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Toronto is Flooding. This Calls For a Meme.


Be safe, my city. I love you!



Project 365: Day 272: Nuit Blanche 2012

Thought Balloon

I’ve been to Nuit Blanche in Toronto for the past few years, and I’m not really joking when I say that every year gets worse than the last.  I don’t know if this year was particularly worse this time around, but it was pretty gosh darn underwhelming. Thankfully my brother planned out a pub crawl with a specified route and the beer and the fabulous company made it all that much better! Here were some of the art exhibits that we saw that night.

Top Down


Invisible Streams: As Above, So Below

High Water


The Way Things Are (probably my favourite)

All Night Convenience

Flat Space

Project 365: Day 197-199: You Gotta See The Noodle Guy

Day 197 – Noodle guy!

Everyone loves the noodle guy on the upstairs level of Pacific Mall. There’s always a crowd watching him in awe as he pulls and smacks his noodles-to-be. The loud THUNK against the table always echoes through the food court and it’s always so satisfying to watch! Definitely recommended when you want fresh noodles.

It’s been more cooking and cleaning for me, though there was some shopping that weekend at all the outlet shops along the ever awesome Orfus Road, where I snapped up an adorably cute dress for $5 and a few bikinis for the beach. Shopping at outlet stores has ruined me for any shopping at an actual mall!

Day 199 – Beef stew and veggies

Day 198 – Cleaning up

Project 365: Day 187 – 188: Damn, I want a pink car..

Day 187 – Dear lady driving the awesomely pink car. Your car is awesome.

Day 188 – Writing in the bathroom of The Only Cafe

Project 365: Day 114-116: Cats and Cake

Dear Diablo 3,

I blame you for being totally awesome that my totally awesome week totally belonged to you.

Yeah, our first night together was kinda crappy. First, you were late for our date. And then you wouldn’t let me in. (Giggady.) What was up with that? We messed around for over an hour and it was just awkward and frustrating and so very unsatisfying. But.. finally we got along and things got a little crazy after that.  And then you kept me busy all night long till the sun came up. Those were some good times. Good times! So yeah.. I can forgive you for being a bit of a dick at the beginning. But it’s all cool now. Just like.. keep in touch, okay?

Oh.. right… blog writing.

Day 114b – Kitty pendants

Day 115- More!

Here are some shots of my black cat pendants post-painted. The moon one in the first photo sold soon after listing; I was so ecstatic! Never sold something that quick before.. it’s definitely motivation to keep going (:

We also recently celebrated a friend’s birthday at Cake Night Club. That was a fun night! They even provided some little goodies for the birthday girl. Needed more actual cake though!

Day 116 – Cake!

Clouds, Picture Frames, and Nick Carter?

The newest nerd: the tortoise

Taking photos.

So much work.

I should probably invest in some natural indoor lighting, because although today was a nice, sunny, beautiful day, the clouds would go all Flanders on me.


Me: Get lost, Flanders.

Clouds: Okely dokely!

2 minutes later..

Clouds: Hi neighboureeno!!

Me: @#&(!

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Friday Night with Taylor Swift in Toronto @ The ACC

Took a ‘day off’ from the shop to see Taylor Swift at the Air Canada Centre Friday night and it was fantastic! I saw her last year in Toronto as well and this is the second time she’s blown me away with a fun, beautiful and intimate performance.

Oh, and I took a ton of videos.

.. like.. I mean.. a lot ❤

.. for all the fans out there ❤

The end!
Now, back to work.

Toronto Island

 I had a really nice break from the desk over the weekend: my friends and I gathered a whole bunch of snacks and towels and headed for the beach on the Toronto Island. It’s been years and years since I’ve been to the island.  The ferry ride was lovely, and the beach was just wonderful. (All the beautiful people didn’t hurt either!) I spent the afternoon sunbathing and while I can’t say that I got any actual colour, I’m looking forward to going back, especially to enjoy this amazing weather before we’re back in a Toronto Winter. (Sigh.)

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