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Project 365: Day 252-253 – Power On~

Day 252 – Power on!

Day 253 – Art store, ahoy

Seriously, I have so many pendants in progress right now. I started to paint some more power buttons, which was a bit of a challenge, mostly because I was trying out different ways of applying my glow-in-the-dark sealer. At first I wanted to see if I could make only the green paint glow, but it was way too time consuming; so in the end, the entire front of the paintings glow, and you can see the faint outlines of the green. It’s actually pretty neat in the dark. Now I just need to get these complete!

An art shop moved in not too far from me – celebration time! Thankfully this place has just about everything I need, and I think they’re actually a bit cheaper than other places I’ve been to. This is dangerous. But I did alright with my first visit, picking up some picture hangers and wood sealer. Art supplies make me happy ❤ I swear, malls need more art stores and less clothing stores. I have needs, people!

Edit: Oh hey, the power button pendants are now available in my shop. Whew!

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