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1 Tarot Deck Down. A Lifetime Of Learning To Go!

The Emperor had made  a few appearances in my readings recently; I guess he took a break today. Maybe this reading was a bit too on the emotional side for him (Ace of Cups and The Moon?! No thank you!); so he wanted to step away. But even though he’s not there, I can still feel his presence; like he’s just peeking over my shoulder, pointing to each of the cards and pushing at me to take charge of things. Sigh 😛 Maybe he sent the Magician in his place in the reading instead… The Magician is kind of staring at me with this look that says, “hey, this is serious. Stay focused!”

Even though the Animism Tarot is complete, I feel like I’m still at the start of the road when it comes to actual tarot reading. And even though I can pull out cards that I’ve actually designed myself, I still continue to go, “hmm, what the heck can that mean?!” when it comes to applying the images to the questions that I have. Reading is a whole other ballpark; I’m no longer drawing and painting, but trying to see things in a different light and writing down notes and readings in my tarot journal (or rather, my stack of lined sheets of paper that’s usually a mess.) But it’s definitely been an interesting road so far, and it’s surprising the kind of insight I can find when it comes from my own pictures. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the fact that this deck is real. I better not wake up and find that this has all been a dream, or I’ll be so mad!

Tarot Deck Size: The Debate

Whew, I’ve had to take a step back over the last little bit, especially after trying to work on a the write-up for the deck. That can be some very tiring stuff! But I have made some progress. I got to tell you though; it’s not a full companion book with thorough descriptions of the imagery and symbolism.  I think if I were to do that, it would take me another year or two to just get that done. Right  now it’s about 12 pages of small paragraphs, a couple sentences each.. almost like a very short story for each tarot. I have my fingers crossed that this write-up works out because this has been a huge challenge for me.

One decision that still needs to be made is how big the tarot deck will actually be. So I thought I should put together a quick comparison of different sizes with the Ace of Cups as my guinea pig. It’s a nice way to see how the image will look on the card, and how the different sizes can be compared. I realize the framing is not ideal on the normal tarot card, but hope that can be overlooked if it ends up being the final size. It’s all been one big learning experience.


Another thing to consider is if the border should be left white or be tinted another colour. What do you think?

You can also click on the image above for the full size. The image is sized for my monitor so the inches may not match other screens, but it’s still a great way to compare sizes. What deck size would you prefer?


Ace of Cups: Otters! Daww.

My last Ace tarot card! I feel somewhat accomplished.  Granted, as of now I’m technically only about 60% done this tarot deck, but.. wait..


I’m only 60% done this deck?

You’re kidding me, right? 

How did I let this happen? How did I become so slow? Will I ever finish this project? Oh gawd, I am never going to finish this thing, am I?!

What was I thinking?!?!

Oh, man. Oh, man. Whew.

I’m better now.

Actually I really did love painting the Ace of Cups. I chose otters for their joyous nature and playfulness. (And it didn’t hurt that they are practically the cutest things on the planet.) Ultimately I decided on two otters because of the social aspect of the Ace of Cups. This tarot reminds me a touch of the Lovers, but is more like the spark of possibility, the start of what could be, be it friendship or romance. The clam became my symbol for the cup and the otters share it between them simply out of the compassion they’ve found with each other.

And yes I do plan to finish this deck, goshdarnit. It will happen!

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