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We had a hungry little visitor today! The Happy Squirrel.. so vague and mysterious…


Project 365: Day 66-68: Jughead’s Gay?! Saints Row, and squirrels

Day 66 - 22 Minutes vs. Archie & Jughead

Day 67 - Rockin motorcycle on Saints Row: the Third

Usually I don’t really watch 22 Minutes but Archie and Jughead guest starring totally caught my eye. Poor, poor naive Archie.. Don’t worry, Jughead, we still love you. Though okay okay, I’ve grown up with Archie comics and the hardcore Archie fan that I am knows that Jughead is straight as can be, just a bit fractured, that’s all! Jughead has always been my favourite. This guy scores tests almost as high as Dilton, eats a ton and never gains weight, and is actually stronger and faster than the other guys, and never brags about it. I want him to be my friend 😥

The photo on Day 67 is my awesomely rainbow coloured motorcycle on Saints Row: the Third. I spent a lot of time playing with custom clothing, stealing cars and assassinating pimps, but I spend just as much time making my stolen cars pretty colours. Rainbow + glaring = pretty!

Day 68 features a squirrel, just because squirrels are just so gosh darn cute. And they also like to nom on apples (:

Day 68 - Squirrel: "Omnomnom!"

Happy Squirrel Tarot Card.. or.. The Little Pyromaniac.

Gasp! The Happy Squirrel!

That's bad?

The Happy Squirrel tarot card has been on my to-do list for a very long time. You remember The Happy Squirrel card right? Mentioned in The Simpsons episode with a fortune teller showing Lisa’s future, her wedding that ended in disaster, yadda yadda. Well, when I wanted to dive into the tarot card series, I knew The Happy Squirrel would have to be included as well. I kept putting it off though because I hadn’t quite figured out how I wanted to tackle my version of The Happy Squirrel card. Why is The Happy Squirrel happy? No one really knows!

I finally finished painting it yesterday though! Here’s some progress shots and the final painting (:

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