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How You Can Be Super Better

I found literally just yesterday, after watching one of the TED Talks with Jane McGonigal. I was a little skeptical at first. The video seemed interesting but I wasn’t entirely convinced that it could help me. I admit that the beginning just seems like a push for people to play more video games, but it does get more interesting closer to the end and does shift to focusing more on health and wellness. The SuperBetter site itself is made to feel like a simple game. Find little ways to improve aspects in your life and find healing by completing tasks, collecting allies, gaining power ups and defeating the bad guys. Who doesn’t love unlocking achievements and completing quests? It all sounded really easy – and fun – so I decided to give it a try. I think the video is worth the watch, and I hope that doing these daily small tasks on SuperBetter will help with my anxiety and stress in the long run. And really, who doesn’t want to live an extra 10 years?

One of the ‘quests’ on SuperBetter is to write a list of all my worries, stresses and fears, and then make a separate list of all the things I’m happy about, grateful for, and find enjoyable right now. So I made my negative list first, and to be honest, my negative list was long. Really long. I was getting a little worried there that my positive list would not be as long as the negative one. But interestingly enough, once I started the positive list, I found that I could really keep going on and on with this list as well.. I was worried my negative list would overwhelm my positive list, but this was not the case. How enlightening, really! How wonderful life is, no matter how negative you may feel at times.

Here’s my positive list from that exercise, because really, that’s what matters the most:

I am grateful for…

– my mom who goes above and beyond to bring me happiness
– my dad who will do whatever it takes to help me with anything and everything
– my brothers who have always been there to help me in any way, and have always looked out for me
– my friends, always there for me through it all to create fantastic memories
– the love of my life, so incredibly understanding, loving, and everything I could ever hope for
– this magnificent country with its magnificent people, health care, opportunities and equality
– television. really. my place to get away, my time to escape and live in another world with crazy friends and stories to stay with me always
– my health. yes there are hiccups but I am so grateful for how I am now when there is so much suffering in the world
– having a roof over my head, a fridge full of food, heat warming my toes, and light where there is darkness above
– creating artwork that has actually had an impact on someone’s life
– the internet. what wonders that have come from it that have had an impact on my life
– being able to travel over 2000 miles, to be able to see the clouds from above: a sight some may never see in their life
– music. it really is life changing
– my culture, its traditions and how proud I am to be who I am
– books. I can learn anything and everything from the words laid before me
– inside jokes. who doesn’t love a silly secret
– being able to (almost) find an app to help me with anything!
– the new year. new beginnings. new outlooks.
– laughter. without it, what is the point in living, really?


Project 365: Day 66-68: Jughead’s Gay?! Saints Row, and squirrels

Day 66 - 22 Minutes vs. Archie & Jughead

Day 67 - Rockin motorcycle on Saints Row: the Third

Usually I don’t really watch 22 Minutes but Archie and Jughead guest starring totally caught my eye. Poor, poor naive Archie.. Don’t worry, Jughead, we still love you. Though okay okay, I’ve grown up with Archie comics and the hardcore Archie fan that I am knows that Jughead is straight as can be, just a bit fractured, that’s all! Jughead has always been my favourite. This guy scores tests almost as high as Dilton, eats a ton and never gains weight, and is actually stronger and faster than the other guys, and never brags about it. I want him to be my friend 😥

The photo on Day 67 is my awesomely rainbow coloured motorcycle on Saints Row: the Third. I spent a lot of time playing with custom clothing, stealing cars and assassinating pimps, but I spend just as much time making my stolen cars pretty colours. Rainbow + glaring = pretty!

Day 68 features a squirrel, just because squirrels are just so gosh darn cute. And they also like to nom on apples (:

Day 68 - Squirrel: "Omnomnom!"

Project 365: Day 62-64: The sun, a goat, and Saints Row

Day 62 - The sun

Day 63 - A new greeting card

You know what? Up until Day 62, I don’t think I had ever taken a photograph of the sun before. I mean maybe in passing, when it just happened to be in the background, but definitely not intentionally. You’d think that it might be one of the first things a person would try when they have a camera, but I don’t remember ever taking a shot of just the sun. But on that particular day, it just seemed like a good thing to do. And now I have my very own photo of the sun that I can hold on to forever. (Because, you know, the sun is only going to be around for another 7+ billion years anyway.)

Day 63 was when I finished creating this cute goat greeting card. I can’t even recall how this idea popped into my head but it amused me greatly. Ripping up a card and putting it back together? Yes please!

Day 64 - Saints Row: The Third

My boyfriend Shawn and I decided to team up and conquer Saints Row: the ThirdThis game is so ridiculously entertaining (emphasis on ridiculous.) This is definitely a game geared towards a more mature audience. And of course, being me, I spend way as much time playing with custom clothing and colours as I do stealing cars and assassinating pimps. All in a day’s work.

Project 365: Day 14 and 15 – Nintendo Me~

Day 14 - Snazzy Case

Day 15 - Gotta catch'em all~

Slowly catching up with the Project 365! Sorry the blog won’t be updated with much art over the next few weeks as my boyfriend is in town (I’d like to work on some sketches and ideas though!) but I’m going to try to keep Project 365 going. On Day 14  I saw a fantastically nerdy Game Boy iphone case in a shop, while Day 15 the two of us were at the mall and picked up Pokemon White for me to play. Can NOT wait to get my bulbasaur from him!

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