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Tarot Card of the Day: The Emperor


Had a reunion with my tarot cards and I laughed. The Emperor is ALWAYS watching over my shoulder, urging me on to find strength and order in my life. He makes himself known.


Journey Over the Waterfall

The Balloon Cat’s journey continues..

I imagine the little black cat wanted a sip of water and decided to make a grand stop. I’m not sure which waterfall this would be, but I’m sure it would be a very tall one.

Ace of Cups: Otters! Daww.

My last Ace tarot card! I feel somewhat accomplished.  Granted, as of now I’m technically only about 60% done this tarot deck, but.. wait..


I’m only 60% done this deck?

You’re kidding me, right? 

How did I let this happen? How did I become so slow? Will I ever finish this project? Oh gawd, I am never going to finish this thing, am I?!

What was I thinking?!?!

Oh, man. Oh, man. Whew.

I’m better now.

Actually I really did love painting the Ace of Cups. I chose otters for their joyous nature and playfulness. (And it didn’t hurt that they are practically the cutest things on the planet.) Ultimately I decided on two otters because of the social aspect of the Ace of Cups. This tarot reminds me a touch of the Lovers, but is more like the spark of possibility, the start of what could be, be it friendship or romance. The clam became my symbol for the cup and the otters share it between them simply out of the compassion they’ve found with each other.

And yes I do plan to finish this deck, goshdarnit. It will happen!

Liger: The Powerful Temperance

Temperance was another tarot that I was really intrigued with. I’ve seen it referred to as the alchemy card: Temperance takes different elements and skilfully blends and mixes the two to create this new perfect creation, creating balance. I created a long list of possible animals for this card, but then when I saw the liger one day, I instantly knew that it should be my Temperance tarot.

Now to be honest, the liger is probably far from a perfect creature. I’ve seen claims that ligers are prone to birth defects and many cubs don’t survive. Though I’ve also seen other sites trying to debunk this; so I can’t really say anything with full certainty. However I just wanted to portray their beauty and strength in this painting. I really enjoyed painting this liger with all its unique features and markings.

Waterfalls are becoming a common theme in these tarots. I wanted the liger to be in control of the water. I actually painted the waterfall with the painting upside down.. splitting the one into two. Perhaps the two streams meet again at the top. No one knows but Temperance.


The Emperor Tarot: Komodo Dragon, the Yang

The Emperor and The Empress. I wanted some powerful contenders for the major arcana tarots, especially for The Empress and The Emperor. I felt that I could perhaps create a balance and connection between the two. I quickly became inspired by the symbolism of tattoo art, and the image of a tiger and a dragon coming together in a partnership. Of course, I didn’t want to paint an actual dragon; I didn’t want to dive into mythological animals for this tarot. So instead, I thought of the tiger for The Empress, and the komodo dragon for The Emperor. I wanted each card to be able to stand on its own, but created a link between the two. The Empress stands  at the base of a waterfall, looking up, and The Emperor at the top of the waterfall, comes down. I think it worked out in the end.

The Empress Tarot: The Tiger. Finally!

I can’t begin to describe how excited I was to finally paint The Empress tarot. I could not wait. I knew when I sketched this card out, that it was going to be balanced out with The Emperor painting (that’s for a future blog!) I wanted the both of them to be two halves of a whole, and she was my first half to complete.

I’ve never painted a tiger before, but I didn’t want to paint a typical tiger. I wanted something just a touch different; so I decided on the beautiful golden tiger: the soft blending between the lighter orange with the white.. the light, soft markings, I thought that cat would be perfect. This cat was Mother Earth: powerful yet gentle, The Empress is the creator of all.

The waterfall was a key element for this painting. This never ending supply of earthly power and beauty also gets pulled into The Emperor tarot later on.

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