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A Few Of My Favourite Things #4: Tweet Tweet~

April 8 is Draw a Picture of a Bird Day!

……. yeah, I had no idea that existed either.

But here’s to our feathery friends on Etsy!

I love all the coffee love! By lulunjay

Beautiful bluebird watercolour work by BlueOtterArt

Bye bye winter! Summer Girl by subarashii

The Music Tree is so cute! By chaldea

Owl love ❤ By BaBeArt

“Cage” is stunning! By kmwatkins

A Few Of My Favourite Things #3: Butterflies

So pretty and delicate. How can you resist a sweet butterfly?

Beautiful, whimsical butterflies by gardensofwhimsy

Beautiful butterfly bowl by melissaceramics

I adore this delicate butterfly silk hair clip by SewSmashing

Gorgeous hand dyed felted scarf by RudmanArt

Gorgeous origami butterfly necklace by AllegroArts

Butterflies, purple, and promotes fibromyalgia awareness. Perfect! By CeeMonkeyDo

So pretty! Butterfly bracelet/ring by TheMysticalOasisGlow

A Few Of My Favourite Things #2: Bunnies!

I favourite so many adorable little critters on Etsy; here are just a few of them. I swear, these little guys are so cute; I can’t stand it. I wish I could afford them all. That, and have all that shelf space for them ❤

Oh my gosh, the ears ❤ by thecrafter

Ainigmati is so incredibly talented. The brown bun reminds me of one of my old buns.


Fairyfolk has beautiful crafted critters like these adorable baby buns!

How perfect is this tiny little bun! by YanArt

So cute you want to eat it ❤ by quacked

I need to be surrounded by these adorable velveteen rabbits by CrookedDogDesigns

A Few Of My Favourite Things #1: Winter Chill

I love selling on Etsy but I also love ogling over all the beautiful items that I find on Etsy as well. I can easily spend large chunks of time following shops and staring in awe at all of the beautiful handmade goodness. My favourites list is more of a wish list right now.. a list of admiration for the items that I find extraordinarily beautiful and things that I would daydream about having, items I would love to wear or happily place in a room to show off and admire. Here are a few of my favourite things. (Gotta stay warm this winter!)

How gorgeous is this scarf from Shovava?

Stunning knit dress by Muza

Big and amazingly fluffy faux fur mittens by KMKDesignsllc


Did I mention I love anything fuzzy? Like this faux fur cardigan from ixela


Fantastic knee high knitted socks by RGideas

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