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Struggling with Swords

0This is my last swords tarot of my deck and I am totally struggling with it. Maybe it’s because it’s the Ten of Swords and it’s not exactly a fun, positive card to work on. It could also be the ten blades I need to paint, or my love/hate relationship with painting feathers. But I definitely need a push today. Swords have always been harder to paint, and I just have to remind myself that now I’m so close to being done with them. Whew.

As of now, I have three tarot cards left to paint after this. I can almost taste that finish line.

Project 365: Day 362-366: Finish Line!


Time is marching on and Project 365 is still unfinished! But I’m here, I’m writing, and it is finally done for me. With the leap year, should 2012 be called Project 366 instead? Either way, I gotta say, it was a pretty cool year, and 2013 has been pretty promising already. I’m not going to do this project again this year. I think I’d much rather take photographs at my own pace, and focus more on my art, my shop, and writing in this blog. But cheers to a project completed! And on to finishing more projects in the future.



Project 365: Day 361: Adorable Family

Day 361 – I find the best stuff when cleaning. My family pre-me!

Project 365: Day 358-360: Catching up with Christmas


The Christmas season was a lot of fun. So much eating! I had made my friends some Christmas cookie boxes over the holidays. Here are some of the things I included, along with the recipes:

– cinnamon bun cookies 

– lemon crinkle cookies

– chocolate chip cookies

 Nutella cookie cups

– brownies (not pictured)

I love baking! My staples are the chocolate chip cookies and brownies. They are definitely a favourite. The other three were new for me, though I think the cinnamon bun cookies were quickly my new favourite because they were tasty and so cute. Gotta love cookies. And puppies! Though she belongs to a friend of mine. But oh is she cute (:

Project 365: Day 356-357: Xmas (Catching up!)

356-357Our Christmas tree is incredibly nostalgic. Lots of ornaments that we’ve had forever and homemade pieces that we made when we were kids. Over the years, we’ve had the more delicate pieces break; so when it was getting a touch sparse, I decided that every year I would get at least one new ornament for the tree. This year (or rather, 2012) we got these cute sparkly Christmas light-esque ornaments. Super cute! I think next time, I’ll have to include some tinsel on the shopping list because our tinsel went MIA somewhere. Christmas is not the same when you can’t throw handfuls of tinsel everywhere and make a huge mess. Can’t wait for next Christmas already!


Project 365: Day 352-355: Closing in on the End of 2012

Day 352 – I’m inching towards the finish line of Project 365 for 2012. Woohoo! Remember this moment of HIMYM? I squee’d.

Day 353 – Lots of picture taking for the Etsy shop! I gotta admit this is not my favourite task. The photos always require some kind of editing as well. Whew.

Day 354 - Advanced screening of Django Unchained. Holy crap, intense flick! I loved it.

Day 354 – Advanced screening of Django Unchained. Holy crap, intense flick! I loved it.

Day 355 - I am addicted to Simpsons Tapped Out now. I saw this person's Springfield and laughed. Those poor people walking in circles.

Day 355 – I am addicted to Simpsons Tapped Out now. I saw this person’s Springfield and laughed. Those poor people walking in circles.

Project 365: Day 350-351: Back to Tegan and Sara

Day 350 – Sara in Toronto ❤

Day 350 – Tegan in Toronto ❤

Back tracking a bit to December as I’m inching closer to that finish line for Project 365. My brother and I are huge Tegan and Sara fans and had the chance to see them not only at a last minute-ish concert in Toronto, but also at another concert the day after in Montreal – which included a meet and greet with the girls! Talk about being fortunate!

The trip to Montreal was so incredibly worth it, and holy crap it was so surreal to actually meet them! They were really friendly and hugs went all around. Is it weird to say that Tegan totally smelled nice? Because she totally smelled nice. Not to say that Sara didn’t smell nice. I’m sure she smelled lovely, haha. Both concerts were amazing. I definitely won’t forget this experience.

Day 351 – Tegan and Sara in Montreal! I can finally make them look tall!! >_>


Project 365: Day 348-349: Back to Work!

Day 348 – First thing to do when coming home from a long trip: stock up on stamps!

Day 349 – Catching up to orders

Project 365: Day 346-347: Welcome Home, Me

Day 346 – Coming home to a pile of mail!

Day 347 – My lovely box of homemade chocolates

Long distance relationships are no easy feat, but hey, this is it, and it is all worth it. My trip was fantastic – we’re engaged. That’s some crazy stuff right there – and I can not wait to see him again. But for now, I am home and that’s okay. I came home to my wonderful family, a large stack of mail, and a back log of wonderful orders. I think I’ll be okay (:

Project 365: Day 344-345: Mmm mmmaking chocolate

Day 345 – Peanut butter cups and cherry cordials

Day 344 – Chocolate covered caramels

My boyfriend’s fiancé’s mother loves to make tasty chocolates, and I had the chance to help and learn with her on my last few days of my trip. I’ve never made fillings or done much with actually making chocolates before. I mean, sure, I’ve made chocolate covered strawberries once or twice. Does that count? Oh, I made tasty peppermint patties a few years back one time. But never chocolate with pretty molds and nummy fillings. So this was a blast. Maybe one day I’ll try this all myself. She told me I was a very quick learner, and I think I did pretty gosh darn well, if I do say so myself! I even had a box of chocolates to bring home at the end. Mmm chocolate.

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