to share. These guys are all for sale right now, and I should have more on the way (:

Project 365: Day 264-267: Mermaids, Fishes, and Pie

Day 264 – Mermaids!

I went on a pendant painting spree a short while back. Unfortunately these guys are not finished; so they’re not ready to sell yet, but they most likely will be up for the new year. I had some awesome colourful beach sand to play with, and I ended up using the sand in the mermaid paintings above and the fish bowl paintings below. Not sure what made me want to paint pies, but come on, they’re pies! Gotta love pies. Mmm, pie.

Day 265 – Fishes

Day 266 – Apple and pumpkin pie

Day 367 – Key lime and blueberry pie

Project 365: Day 239-240: Cats everywhere! Plus The Big 2-0-0!

Day 239 – Pendants in progress

I spent Day 239 plugging away on creating more pendants. These are just a few of the ones that I finished painting. I still had a stack of others that were waiting for their turn as well. These new ones make me smile. The next step is sealing the paint and then finishing them with resin.

I also recently reached 200 sales! I am so, so excited that I’ve made it this far. Each sale always feels like such a wonderful accomplishment and I’m so grateful for each and every one of them. Here’s to the next hundred (and fingers crossed that they come by even quicker than the last!)

Day 240 – 200 sales!

Project 365: Day 233-234: Ribs and Pendants

Day 223 – Ribs!

Ribs! I love ribs. Maybe not the greatest photo since they were right out of the oven (and I’m too lazy to try to pretty up ribs on a plate for photos) but they were definitely tasty.

Day 234 – Pendants in progress

I more recently got more supplies in; so I’ve been spending time on creating more pendants. It may still be a while yet before I can finally list some but I’m trying as hard as I can to get them ready.

Project 365: Day 228-229: Tiny Paintings (200th Blog Post!)

Day 228 – Beach painting

I had a custom miniature painting above, which I really enjoyed, especially using real sand as the beach. I think I’ll need to work with real sand more! It’s fun working with different mediums in a different way.

Below are a few actual pendant ideas. They’re not available yet, but hopefully will be soon. I’ve been working on painting more pendants lately; I think I’ve needed a little bit of the break from all the tarot card painting. Pendants are compact and great ways to experiment. I’ve always worked with circles but these rectangles are a blast.

I think this is also my 200th blog post. Woo. I’m amazed I’ve lasted this long!

Day 229 – New pendants-to-be

Nyan Cat to the Rescue!

[Wow, I really need to retake photographs for a lot of these pendants, don’t I. Sheesh. I was looking through some of these listings and these guys have some really shoddy photos. And the one above is one of the better images too. Jeebus.

Er. Anyway.]

I’ve seen several artists with Etsy shops take prints of their artwork and translate those prints into small pendants to wear. I’ve done it a few times, but more recently I’ve had a few suggestions to translate my pendants into actual paintings instead, and I think that is such a great idea. All of my hand painted pendants so far have been one of a kind, and I do still want those to be one of a kind, but I can also take some inspiration from those pendant images and take them to a different level as a painting and as prints. Nyan Cat was a request recently, and I ended up creating these two cuties: the Nyan Cat and the Nyan Bunny.

What do you think? Should I paint more Nyan Cats? Other critters? I have a super soft spot for memes. Darn you, entertaining internets!

But now I can play around and see what else I can pull out from past pendants. I also have a few ideas rolling around in my head for some more pendants in the future. It’ll be a nice change of pace from all the energy I’ve been putting in to the tarot card series.

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