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Nyan Cat to the Rescue!

[Wow, I really need to retake photographs for a lot of these pendants, don’t I. Sheesh. I was looking through some of these listings and these guys have some really shoddy photos. And the one above is one of the better images too. Jeebus.

Er. Anyway.]

I’ve seen several artists with Etsy shops take prints of their artwork and translate those prints into small pendants to wear. I’ve done it a few times, but more recently I’ve had a few suggestions to translate my pendants into actual paintings instead, and I think that is such a great idea. All of my hand painted pendants so far have been one of a kind, and I do still want those to be one of a kind, but I can also take some inspiration from those pendant images and take them to a different level as a painting and as prints. Nyan Cat was a request recently, and I ended up creating these two cuties: the Nyan Cat and the Nyan Bunny.

What do you think? Should I paint more Nyan Cats? Other critters? I have a super soft spot for memes. Darn you, entertaining internets!

But now I can play around and see what else I can pull out from past pendants. I also have a few ideas rolling around in my head for some more pendants in the future. It’ll be a nice change of pace from all the energy I’ve been putting in to the tarot card series.

Project 365: Day 117-122. But really, goodbye House!

Omg. I finally caught up with the House series finale and ALL OF THESE FEELINGS. I can not handle it. I don’t think I’ve cried that much watching like.. anything, ever. Oh man. Oh man. Seriously. It will take a long time for me to recover. At least I should be all cried out before the last episode of Awake later this week. Oh man. Everything I like is ending. It’s so sad. I’ll have to watch it again later and sob some more. (Also, this is pretty spiffy.)

I don’t think these series of photos need much explaining.. it’s been a lot of painting, pendant making, cooking, and picture taking. My shop’ll be going into vacation mode soon too. I hope to feel a lot more refreshed and inspired when it opens up again (:

BRB gonna mourn House ending some more. Sobsob.

Day 117 – Pendants-to-be filled with resin

Day 118 – Baked fish

Day 119 – The start of Shadows

Day 120 – Done and ready to ship!

Day 121 – Painting stars is fun!

Day 122 – Photo taking day. Zzz.

Project 365: Day 108-109: I like food. And cats.

Day 108 – Jerk Chicken

Day 108. I spent the week essentially watching every episode of the Dilbert animated series! Huzzah. Man, I miss that show …even though the stories were pretty awful.. I don’t remember the stories being that awful. Dilbert getting pregnant?? Seriously? But, I digress, sort of. Day 108 was filled with a Dilbert marathon, painting, and making some jerk style chicken. Nums!

Day 109 was pretty much a repeat, though I started a bunch of new black cat pendants that day. The giraffe one below was actually an older painted pendant that didn’t get sealed with resin, but this time it’s complete and finally available now (:

Day 109 – Painting pendants

Complete (:

Project 365: Day 97-99: Tarot Sketches and Easter Dinner

Day 97 - Tarot Cards in progress

Creating tarot cards has been such a challenge that I’ve been going at a real snail’s pace. Sometimes I’ll hit that wall with a card and can’t quite figure out what direction to go in with it; it can be very frustrating! So now I’m trying to do more prep work to make it this process a little less stressful. Here’s a couple of cards I sketched all together so I can just go straight into painting from here. (Rather than working through just one card at a time and getting stuck on the one.)  Once in a while I’ll get questions about whether I have a full deck available and I’m always sad to say that I don’t. I’m VERY far away from being able to have a full tarot card deck (as of right now, I’m maybe like.. 1/6 of the way there so far.)

Day 98 - Easter noms

Day 99 - Sold!

We don’t celebrate Easter but when my friend invited me over for a tasty ham dinner that weekend, I was there in an instant! I brought some fluffy homemade rolls and we all settled in for some tasty ham, chicken and lots of veggies (and the cutest dyed Easter eggs!) It was a good night!

On day 99 I took a quick last picture of a pendant of mine that had sold before shipping it off. It was definitely one I always loved and the little details in the trees down to the striped socks were always something that I hoped wouldn’t go unnoticed (: I have another idea or two to have this little Striped Sock Girl back in future paintings so hopefully she’ll make a reappearance.

My hands are still pretty crappy today, but there are still tarot cards begging to be painted. Gonna see what I can do.

Project 365: Day 86-88: Daily Deviation and More Bunnies

Day 86 - Daily Deviation!

I noticed I was getting more views than normal coming in from deviantART and found out that one of my pendants had made it as a Daily Deviation! My autumn swing pendant got to be featured on their site, and the views on my DA gallery poured in all day. I was on Cloud 9! Bonus too was that the pendant finally sold earlier this month. (:

Day 87 - Moon Tarot work in progress

Day 88 - Let Go work in progress

Here are a few more work in progress shots of the Moon Tarot and the Dissociation painting. The Moon Tarot was pretty close to being done at this point, minus a few sparkly stars in the sky and a few other details. The “Let Go” painting was in the beginning stages. I don’t know why I choose to draw everything and then paint the background around the characters.. rather than the easier way of painting the entire background first, and then draw the characters on top. The brain works in weird ways.

