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More Black Cats!

One of the first pendants I ever made was a tiny silhouette of a tiny cat in front of the full moon. I more recently found more inspiration with my favourite black cat and the lovely moon again and created more pendants to share. These guys are all for sale right now, and I should have more on the way (:

Flying Black Cat Revisted

It’s fun to look back on artwork from the past and finding inspiration there. I was inspired by a painting with flying black cats that I made about a year ago, and decided to create more imagery with these cats because I remember having so much fun with them. Instead of a warmer palette, I pictured darker, cooler painting with a cat perched up high in front of a big bright full moon. The moon has found its way into a lot of my paintings already but I don’t think I can tire of it!

Two of Swords Tarot: The Blind Panther

I love the Two of Swords. It took me to a very different place, far from anywhere the other cards have taken me so far. This card was challenging at first but I really enjoyed tackling this one. I chose to paint the panther because I wanted this very dark and mysterious animal for the Two of Swords; I thought that the panther would work as an omen, a warning of problems ahead.

The traditional tarot has a woman wearing a blindfold, unable to see things as they are; she is trapped in this confusion. Instead of a blindfold, I decided to have my panther be fully blind. Blocked by the swords, this panther needs to focus on its other strengths to be able to keep going.

The swords cards have been a challenge so far, but I think this one worked out pretty well. I liked the balance with the moon and darkness above, while the sky slowly fills with fire from the sun below, hopefully empowering this panther overcome its obstacles.

Owl: The High Priestess Tarot




The High Priestess was pretty challenging for me because I could easily see so many animals representing  this tarot card. I was definitely drawn to the owl and although I’m trying to include a balance of different kinds of animals, in the end I felt that the owl best represented the High Priestess: her beauty, her mystery, her divinity, her wisdom and freedom. It’s actually incredibly hard not to think of birds as a symbol for these cards because they’re just such beautiful animals; there are so many shapes and sizes and different kinds of symbolism with each one.





After I chose the owl, the next challenge was to choose what kind of owl to paint. I swear, I nearly went over as many owl breeds as I could, seeing all their different builds, patterns, and colours before I decided to choose the striped owl. I was definitely drawn to its ‘horns’ but its beautifully contrasting colours that sealed the deal. I really wanted this owl to have a presence and to feel as grand as the High Priestess should be. The moon was one of the key symbols in this card and I wanted this card to feel like the moon was as empowering as the High Priestess. I definitely enjoyed painting this tarot.

The Moon Tarot Card Art.. Finally, a Bunny!

Every since the last tarot card was painted, I had The Moon tarot on my mind for a long time. My boyfriend helped me with a lot of ideas for this one. The Moon tarot is all about illusions, dreams, madness – and imagination. The rabbit was easily the animal of choice for The Moon as the rabbit has been linked to the moon in a lot of cultures – and about time I used a rabbit! I am the girl obsessed with bunnies, and oddly enough, I really haven’t painted many bunnies in general so far. I think this needs to be changed immediately.

The moon tarot has so many different elements so it was a challenge to try to incorporate some of them while not complicating the painting too much. This ended up being my first tarot painting where the animal is just a small part of the painting, and it’s funny because it didn’t hit me at first that this card would look a little different from the others. I guess my mind wanted to go in a different direction and thankfully I’m happy with this one (I mean, really. Bunnies. How could I not like it.)



The rabbit above is looking at the moon in the reflection. I think it’s fully aware that the moon below is not the same as above.. in fact, nothing above is reflected in the water. The rabbit below doesn’t follow the rabbit above, but looks away at a more magical view of the stars. The trees below became my two pillars, wrapping around the reflected moon. The moon can be your guiding light; which direction do you take? Stay above or dive into the unknown?




This painting is in honour of my bunny Lucy. Miss you, fuzzy butt.

The Moon Tarot: A Work in Progress (Bunnies!)

I started working on the Moon Tarot; I can’t wait to get this one finished. There’ll be soo many little things that I’ll get to cram into this little painting. I have no idea how people work on such a large scale! These guys measure a teeny 5″ by 7″. One of my goals is to ‘graduate’ to larger sized paintings… someday.

I am such a huge rabbit lover; so I have to make this one awesome. This is for all my little bunnies that have crossed that rainbow bridge. I love and miss your furry little (and big) butts.

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