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Project 365: Day 264-267: Mermaids, Fishes, and Pie

Day 264 – Mermaids!

I went on a pendant painting spree a short while back. Unfortunately these guys are not finished; so they’re not ready to sell yet, but they most likely will be up for the new year. I had some awesome colourful beach sand to play with, and I ended up using the sand in the mermaid paintings above and the fish bowl paintings below. Not sure what made me want to paint pies, but come on, they’re pies! Gotta love pies. Mmm, pie.

Day 265 – Fishes

Day 266 – Apple and pumpkin pie

Day 367 – Key lime and blueberry pie

Project 365: Day 74-75: Pi, Pie, And Beer

Day 74 - Apple pie for Pi Day

I decided at the last minute to make an apple pie for Pi Day. We usually have plenty of apples (to feed the squirrels out back!) but I ended up havingĀ just enough for this pie. I tried a different recipe this time and ohmygod, this Dutch apple pie rocked my world in the tastiest way imaginable.

Day 75 - Prepping Listings

Day 75b - When in doubt, beer.

Making draft listings (prepping listings, and saving them as a draft to publish in the future).. definitely not on the top of my favourite things to do list. Thank goodness for tasty beer to finish the day with (:


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