Hitting that Etsy Wall.. Plus Project 365: Day 59.. Horses, Puzzles, and Photographs

I have totally and completely hit that wall.

No shop sales in about 2 weeks!

And I know, I know. I’m sure that may not seem bad at all; some shops probably dream of a sale every two weeks, or a sale every month. Sometimes sellers make sales, and sometimes they don’t. I understand, and I know the importance of a little patience when it comes to Etsy.

But man, oh man, even with all the work that can be done in 2 weeks, it has been the longest 2 weeks I’ve ever had in a long, long time. Gotta keep on truckin, right?

Day 59 - Horse!

Day 59b - Puzzle Progress


I got this cute little horse charm on Day 58 for my mom that she likes to wear as a necklace. (I definitely take after her when it comes to sparkly things.) I also made a bit more progress with this puzzle I bought on Day 38.. but man, past putting together the easy parts like the eyes, the yarn and the border.. this puzzle is brutal! So much gray. And those pieces that make up the basket.. oh man. What was I thinking? It seemed like such a good idea at the time..

I also worked on another photo session.. not one of my favourite things to do. The definite bonus is that the warmer weather is bringing in more hours of wonderful, magical, much needed sunlight. Whew.


Day 59c - Getting ready for their beauty shots.


I think even despite the slow few weeks, I’ve actually been pretty fortunate the last little while. My raven print was actually featured in an Etsy Find newsletter [insert me spazzing here] and today my autumn swing pendant was made a Daily Deviation on deviantart. I feel pretty gosh darn lucky! I hope this is all a sign of good things to come (:

Project 365: Day 57-58: Cake, Cake.. and Bait?

It’s Thursday! I’m up for a new challenge: the midnight screening of The Hunger Games. Can not wait!

Day 57 - Mm, cake

Day 58 - Storage!

On Day 57 my friend invited me over for a(n awesomely) random turkey dinner. Turkey should be an year-round meal, I swear. Giant turkey in hand and all the veggies (and wine!).. we were very happy campers. I wanted to bring a little something along so I picked out the cutest, happiest little cake at the grocery store: the only white cake smothered in icing and rainbow sprinkles. (It was totally me!) That with the amazing chocolate cheesecake my other friend brought; we were in heaven.

Day 58 was a whole lot of shop work: editing listings, creating listings, editing photos, and all the boring kind of stuff. I used this tackle box that used to hold some of my art supplies and instead stored most of my pendants in there. Now just about everything is in its place! (.. until I make more, and run out of room to put them all.)

Project 365: Day 53 and 54: Food, Art, and Dead Snowbunnies

Day 53 - Lasagna~

Day 54 - Nyan Bunny!

Back to the grind now. Day 54 and 55 was filled with taking pictures, editing pictures, prepping listings, editing listings, cooking (lasagna on Day 54) and creating more pendants (like this Nyan Bunny on Day 55)

Here’s a bonus for Day 55.. the very last bit of the Snowbunny. It had a long, glorious life. Rest in Snowbunny peace!

Day 54b - The Last of the Snowbunny.

Project 365: Day 50-52: Farewells, Chocolates, One Week, and Back to Work

Day 50 - Fail!

Day 51 - Last Chocolate Standing

Day 50.. My boyfriend was rebelling against my camera and I got this lovely shot instead. I did actually end up with some clear photographs that day but this one probably amuses me the most. Day 50 was also his last day with me before he flew back home. I miss him a lot.

Day 51, out of anything I could have possibly taken a picture of, I took a photograph of my very last spicy chocolate covered cashew. I so sad that I was finally down to my last one because we had got these bad boys back at our trip to Niagara. Granted, I can actually just order them online, but that day was my little bitter-sweet moment that I had alone with my last chocolate. RIP deliciousness. .. until I get more. I was also super sad that day because I had originally wanted to eat the last two with my boyfriend on Day 50, but alas, I forgot. Boo!

Day 52 - One Week: Beautiful piece of Canadiana

I watched One Week on Day 52 and I loved every bit of it. Joshua Jackson was completely perfect in this movie. It’s just a very poignant film, following the character’s personal journey across beautiful Canadian landscapes. What would you do if you had one week to live? The narration really set the tone of this movie and yet sometimes, the more powerful moments were when nothing was said at all. Highly recommended, whether you’re Canadian or not ❤

Day 52b - Back to work

I had taken time away from creating new art while my boyfriend was in town; so I buckled down on Day 52 and started to make more pendants again. This was a group of printed pendants and I think most of these guys are up in the Rainbow of Crazy Shop now. (Among lots more since then!)

Nyan Cat Pendants – Work In Progress

The very first Nyan Cat pendant that I made was a lot of fun (and has since found a wonderful home).. so I thought this meme deserved more than one pendant. Here are some work in progress shots of some of the Nyan Cat paintings.. These are 1 1/2″ wooden circles that I used. I put on an initial coat of paint before laying down the sketches, then completed the paintings with acrylics (and teeny tiny paintbrushes) and dotted the skies with silver sparkles. These photos were taken before they were finished with resin. I lost track of how many coats of paint went into making those rainbows, but man, it was a lot! Thankfully these guys are now complete and some are in the shop now. (:

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