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World Cat Day!


Happy World Cat Day! I’ve been trying to find more inspiration for some more necklaces for my shop a little while back and thought one of my fiancé’s cats would be a perfect model for me. But then, of course, by the time the painting was done, I knew that I had just made myself a new necklace. Whoops.

But in honour of World Cat Day, this post is dedicated to this cutie because she will always be a muse to me!


Hello? Yes, this is Cat.

Hello? Yes, this is Cat.







We had a hungry little visitor today! The Happy Squirrel.. so vague and mysterious…

Happy Holidays!

I’ve missed you, blog land! I’m away for the holidays, where the sun shines bright, palm trees are decorated with Christmas lights, and the only “snow” around here is made out of styrofoam (that will always amuse this Canadian.) No real snow for me this Christmas, but that’s okay when you’re surrounded by fluffy kitties.

Rest In Peace, Pets

I’ve been able to paint lovely memorial necklaces over the past little while.

There’s something very bittersweet about being able to paint a beloved pet that someone has lost..

It’s like you get to help keep their memory alive.

Rest in peace, beautiful creatures.

Bye Bye Summer!


I still can’t believe the summer is practically over. I still feel like I’m still there! I’m still itching to go to the beach, to collect pretty stones and look at that shimmering water. I’ll remember all of the great concerts that I was lucky enough to go to, going to The Ex and seeing the SuperDogs, and of course spending way too much time in the different shopping pavilions.

I already miss all of the relatives that all flew into town for my cousin’s wedding. I’d wake up early in the day to the sound of my aunt and my mom chatting and laughing. There were many shopping trips this summer, scampering around finding those ‘perfect’ dresses for the wedding and reception. The lunches we had, the dinners we’ve had. Trying not to get weepy at the wedding. Trying to fit in yet another delicious course during the reception. Tossing my heels aside and dancing barefoot with everyone till the very end of the night. And then, of course, the last days when we saw everyone off at the airport.

This will definitely be a summer to remember. Had a lot of fun, and a few surprises along the way.. and now I’m looking forward to seeing what autumn will bring!



Awesome August

A few weeks ago I spent a weekend out in the country and I loved it! I had such great company, great food, and great experiences. We’ve been back once, and hope to go back at least one more time before it starts to get chilly!

August has been oddly slow and busy all at the same time; I don’t know whether it’s trying to keep me on my toes or just tire me out! This month has definitely been a reminder that summer is already slipping away and we need to enjoy all of its beauty and warmth while we can. I want August to slow down a bit, but not too much because we have a family wedding in just a few short weeks (:

The Other Side Of The Animism Tarot – The Back, Of Course!

When I was nearing the finish line of the artwork for this tarot deck, I still had one very important piece to work on: the back of the cards, of course! I’d like to say that I saved the back for last, but it was last mostly because I had no idea where I wanted to go with it. This was another huge challenge for me, and it was made even more overwhelming when I started to look into other tarot back designs. How intricate do people make the back of their tarot? What kind of style do they aim for? Do they make it a reversible image or create something entirely different? Is the back all that important – I mean, it’s the first thing that’s noticed when you see a deck, or do tarot readers not really care?

I looked around for inspiration and to get a feel for what other tarot backs were like. Styles and level of complexity varied wildly of course, from the very traditional, simple playing card backs to intricate Celtic knot designs and layers upon layers of details. I tried several different sketches, random designs, shapes, swirls, symbols, some animal-based ideas, some focusing on the elements. To me, the back of the tarot was sort of like the cover of a book.. I wanted it to be a visual summary of the rest of the deck. After a while, it felt like I was trying too hard with stuff that looked really different from the rest of the cards. So I went with something much more straight forward – something that actually made sense to me!

The skies have played a big part in the images of this deck; so it seemed fitting that night and day would be the focus of the tarot back. And with animals being at the center of it all, it was perfect to have the animals in the moon and the sun tarots take their place on the back.

 I was always fond of the thin borders in the paintings; so that was brought into the image and helped define the night and day scenes. Though I don’t personally focus on reversed tarot cards (at the moment), I did want a reversible image for those that would prefer it, and as a result,  there’s a sense of time passing in the picture that reminds me of the Wheel of Fortunemoving around and around.

I think I’m happy with the final piece.What do you think? Are backs all that important when it comes to a tarot deck?

Project 365: Day 362-366: Finish Line!


Time is marching on and Project 365 is still unfinished! But I’m here, I’m writing, and it is finally done for me. With the leap year, should 2012 be called Project 366 instead? Either way, I gotta say, it was a pretty cool year, and 2013 has been pretty promising already. I’m not going to do this project again this year. I think I’d much rather take photographs at my own pace, and focus more on my art, my shop, and writing in this blog. But cheers to a project completed! And on to finishing more projects in the future.



Project 365: Day 361: Adorable Family

Day 361 – I find the best stuff when cleaning. My family pre-me!

Project 365: Day 358-360: Catching up with Christmas


The Christmas season was a lot of fun. So much eating! I had made my friends some Christmas cookie boxes over the holidays. Here are some of the things I included, along with the recipes:

– cinnamon bun cookies 

– lemon crinkle cookies

– chocolate chip cookies

 Nutella cookie cups

– brownies (not pictured)

I love baking! My staples are the chocolate chip cookies and brownies. They are definitely a favourite. The other three were new for me, though I think the cinnamon bun cookies were quickly my new favourite because they were tasty and so cute. Gotta love cookies. And puppies! Though she belongs to a friend of mine. But oh is she cute (:

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