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Project 365: Day 342-343: I Want To Be A Crazy Cat Lady Someday

Day 342 - Gracie yoga stretching

Day 342 – Gracie yoga stretching

Day 343 – Darnit, cat, stop being cuter than me.

Project 365: Day 341: Pulled Pork Sammich

Day 341 - Homemade pulled pork sandwiches. Omnom.

Day 341 – Homemade pulled pork sandwiches. Omnom.

I saw this recipe for Dr. Pepper barbecue sauce and I knew I had to try it. My boyfriend fiancé (man, that’s weird to write) had some lovely pork butt that we had roasting away in the oven all day long, and man, when I made that sauce, it filled the house with heavenly aromas! Shred that pork, smother it in sauce, grab some buns (hee, ‘buns’) and that was some good eatings. I never would have ever thought of using Dr. Pepper in barbecue sauce, but I totally have to do it again!

Project 365: Day 337.. no wait.. 339? And.. 340? Fluffy Cats to the Rescue..

I was editing the last few photos in my Project 365 folder, and realized I totally fudged with the numbers somewhere because my photo for December 31st should be Day 366 (leap year, ahoy!) but it came out to be 364.. somehow. But instead of looking back at all these entries trying to see where I fudged, and then trying to fix them all, I’m just going to say ‘screw it!’ and go on ahead because I actually did finish this project and I did it right, goshdarnit!

Day 339 – My cuties!

Day 340 - Triple threat of cute.

Day 340 – Boo, Gracie and Tyson. Triple threat of cute.

Project 365: Day 338: Chinchilla!

Day 338 – My Page of Wands. Write-up to follow (:

Project 365: Day 336-337: Oh yeah.

Day 336 – Oh yeah… this happened (:

Day 337 – Seriously. Cats are never impressed.

Project 365: Day 335: Rise of the Guardians

Day 335 – Rise of the Guardians

Project 365 ended with the new year for me. I’m not going to all that picture taking this year, but I have the rest of 2012 to write about and catch up with! Day 335 included Rise of the Guardians and that was fantastic. By far one of my favourite movies of 2012. It’s a shame it didn’t do as well in the box office as I thought it would, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it was a delight for my inner animation student geekiness, and visually stunning for my inner art student geekiness. And touching and funny to boot. You’d figure the Easter Bunny would be my favourite, but the Sandman totally stole my heart. Loved this movie!

Project 365: Day 331-332: Two Beavers Are Better Than One..


Day 331 – It was just a matter of time.


Day 332 – Was the icing on the cake of my California trip XD

Project 365: Day 329-330: C..ook? Naah.


Day 329 – Fries topped with chili and mac and cheese. MADNESS!


Day 330 – “You want me to WHAT? I don’t think so!”

Project 365: Day 327-328: Thanksgiving & Pi(e)


Day 327 – Thanksgiving in California.. includes sushi, of course!


Day 328 – Life of Pi ❤

Oh gosh, I freaking adored Life of Pi. I read the book years and years ago, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I tend to go into movies with low expectations, but dammit, I couldn’t resist going in hoping that it would be a treat. At the very least, a visual treat, and boy I was not disappointed with any of it. The visuals were breathtaking, it was wonderfully written and I even laughed a lot more than I thought I would. I was one happy camper.

I did have pumpkin pie that day too. Double pi(e)!

Project 365: Day 322-324: Seriously, we actually watched that?


Day 322 – Man with the Iron Fists.. worst movie I’ve seen in a long, long, long time!

Don’t watch this movie. It was terrible. So terrible. I admit we laughed a ton, but that was really at how ridiculous it all was. So ridiculous!


Day 323 – Camera fail. Nice!


Day 324 – Here’s a lazy, fluffy Boo to make up for those shoddy days.

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