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A First Attempt at Resin Jewellery

Devil Raven

I finally learned how to split content in a post. About time, right?

It’s been a tough week with my fibro really just beating me up, but I’m trying to chug along. New paintings have been slow, mostly because I’ve been working away at making a logo and overall branding of my shop.  I think I’m making some progress, but it’s a very slow and involving task and it’s been taking time away from actually creating new art. I need to either stop being so picky.. or start looking into creating a robot to do all the extra work for me.

Anyone have a spare robot??

My first test pendant, yay!


I’ve been looking expanding and creating pendants of my art. It’s taken a bit of research and time to hunt down the right supplies for me, because it’s like when I first got into making prints: I always have to make sure that I do things right before putting anything up for purchase. When I first decided to make prints, I spent hours and hours researching and learning and seeing what equipment would suit me, what paper to use, what supplies I needed to protect my artwork, and all the effort I think was worth it and I’ve been super pleased with the prints that I can make now.

So the same goes with pendant making. I didn’t want just an image with a dome covering it, or something like a glaze covering the image like I’ve read so much about. I decided that I would try my hand at resin making.



This is not a tutorial, but just some progress shots of  my first attempt at using resin. It’s not as hard as I thought it’d be! I first sized and printed out a sheet of my art that I thought would work as a circle pendant.

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Clouds, Picture Frames, and Nick Carter?

The newest nerd: the tortoise

Taking photos.

So much work.

I should probably invest in some natural indoor lighting, because although today was a nice, sunny, beautiful day, the clouds would go all Flanders on me.


Me: Get lost, Flanders.

Clouds: Okely dokely!

2 minutes later..

Clouds: Hi neighboureeno!!

Me: @#&(!

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